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Prankster Ghost on 2013-11-13

This will be my first time posting anything like this online. I usually don't like to share these experiences with anyone but my mother, but what happened today had me really stumped and I feel a great need to share this story. Even though it may seem a bit trivial, in comparison to other experience...

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Date: 2013-11-20
My mom is more a healer than a medium. She gives spiritual counseling and helps them with karmic issues or physical ailments. Also amazing with crystals. She is very connected to angels, crystals and all things spiritual. Its very comforting to have someone to go to with these things.
Date: 2013-11-19
Thank you for all the interesting stories.
I usually don't get fed up so quickly, but I was tired ill and really wanted to go home. I guess this was his way of cheering me up. And it worked I guess since it had me laughing after.
I'm usually... What's the saying? Cool as a cucumber I guess when it comes to these things. Probably because I don't consider it strange or abnormal. It just is. There have only been 2 instances where they have managed to get a rise on me. One being this incident. The other when I was attacked physically, that one had me angrier than I've ever been in my life. But that's another post I guess.

The building I work in has history, 1910 if I remember correctly. It used to be a factory and has been converted into an apartment complex with restaurant and other facilities. My feeling say its someone attached to the building not me.