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The Premonition Of Death Encounter With The Devil on 2013-10-28

Let me start by saying I'm new to this site, and to posting of any kind on the web, really. I found this page ironically by searching for info on "the true tooth fairy tale", and only after reading several posts did I decide to share my experiences. Although I haven't seen a ghost, per say, I've had...

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Very sweet story. I love stories that actually make you smile, as much as those that make you feel like jumping out of your skin... I want to share a short experience that I'm sure you'll appreciate. No need for anyone to comment, unless you'd like; as I'm not trying to take away from the poster's story. I moved back in with my mother after nearly a decade, due to my health declining and needing help with my young children. She had a black lab who was in our family for at least 12 years. My father; deceased now, found her wandering outside as a pup, and after searching for her owner they agreed she was happier with us. My mom didn't want another dog, but we kept her nonetheless. Fast forward 12 years, my mother lived alone with Midnight since my father's passing in '01 and my leaving to start my own family. She loved this dog dearly and both were extremely attached to each other. Midnight became increasingly old, and was having trouble walking. Regardless of her pain, she continued to push her body to walk up the stairs each night to sleep in my mother's room. Finally, reality set in... I came home one afternoon to find Midnight at the base of the stairs, frantically trying to climb them to no avail. She collapsed and sat by the front door, right in front of the stairway. Two days followed with her laying in her own filth, unable to move even a limb. My mother had to put her down. When my family and I moved in, it included our then 1 year old, lively American bulldog, who had also become attached to midnight. Anyway, my dog didn't eat for nearly 2 weeks, my mom continued to drink away her sorrow (she's an alcoholic.) Things soon returned to normal, as far as daily routine and our emotions. My pup began to get up at strange hours of the night, sitting up on our bed, barking incessantly at my closed bedroom door (we also experience strange phenomena, which I'll include in MY profile.) After a while, this stopped however, she occasionally would bark at a corner, then hide under a table in obvious fear... Again I don't think related to midnight's passing. A few weeks ago my dog began acting quite strange again, seeming to come out of the blue, so to speak. She spent her entire day's jumping on counters and tables, as if she was looking for something. She would literally put her front paws on a table and look around the top of it, until I'd call her to get down. This happened all day; she'd go from room to room whining, then proceed to jump on another table. She'd even fetch my keys from time to time. It ended as abruptly as it began. I'm sorry for the length, but I just wanted to help you find comfort in knowing that animals possibly can return to say "hello" to their loved one's, albeit an animal or human lol. Be well and keep up the positive spirit.
Date: 2013-11-25
Whew...that's such a sweet story. I've read a total of 3 of your stories, and each struck a chord with me; touching my heart indefinitely. I've noticed that the comments left by others in regards to your stories are usually of the same nature. I think this is simply due to the way you perceive said events, thus the way you translate them into words. Many others would have probably gone for the creep factor route, trying to evoke fear and suspense; forcing the reader to feel a certain emotion. You however, view these encounters differently entirely, and it brings such a serene aspect to the cliche ghost story. I applaud your positive outlook on life and the after life, for that matter.
Date: 2013-11-25
I'm not quite sure how I even came about reading your entry, but I'm glad I did. My father passed when I was only 14, and it hurt more than anything I've yet to experience in this life. He was having a heart attack in the car, while driving me home from school (I called and asked him to pick me up early that day for unknown reasons.) It was absolutely terrible, how much I missed him. I even dialed his cell phone several times just to hear his answering machine. Anyway, your story struck a cord with me because he too, although perfectly healthy, began saying "he's ready to go," days before he passed. He was very religious, and knew he was destined to meet the Lord, as his duty was complete on earth. It's been over a decade and all I've experienced were maybe a handful of dreams. Although quite beautiful and comforting, when I awake from those dreams, I am left with a feeling of utter despair. For mere moments, I feel as though he is still alive; then reality hits and it's almost as though I'm mourning all over again. My prayers are with you.
Date: 2013-11-25
I am not trying to be mean; I mean this sincerely, but I could have sworn that somewhere on this site I read that only mature, grammatically correct posts and entries are allowed. I began reading and responding to these stories as an outlet of sorts, and to partake in adult discussion on the subject of paranormal beings. Each story and/or post I read seems to get more and more difficult to comprehend. In regards to the original poster, I don't think anyone can relay to you what exactly this being is. Why so many people tell others that their experiences are indefinitely demon related, I can't understand, but I can tell you that in any situation involving a naive victim, it is best to obtain PROFESSIONAL help. Do take these opinions and advice with a grain of salt, and always research further as many people seem ignorant to the matter, and inexperienced. Best of luck to you.
I am as curious as the other users, in questioning your parents whereabouts on all of these occasions. I was a teen once, so I know you may not be home with them at ALL times however, you speak of many strange occurrences. You are basically stating that your parents have not once been home during a paranormal episode, nor have they experienced any strange phenomena themselves. Seems a bit odd, imo. Not to discredit your accounts, but rather trying to understand how you seem to have absolutely no support, whatsoever. I am a mother and albeit, children have vivid imaginations, but it's difficult for me to conceive that neither one of your parents are even the slightest bit worried. If not because of your experiences, but possibly to have you seen by a health professional since they seem to think this is truly in your head. All in all, I wish you luck throughout this unfortunate journey, and encourage you to continue posting updates on your situation.
