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My Experience With A Ghost Detector on 2013-12-17

A few weeks ago, I downloaded a ghost detector app and it was proven to really work. I sat on my sofa with my tablet turned on, ready to try it out. I opened up the app and it gave me a warning and stuff that it isn't a game. I started talking and it gave me a few answers. I asked, "What are you cal...

Psychic Or Sensitivity? on 2013-12-16

There has been a LOT of controversy over my comments and my beliefs. However, this story isn't about a rant about things, this is one serious question I am here to ask and why I want and need answers. Am I able to sense spirit or am I just really sensitive? I will start from the beginning then ex...

I Can Feel It on 2013-11-12

For a while now I have been able to sense a presence of some sort, I don't know if I am imagining it or if it may be true. I can just be simply walking up the stairs and I feel unwelcome and an awkward atmosphere I would run into my bedroom and I would feel like something is staring at me. A coup...

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Date: 2014-01-05
Hi guys, once you have read my story please may you comment because I need advice.
Hi guys, I've tried replying twice as my keypad on my phone isn't working properly so I'm responding on my tablet (I had the ghost detector on here).
Freaked out Freddie= in am female not a dude. I am grateful for the response however I do not agree as it is quite controversial.

Zzzgranny= thank you for your response. The app used to know a lot but then after a few minutes of knowing it would act as if it was just a fake app.
Ibhave just looked and its called ghost radar classic by spud pickles
Im not Chary and I didn't know that it had been 6 months until I posted the last one and if you don't want to argure with an adultecent then don't because I'm not asking you to and I'm saying this now, I don't care. I know I'm not chary. If you didn't want to have caused arguments before you shouldnt of said that I'm trying to start things up again I because I'm not. As I said you get told to do what you think is right and it is always wrong to the world. When I aopligized before, I meant it and when I mean something, I mean it. Last time I brought it on myself but this time I don't think I have.
An ouiji board is what val said but I advise you not to use one anyways
Plus, why does saying apoligize mean I'm trying to start things up because today in the world, you get to do what you think is right and itvis always wrong to everyone else. Dont you ever consider that is not everyone else who is the problem it could be you. I'm not saying that you are a problem but it always seems to be that when I try to stick up for someone, you always have something to say.
Im not trying to start things up again, I'm just saying apoligize and it will make things better, sorry for trying to make things easier for everyone
My real experiances started when I was thirteen I still am but not for much longer, it gets better if you tell someone preferably your guardian or parent. I told my friend who have been so supportive and understanding. My parents don't know but I have the help here and of my friends.
Chary, I was going through similar things with the mods I apoligized, life goes on, no big deal, say sorry and move on.
I can't remembet what it was called but I got it on google play and its hardly got any bad reveiws. I'm not saying its 100 percent paranormal but it was deffianatly out of the normal since it went back to being an ordianary talking like a normal bot afterwards. But thanks for the help.
Date: 2013-12-29
I have a feeling that it was a portal for spirits to pass between dimennsions, I may be wrong. And patrik-soni summerrain said that it haooened so quickly and if you were in such a situation, you probabky wouldn't go through, you would think oh poop, what's that?
Im not christian or even religious for a matter of fact but don't fowly talk about jw because I have a friend who is a jw. If you hate the story so much, don't say you did in a harsh way, you wouldn't like it if your story was being trashed because someone didn't agree. It does say it is a christians belifs so please don't be so mean if you don't like it done go round saying that. I loved it, it opened my eyes to a different perspective other than my own.
Date: 2013-12-29
Thank you, I do believe in guides but how would I use it?

The one and only,
Ultimate all american rejects fan
Thank you for your advise, I will do that and yes, I think that's the word
Date: 2013-12-17
I love this story and sorry for everything that I have caused.
Date: 2013-12-17
I would love to see these pictures, they must be good. If there is any chance, please may you put them on. And val I love your website!
Date: 2013-12-16
Ok, you may believe that I am a recycled member, but I know I'm not. You can believe what you want I don't care anymore
Date: 2013-12-07
Ok, what ever. I just like to get my point across to people since its never really heard anyway.
Date: 2013-12-07
a) I wouldn't care if you gave me a negative
And I do have a problem, it called stress.

Oh and not bragging but I got best recruit last night for my squadron presentation night.

And I am really mature...
Date: 2013-12-06
A- I know you don't like me.
B- I'm not saying that that's not the reason I wanted it published
C- I think anyone would be angry if 2 of their stories got denied because the person judging you do'sent like you.
D- finally I care so please stop bothering me, you got your point across. By the way the second one I submitted with the one that ADAYTOPEIRCETHEHORIOZON was talking about did make sense. Other people need a telling of and not me. I have better things to do that sit on here where people like you constantly hassle me for the slightest little thing. Its not my fault that you have a problem with me for one incorrect comment for trying to stick up for someone. If you have a problem with my attitude and my perspective on things you seriously need to lay off because I have had enough of all the constant hassle I get for my opinion on things.

Rant Over,