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Hi, my name is Chris. I'm currently serving a 3 year deployment in Yuma, Arizona for the United States Marine Corps. I'm quite interested in paranormal activities such as using Ouija Boards hearing and seeing things. I'm not scared too easily, but when I am, I love the adrenaline rush (don't ask me why lol). I love reading similar stories as my own, and others as well. I came across this site 2008-06-16. I have 2-3 short stories and one, somewhat, long story to post... If I don't reply to your comments on here just contact me on facebook, or if you really feel the need to get a hold of me I may give you my email address. Take care and God Bless.

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Swimming Experience And The Old New Hope Church Graveyard on 2008-07-14

It was late one evening in the middle of the summer of 2006. My boy Joey, his younger brother Jeremy, my (now ex) girlfriend, Rosanna who we called Roxy, and myself were all swimming in my neighborhood pool. Joey and Jeremy ,the little brother, were sitting on each end of the pool throwing a footba...

My Very 1st Ouija Experience on 2008-06-30

Hi, my name is Chris, as you may know from reading my last story, I'm from a small town in the deep southern parts of Georgia. I moved to Florida back in 1998 and had resided there up until 2007 when I joined the USMC, and now I am stationed overseas here in Okinawa, Japan. This story takes place at...

My Name Being Whispered on 2008-06-18

Well, this post is one of a few that I am willing to share (as it says in my bio). It's not too long, though. These were two similar incidents, so I'm going to put them into one short story. This wasn't my first experience, but one of the most memorable ones because I was older and I don't think ...

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Date: 2010-10-08
thanks for the comments and concerns everyone

Take care and God Bless,
Date: 2010-03-24
well that completely just blew my mind! I literally got chills towards the end of your tale. I have a couple of expierences... Nothing similar to this story though. But yes I'm totally into the paranormal world. I've been out the loop a little bit on this site because of change in duty stations and getting used to the new surroundings here in AZ (i'm a Marine)... But yeah lastnight I decided to come back and see what's going on in the site. Thanks for sharing your story and I look forward to reading more from you. Take care and God Bless.

Date: 2010-03-24
if you really want to know possibly who or what it was, do the typical thing by starting off with researching the history of the place or the people who lived there before you and your family. I've heard voices too in my life. So you're not alone with this whole thing;) ... Except "they" called my name. I have a story about it on here somewhere. None the less, you're out that house. Who knows, maybe it was a trapped spirit in the house? Regardless, thanks for sharing your story and God Bless.

Jazzy... I've read plenty of sleep paralysis stories and stories about OBE's (out or body expierences) and not once have I came across a suggestion like you've made here with your own body cuddling up against you and holding you still to get back inside your body or a silver cord connecting you two haha...

Anyways as for the actual story itself I agree with the majority of the people on the comment board saying it was actually an evil spirit messing with you or trying to intimidate you. Best bet is to just follow the readers' advice and keep that Rosary on;) keep us updated! Take care and God Bless

Date: 2009-10-20
sounds like souls of the early residents of the place. I would probably be just as curious... But I AM a firm believer in the paranormal world. Nonetheless GOOD story... Keeps us updated on the new happenings around your job. Take care and God Bless;)
Actually Bette... She sees random stuff all the time... She was Blessed somehow when she was a child and has seen spirits, demons, other abnormal beings since then... And the little girls that was trying to "get" my boy was just pissed cause he was making fun of the dead
i don't think that it would only be the history of the house itself but possibly the land itself? Just a shot in the dark;)... Interesting story though very much so... Can't wait to check out what else you have to post up take it easy and God Bless

Date: 2009-10-17
well I'm sure if his grandpa knew it was her then is probably was her. Anyways great short story man. At least your great grandma seems like more or less like someone who watches over you than someone/thing who wants to harm you. Keep us posted on this if it keeps occuring;) God Bless
Date: 2009-06-09
Well first off SEMPER FI! I'm actually about to leave from here in a couple of months, and only wish I had something like this to remember this place by haha. Which barracks were you at? I'm actually on Futenma, but I have friends ob Butler and Foster.

Second... I haven't read the comments so and answered questions. I'm just going to wing it... Man that was quite a story! Being a strong believer in the paranormal, Maybe it had a spirit caught inside it or possibly multiple ones. And the fights sound just like what still goes on today haha. Fights over nothing or being too drunk.

Thanks for commenting on my story by the way. I'll read your others as well. Haha, I'm actually on chow break over here right now, and STILL at work (yeah it's boring here on this base). It's been like 8 months since I've been on this site, and it's daylight outside and I still get chills reading all these cool stories;) Take It Easy Man.

