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Humble, non-violent skeptic.
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Disappearing Trolleybus on 2013-11-20

This is an odd account I lived once when I used to go to school. I was 14 or 15, I do not clearly remember. Nothing like that happened before or afterwards. I lived in Riga in that time and commuted to school every day. My commute included taking a tram and then a trolleybus. To those who hear a...

Wartime Ghosts In Countryside on 2013-11-18

For the record I am describing historical events to set the background and not trying to shame any parties of WWII. This is not my personal experience but an event told by my grandmother. She is still around, a perky 90-year old lady. She told me about her experience when she was young but for obvio...

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Date: 2014-05-06

"Durak" means "fool" in Russian. Perhaps they were durak (s).
Date: 2014-05-02
TeenyTiny, I am amazed by your comment, it makes sense both if read seriously and sarcastically. It is funnier when read sarcastically though. "Weight upon shoulders". You are a genius!
Date: 2014-04-07
Ok, "Luke" and hooded dark figures, am I the only one who is getting the Star Wars vibe? Perhaps they were cosplaying fans?
I remember the sensation of "pulling" happening to me only once, while laying in bed awake. The sensation of being pulled apart from body, a bit like raw oyster being pulled apart from its shell, was very alarming for me. It felt like it was not by my own will but someone or something was trying to get me out of my body. How do you feel when you experience the pulling?
Well, also being freaked out makes you more suspicious of your surroundings. Heck, when I first started reading YGS, at some point I started believing that something was also dwelling in My house. I started focusing more on random noises and opened doors, mirrors at night and especially out of the corner of the eye movement. I investigated every single case (I am paranoid like that) and always found an explanation;). Some of the haunts are in the head only. Best of luck.
Date: 2014-01-13
If it makes your life any easier, I could explain away the noises in the walls, as I sometimes have those too. You are not wrong in thinking those are small animals, most likely mice, voles or other small rodents. You say that the house was infested by rats before you moved in. It is possible that some of them remained. Cheerios!
Sorry for asking these details, but could you please specify what was ailing your nanny at that time? Judging by the oxygen, could it have been some sort of cancer? Lung, maybe? Was she taking any medication?
To OP: I have an issue with the wording - " I do not have any sort of religion other than atheist". Atheist is NOT a religion, it is a complete lack thereof. Please, for the sake of reason, do not mix terms agnostic with atheist, they are not the same. If you were an atheist, you probably would have refused to accept ghosts as an option. You are not Christian, you do not actively hold up any belief yet you believe in ghosts - I would settle for term agnostic for you.;) Just a heads-up.
Sorry to sound like an ass, but it looks like you have internet, soo, Google it?
I recognize all the 'leaning' from fan fiction - used to dabble in that. If there is a hell of a lot of "leaning" in a story, then it is likely to be fanfiction.
Date: 2013-12-20
Sorry, no offence but when I read the name of your story it reminded me of a name of a sweet from Monty Python sketch "Spring surprise".
Date: 2013-12-16
To Red Wolf,
Thank you for the explanation, just to clear things up. By comparatively recent I mean period when both these words were used together to denote what psychics do, after word "white" started to be used as a simile to something positive in Western culture and word "energies" started to be used by people not related to physics or Latin/Greek language studies. Then again, as you say "old" is also relative. Old can be 30 years, or can be 300 years. To me, white energies do not go beyond 20s of the 20th century. Anyhow, I am debating semantics, whether you call it a white energy or a monkey with a wheelbarrow, it does not matter as long as it works.
Date: 2013-12-13
Rich73, indeed, not to mention that killing a goat is far more likely to attract the negative animal abuse lawsuit energies to the practitioner.
Date: 2013-12-12
I think psychics mean something else by "energy" than engineers. All that etheral realm where physics do not apply makes me want a less confusing word for what they are doing. Though as far as I know, the "white" and "energies" are a comparatively recent introduction into spiritual practice. Previously people were relying more on spirits of something (plants, animals, dead relatives) and sacrifices to appease these spirits. But alas, adjustments have to be made. Thinking of white light is far less conspicuous than killing a goat on the first full moon of spring.
Soo, you wrote Knife, Blood, Fear on a paper, stuck it to your headboard and summoned a ghost presumably in your sleep? Really? No, seriously, then all the libraries should be haunted - just how many books contain these 3 words on one page? What other words tied together may call forth, I wonder. Perhaps Cheese, Crackers and Olives may summon the ghost of my late fridge?
Date: 2013-12-10
I am very sorry it happened to you both. Just a sidenote - both me and my partner commute to work by bicycle, now I am afraid of letting him out the door 😢
Date: 2013-12-09
Dear Kahleah,

Whatever it is, I am very sorry no one in your family has ever tried supporting you or has shown any interest in what was happening to you. To me this is the saddest and most cruel part. The way your family do not care that you wake up screaming from nightmares ever so often, is not right, please seek for help, I feel there is no one else out there for you but yourself - be strong.
Arwen, I see what you mean. Many people underestimate what the german people suffered themselves under that regimen.
Valricky, you crack me up:D.Cosmic battle between angels and demons - hahaha!
Date: 2013-11-29
Dear Aussiedaz,
Thank you for the insight! It would have been a funny thing to see if someone somewhere else saw a disappearing girl run across the street.