Thanks again for all of the support. I do appreciate receiving various perspectives on the matter. In regards to the comment below, I didn't think of my daughter's grandfather at first, because naturally I thought of the most relative person. Like I said, Sr had always been there for my daughter and I however, being that Jr was the one I was in a relationship with, I automatically thought of him. I mean, why would I first think about my exes father, instead of my ex himself? To answer your question or clarify your idea, there is no guilt associated with the relationship between my daughter and her father, nor her father and I. Things ended amicably and in good terms. We were both young when we had her, and parted shortly after for lack of connection and compatibility. As for the devil figure? I'm still not sure, but like others have suggested, I'm not reading much into it. Nothing negative has come from the experience or my relationship with any member of her family; rather love, support, and friendships.
Wow! I am surprised, yet flattered to have received several comments this soon:-)! I do appreciate all of your thoughts, opinions, and empathy. I can understand how my subconscious may have created the horrific images, as a means of setting the scene to what would turn out to be tragic. Indeed our minds are powerful enough to display such images, although indirectly. However sad the circumstances, I feel honored that I was given such a gift to be included in someone's journey to the other side, or for him to have reached out to me as such. To answer your question, "no", I don't recall watching anything gruesome in nature that day, although I do frequently watch shows/movies that are dark or involve the paranormal. Again, thanks for all of the support, and as I stated above, I will post more on the experiences I've had over the years. Some are quite strange, and I definitely need insight regarding these happenings. Due to the fact that I've never seen or witnessed an entity, or had any cliche encounters, I am beginning to wonder if I have some sort of gift or energy. I will further divulge in my stories. One particular instance; and I'll make this short, my boyfriend and I were home alone, engaging in a pretty heated argument. Our bedroom is downstairs, leading out into our living room. It's in the middle of the day, and we were in our bedroom bickering back and forth. I decided to leave the room to cool off, as I was getting increasingly frustrated. This is mainly because we are EXTREMELY close, and rarely argue, so it bothers me a lot when we do. I sat on the sofa, which is positioned directly in front of the sliding glass door. I was crying and looking out the window, with my body straight-facing the living room, and only my head turned away. Out of nowhere, I hear a loud sound, followed quickly by 3 more. I turn my head immediately to find several items had been thrown on to the floor. Against the wall to my left, is a medium sized bookshelf. On top of it sits, a large collage photo frame, and some personal items such as: a smaller frame, a candle in a glass jar, and some trinkets. Everything was thrown on the floor in front of the bookshelf, and the large photo frame was flat on top of it. My boyfriend immediately ran out of the room (roughly within 5 seconds of this commotion) and stared at the floor, confused. He thought I had done this in a rage, yet I was still sitting on the couch in utter shock. The strange thing is that this kind of activity has never happened since then, although other things have. Could this have been due to my energy, or another's? Any ideas are welcomed. Sorry for the length but I felt that story was too short to warrant its own entry.
Date: 2013-11-09
Thanks for sharing your story Emo. I commend your bravery in doing so. Although, it is quite difficult to understand most of the details. You repeatedly mentioned that your friend would advise you as to what "Ash" was doing. Please elaborate on how your friend was able to do so on so many occasions. Was "Ash" presenting itself to him throughout the entire haunting? Did it use your friend to speak through, as a means of relaying it's messages to you? Also, you sound unsure about the authenticity of its existence all together. Since your post, have you been able to differentiate between reality and your longing for companionship? Is it possible that this entire encounter was merely an act of your subconscious, living out your greatest desires? You said you were young;it is common for children to create extremely lucid imaginary friends. If you can answer some of these questions a bit more clearly than I'd be happy to offer advice and assistance with this matter. Best of luck to you...
Date: 2013-11-08
Here are my two cents... Now, I'm basing this solely on practical knowledge and common sense; this "Taylor" could very well be someone in your near or distant future. The lady could have been a spirit guide, angel, or possibly a mirage of your minds eye coinciding with a sense or message, somehow being imprinted upon you. I don't know if you are "open," or have ever had for-telling experiences, but this could definitely be the case. Either way, I don't think driving yourself mad about locating someone named Taylor, will do you any good. Just how this experience came about, I'm sure it will unfold to resolve itself when time warrants.
Date: 2013-11-07
Physicll... Don't know if I'm too late here, but what are you saying? I'm super confused as to what your advice is to the writer. Anyway, I don't think anyone reserves the right to judge the authenticity of another's account. That is not the intention of this site; it's to support one another. Yes, some stories may be fraudulent, but others are very real. Either way, the poster took the time to write it seeking advice and/or support.