Great story... Kind of got creepy and wierd towards the end. I'm not saying anyone is wrong or right in the past comments. I am a firm believer in Ouija Boards. I have a story on here as well. But in the past couple of years I have found out about them, and used them... NOT ONCE have I can into contact with an angry spirit, and I've used it more than 20-30 times over the course of about 3 years. So that 99.9% stuff is out the window... Either I'm talking to a very respctful spirit or I don't contact any at all... Anyways... Don't be scared of the Ouija Board... Just know what you're doing and don't play around with it. Be just as respectful as you were that night... Take Care And Go Bless 😉
This one's Going in my Favorites

Hey Luca,

1st off, thanks for commenting on my story 😉.

2nd Even though you weren't there to see this ghostly monk, I'm sure that you got that weird feeling when you went up those stairs where your mother seen it. I know I would have every time haha.

3rd I think you're right about the corridor. Maybe it was used to isolate the bad children or something? Who Knows?

Keep us updated with everything and new stories, and God Bless

Well I read a few of the comments, as well as the story, of course, and I have came to the conclusion, the same as whitebuffalo, Are you sure it's satan? I mean really, I'm sure he couldn't just take special time out of his schedule of torturing and burning the hell INTO the lost souls in the lake of fire just to sit down with you like a pleasant person and have a civil conversation with you. Nor do I believe that he would make himself physically visible to you especially in the form of the olden time look with the forked tongue and pitch fork and scaley skin. I know who Tenatious D is, and their music is just plain stupid... They still sound like a garage band like they did years ago... But I really can't give you any advice on the type of music you listen to having to do with anything spiritual. I listen to everything and haven't caught any vibes with anyband or genre of music... Well except for Slayer... They just creep me out for some reason haha... Anyways Take Care And GOD BLESS!

Oh yeah, Psyjin... May GOD have mercy on your soul on Judgement Day for you statement below...

Date: 2008-09-11
Well I don't know too much about this topic, but I have read many stories in this category. And in each one if seen people telling the author to look into "Sleep Paralysis". About all I know, is that it's all happened while the person was in the subconscious state of mind either before sleeping or right after they wake up. So check that out. Keep us posted and God Bless

Date: 2008-09-11
WOW~!~ I got chills all over my body imagining the sound of those voices. Mind you, its close to 3am here and I'm at work in this big big warehouse reading ghost stories haha. Anyways I've read most of your stories and don't think that your possessed nor do you need to be exorcised on. Maybe try and get a Preacher or someone to bless the house and rid you of these evil spirits. I don't think it a psychological thing either. I'm sure most of these people reading this haven't read you previous stories about you beastly guardians and other beings. All I know is I would FREAK OUT if I seen two little gremlins or whatever following me at a concert and then home. Best Of Luck and Keep Us Posted.

God Bless,
thanks for the link EVP, but I'm sure all YouTube links are blocked on these work computers 😜 oh well, I'll definately check it our when I get home 😉

Hey EVP what's the link or site? There's nothing showing on my screen. Maybe because I'm on a Government owned computer or something. I always try to hear the EVP's, but can't click on the link or it doesn't show 😢 lol
Date: 2008-09-08
Sounds good man 😉 I was actually reading up on some more of those types of stories just now. Along with my other favorites about the Ouija Boards.
Well, in my opinion the online Ouija Board isn't as affective as an actual board. Some may argue that, but again that's my opinion not their's.

Anyways, coming from a person that's had a couple of expierences (including one that I've already posted on here) you don't always contact BAD spirits on the Ouija Board. I've never talked to a bad one. I've pissed one off before because we were asking it over and over the same question, but they never threw anything or caused anything bad to happen.

I guess each to their own (based on their own personal expierences you know). But ALWAYS use precautiions when using the Ouija Board. Keep us posted on new occurances if there are any. 😉 Take Care and God Bless.

Date: 2008-09-08

Sorry if I offended you in any way with the "any action" comment. I was just throwing in a little punchline. Just my personality. I have no doubts about your expierence though or anything though.

The few stories that I have read on here have only been of one or two occurances from the spirits/entities, but this one cause my eye because it's been going on for way longer. Again, thanks for the story, be careful, and keep us posted 😉. Takte care and God Bless.

It's glad to be back up on the site after a few weeks. I've kind of lost touch with the closer members on here whom I used to converse with. I'm actually currently dating Roxy again. I told her about the site, and that she would be really interested and that she would have plenty of stories to share with you all. So, maybe she'll sign up and you'll get to read 1st hand what we expierenced that night. Take Care and God Bless