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Haunted Night on 2013-11-18

The following story is completely different from the first one I shared with you. It's about the scariest night I've ever gone through. It happened some months ago. I was revising for my GCSE exams. I, actually, prefer revising during the night as I find that more comfortable. I was practicing so...

My Unborn Brother on 2013-11-12

This incident happened last year during December. My mum works works as a representative in a tour operator agency and this job enables her to come across many tourists. In the previous years she has befriended some of them and they are still good friends. Like this she befriended "Maria" (I would p...

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Date: 2013-11-23
spiritwaiting It happened at home itself. I did ask my mum but she said she did not hear anything. Actually it was the first time something like that happened to me.
Date: 2013-11-23
GOODE212 Yes, I have not had this experience again and I thank God for that.
Date: 2013-11-19
I believe she's your guardian angel and she's watching over you. We all have a guardian angel who helps us in difficult moments and I believe you saw yours.
Date: 2013-11-19
Goode212 I'm glad that my story brought some comfort to you and thanks also for the compliment 😊
Date: 2013-11-19
VermontVampyre I don't think your unborn sibling might have hated you. I don't think it's possible, I mean, i'm persuaded s/he had no grudges against you:)
i read your story and it's really interesting. I know what you are talking about. My aunts have had a similar experience in their childhood and I would actually suggest you not to be afraid of this shadow. My aunts told me that they are ''guardians'' and do not cause any harm whatsoever. Who knows... Maybe he's watching over you:)
Date: 2013-11-18
RoMaNzQ I just submitted another one but maybe it's going to take some days to get published. It's quite different from the first I shared. A scary experience of mine!
Date: 2013-11-18
RoMaNzQ I believe we're travelling in the boat:). Thanks also for having shared your story. It's always nice to know that an angel is watching over us, isn't it?
Date: 2013-11-17
RTasnim You must not feel lonely. I'm sure you will have a friend with whom you can share your feelings:)
Date: 2013-11-16
Thanks for the kind words Raftingirl, that's really nice of you:)
Date: 2013-11-16
[at] shhh_im_sleeping, i'm sure that wherever your ''unborn'' sister or brother is, she's watching over you. Talk to her or him even if they are really here. I do that often too. It helps to stay ''closer'':)