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How Do I Get Rid Of Black Magic That's Been Done On My Body? on 2014-04-15

I've been hearing noises in my ears, like there's something inside my body. I've felt parts of my body twitch and am actually hearing voices in my ears that disagree with me. Someone placed a spell or something on me. I've done some searching online and read into this type of thing and I read its bl...

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[at] zzsgranny I did do something. Basically I was visiting the store too much. I might have had an obsession over my glasses and the store lady told me I was "urking" her. I could tell she was pretty upset over the frequent visits, and she might have wanted to befriend me because of it, but I didn't follow or basically I didn't think it would have been appropriate since she was older than me. The reason why I think it might have been the arabian is because I never saw her working there again, plus she was basically new. I don't go to that store anymore though after what had happened. People that keep suggesting I see a doctor, I've already seen one and different psychiatrists, and they diagnosed me, gave me some medications to take, and I was taking them for a while until it was plainly obvious they weren't going to do anything. I especially stopped taking the one that helps people sleep because I still got the dreams, and sometimes I was experiencing spiritual attacks in my sleep, so I stopped taking it in fear of the medication keeping me asleep while these attacks happened. Searching online does let you find stuff though, I've read about a few people who experienced the same thing and even was able to message some of them, one of them told me he was putting a team together that consisted of a shaman and other spiritual people. But I don't think a shaman can do anything because of what I read in that forum thread I posted on here about that person calling a shaman to do something from a distance for him and nothing happened. I found this person's site: where she claims she can send "vibrational healing" to other people and she mentioned stuff like black tourmaline is supposed to push these things out of your body, and I actually bought small rocks of it online and in a metaphysical store, but I don't think they did anything. I threw the rocks away and bought a black tournaline bracelet I found on alibaba because that's all they had for black tourmaline and was the biggest thing I could find. It doesn't do anything either. I'm thinking of throwing it away as well. So basically I might buy her service, but I don't want to get scammed and I read different reviews about her, none of them were good. They were complaints for different reasons. I also kept find some site by someone named Peter Michael when I searched for help, and no reviews for him were found. I'm not sure what to do at this point. I really don't think psychics are going to help, because people say they make these kinds of problems worse.
santille I stopped taking the medication and my psychiatrist allowed it. This is very real and there's no logical argument to make about witchcraft and curses put on people. You just haven't experienced it. My advice is anyone who has an item they care about, don't trust it into the hands of other people. Some people out there practice black magic or whatever this is will do all sorts of crap to whatever you give them if it has your hair or dna on it. The glasses I gave to this person to have her place some new lenses in was given to me with the new lenses, but they were demon infested or something. She or someone she works with did something to them.
[at] samtillie I've been sent to a hospital months ago and got out afterwards, and yes I have stopped taking the medication. I found it does nothing for me and probably numbs my mind. The sounds have still been in my ears regardless of taking any medication to stop it. I even tried drinking alcohol and found it didn't help either.
JeunaBella I have read the Bible partially to get rid of this thing since I understand its a demon of some sort and read about Jesus casting demons out. I used to read the Bible sometimes before this happened and actually had some faith in God and Jesus, but I lost it before my problem started because of worldly things I guess. I basically bought an object from someone at a store that sells eyeglasses and she DEFINITELY did something to it. I think I pissed her off, but there was another new employer working that that seemed to be Arabian, so it might have been her. I'm not sure. Anyways as soon as I brought the object home I felt heat radiating in different places of my body, and soon I was harassed and disturbed in my sleep on the night that same day. I don't remember when the voices and sounds started, but I moved the object away from me (it was a pair of glasses.) What I did was I gave the glasses to the store owner to fix up, because I trusted that place since I bought the glasses from there as well as nearly all the glasses I have ever worn throughout the years. I didn't expect something like this to happen and knew nothing about cursed objects. I did find one person who said he was hearing voices online and chatted with him about it. He was a 14 year old boy that told me he "got rid of it" and when I asked how, he asked me if I knew what Magick is. He then told me his family and friends practiced it (white magic) and recommended I see a priest first or look for a white witch. I searched online and read about a white witch in my area, but doing more research read this person is a scammer. I remember I heard the radio one day afterwards about a catholic church that practices exorcism and tried to make an appointment, but the priest said I have to take classes at the place first and then get my psychiatrist to approve I'm not crazy OR get a psych evalauation from their psychiatrists, and I'm sure it won't be a problem since what is happening to me is something I read demons are known for doing to people, and the noises in my ears are supernatural as well as the voices I keep hearing and annoying, disturbing dreams I keep getting. I would try this guy but I read from that forum post I posted from that person that hes already seen a priest and the priest couldn't do anything about it. I actually even went to the city to a catholic church that had holy water and used some on myself, but felt no effects. I tried contacting this person that "got rid of it" again and he first asked me how I got his email, then stopped responding to my messages. Justin_Nokkie you may be right about white witches helping people with this type of problem, I'm not sure about psychics, but I don't think its a good idea. Isn't all uses of magic from the devil? Doesn't he basically just want the worst for me?
Yes I've been to a doctor. I was even baccuracted and given medication, but it did nothing for this. I don't remember what specific medication I took, but it had to do with alleviating my stress and a anxiety, and auditory hallucinations. This is seriously something doing things inside my body, I think its a demon. I just want an actually solution to this. I've been tormented in my sleep and have so far gotten a dream every single time I go to sleep, which is basically either evil or randomn and annoying. I'm hearing sounds in my ears all the time (not tinnitus) and I'm not sure how to describe it. Its basically different noises in my ears, like something leaving and then coming back in my head, and voices disagreeing or saying words in my ears. I can also feel pressure in my head when I've concentrated or mentally tried to push something out of it, so it feels like there's something inside my head as well. I think it a demon, and want to get rid of this thing whatever it is but so far have found no way that actually works. I actually bought a service from someone claiming they can remove spirits and other stuff from people at a distance, but he scammed me. I've searched online so much for a solution, and found this: he basically is going though something similair. All I can really think this of for what this is is a demon.