So many thoughts on this; where do I start? First, yes it is strange that your sister (taking self shots) would focus the camera to the center of the room, rather than on herself. Second, the boy does look to be of the same heritage as your family, but you do live in the Philippines. Although, not that I'm an expert on ghosts, or have caught/seen one myself, but I would imagine that a spirit wouldn't have the density of a human, and/or have every single feature in such perfect form... No transparency, no variation between a human photograph. Finally, the boy looks organic, if you will; 100% flesh, and it's odd that he is looking directly at the camera lens, as if he's posing. I have a question as well: When your sister was taking photos of herself, enabling the timer, she would have to prop the phone up on something. This is quite difficult to do, but after taking numerous photos she likely would have found the perfect perch and angle of herself. So I just don't understand why she is practically cut off here, as if to feature the boy in the photo...weird. Like I've said, I thankfully have yet to encounter a ghost, therefore I'm unsure what a photo of 1 would look like. These are just my thoughts, based on common sense and an educated thought process.
Date: 2013-11-06
This is a really entertaining debate going on here. I am astonished at some of these comments... Have you ever heard of spiritual warfare? Yes, there are demons attacking humans however, your ignorant in suggesting ANYONE is in such a position, other than yourself. Even that is questionable, as I don't get from your comments, that you have a strong grip on reality. My dear, Satan and demons are in a wage with God and our souls... Not technology and message boards.
Wow So obviously none of us can see through your eyes, but you did in fact post several photos of bricks. I am extremely curious as to why you chose, from the countless strange photos you took, to submit several bricks. You claimed to have seen this phenomenon in your photos of walls, carpets, papers (with words too), etc. Why choose these alone?
Ummm. That's your sliding glass door, correct? Glass has reflective properties, which is obviously the case here. It's definitely your television, as it is completely visible... Not just the screen; the entire set, as well as other items in your living room. If you are experiencing unexplained activity in your home, I can definitely understand your initial reaction to the photo, but people, please try to debunk your findings prior to posting them. Especially if it's an image on a reflective surface. Good luck, nonetheless.
Date: 2013-11-06
I must say, it is quite refreshing to read a well-thought-out story, in which I can fully understand and appreciate. Not to knock other's on this site, but more times than not it is difficult to comprehend the writer's thoughts due to poor grammar. With that, I'd like to add that I too, grew up with similar beliefs. It is difficult for me to differentiate between ghosts, spirits, and the un-dead however, I clearly understand the work of evil. Keep up your strong belief system and relentless faith... It will do you more good than harm.
Date: 2013-11-05
I must admit, upon reading all the comments I thought I wouldn't see a thing (usually I don't.) However, I do see a strangely demonic looking face. Given that the ceiling is viewed through the upper panels of the windows, I doubt that this is what we are seeing here. It is true, humans are prone to making out images that may not actually be there, like the case of Jesus in the wall, or an angel in the tree trunk... Somehow I don't think this is quite the case with this photo/story. Thanks for sharing!
Date: 2013-11-04
Funny enough, I was intrigued more after reading the comments, than the actual post. I'm in no way trying to be rude, I've just never seen so many skeptical reviews to 1 entry. As for me, I see something black obstructing the view to the television...that's basically it. It's not something that I would have automatically deemed paranormal, but for whatever reason you chose to. If in the future you can post further footage of other activity your experiencing then possibly we can get a better glimpse into what you say is taking place inside your home.
Date: 2013-11-04
First off, I want to extend my condolences for your loss. I've too suffered a traumatizing loss of a loved one, and therefore can empathize with you. On a lighter note, these are my findings: 1) a small, unclear, black object is visible... Unsure what to make of it. 2) I do indeed see what looks to be "the dog" you speak of however, it almost looks like 1 of those stuffed animals you'd purchase as a toy. (Was her dog miniature or extremely small?) 3) the same "dog" is evident here, although sadly, I have yet to see your friend. That being said, in the left, rear corner I can clearly see a shadow which resembles a man. Is this the apparition you speak of, or are we seeing contradicting images? I hope you have regained your strength and are beginning to find peace within yourself... Best wishes:-)
Well, to be honest I can't speak about what your experiencing in your home. However, based on your footage I don't really see or hear anything out of the ordinary, other than maybe the knocking which can easily be debunked. Best of luck to you and your family. If you do indeed have an unseen presence or force, my advice is to seek assistance in cleansing the home.
Date: 2013-10-30
So... This is my first comment to a post on this site. It's in regards to the illnesses and symptoms your enduring, and the connection, or lack thereof, with your beliefs/spirituality. My father too was an evangelist and rarely based anything on science and medicine. Of course, as a child I was given proper treatment for any sickness I had... But my father on the other hand, never sought treatment or check ups from a health professional, as he maintained that God was stronger than man and medicine. To sum up my post, and get back to the point, in his early 50's, my father subsequently suffered a fatal heart attack. The story itself warrants a story of it's own, as the circumstances were quite strange. I was 14, and for reasons unknown "needed" to get picked up early from school. He began suffering the attack that morning in the car, on the way to taking me home (my parents just recently separated). My point is that had my father of obtained proper health care, his death may have been avoided, rather than him leaving it all in God's hands. I'll continue the story in a post of its own later on.