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Shadow People Update! on 2016-05-18

Hey guys, if you haven't read my first story Shadow people or Ghosts (, please go and read that so you know what I'm going to be talking about in this story. Thank you. This is an update on my first story and about that apartment. As yo...

Shadow Person Or Ghost on 2015-04-01

This is my first time posting my story and its everything that has happened so far in my life until I moved countries, from Bulgaria to England. (And please excuse my english, as I don't know how to say a lot of things.) It all started when I was a young child. My mum and my dad had a small apar...

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Date: 2016-06-28
Hello everyone,
Thank you so much for the concern and advice. For the comment about the natural things giving me these experiences and maybe it has to do something with my depression, I have though about that a lot of these things could be natural accurences and as far as I know there's nothing wrong with the electricity but I am hobestly not sure so i'm not ruiling this out. I am a very logical person who doesn't believe in God or demons or even ghosts, but I have had these experiences sense I was about 3 years old. And my depression started forming 2 years ago so i'm not sure it's that.

As far as a demonic entity, i'm not sure it's that either as I haven't felt scared from it, it's more of a constant feeling like someone was watching me. Receantly I can see something forming like more human rather than a mass. I honestly don't trust myself and I feel like I'm going crazy, but I don't experience these things outside my home. However my mother is very religious actually my whole family is a part from me and she seems to think I may be an empath as sometimes I say things people are feeling or thinking, when there wasn't any way of me knowing. I honestly don't want to believe that there might be a spirit or whatever attached to me, but 2 nights ago I was falling asleep and my makeup brushes are kept in this bag with two lether strings to be able to close it. And I was dozing off I turned around to face my bag across from me on a shelf and I saw that one of the strings was flowting in mid air like someone was playing with it. At first I jumped, but then I though to myself I was probably dreamng seen as I was tired and fell asleep. The next day I was packing my bags to go on holiday and I reached for the bag and it wasn't there but on the floor. I had not touched that part of my bedroom I was only packing my clouthes first and no one was home at the time.

I honestly want to think something natural happened like I'm imagining stuff, or may be I'm actually going crazy because it makes so much more sense.

Sorry if my spelling and explanations are a bit crap but I'm trying to type this very quickly. Anyway thank you all so much for taking this seriously and not think I'm crazy and for all the support and kind words means a lot. 😊
Date: 2015-08-17
Hey guys thank you so much for all the advice! It helped a lot! Just a quick update on the house, we still own it as my mum doesn't want to sell it due to the fact we sometimes come back to Bulgaria for the summer and need somewhere to stay. Some summers I come by myself meaning my family stays in the UK while I visit my dad, grandparents, friends etc. So anyway because my mum doesn't want me to live alone I stay at my grandmothers house. On rare ocassions I go down to our house and when I enter I feel terrified. A feeling of someone watching me is constant. I don't see anything there but I can feel it. Even thou I moved conturies I feel like a part of it follows me everywhere I go. I don't see the shadows but I have nightmares about them.