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Hey, I am a new member but enjoy reading stories of this nature. I don't have too many experiences myself but I'm still a young guy so who knows. I'm married to a wonderful woman and have two Norwegian Elkhounds Jaeger and Valkyrie. Currently deployed in the desert so reading these stories helps to pass the time.
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One Last Goodbye From An Obedient Friend on 2013-11-19

This will be my first ever posting of my experience I've posted anywhere. I have had some minor encounters here and there through out my life, things breaking, dogs growling and barking at nothing. Nothing to really make me believe something is going on around me. I'm always being a skeptic, unlike ...

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Thanks Daz, it is interesting how they can come to you at a younger state, there's no doubt Patches came to me in younger form. I'll never forget the energy coming from her, definatly had a much smaller build as well.
WOW Azar, that seriously would of scared the crap out of me! Was that the only time that happened to your daughter? I hope so.
Thank you bluemer04, I'm glad that you liked it! I hope to write more, the only problem is there is only minor stuff here and there, not really enough for a full story but I'll figure something out.
I absolutely agree with you Swimsinfire. I am missing mine right now.
Thank you babygoatpuller, and by the way I like the name haha. I never thought that I would be blessed to have that kind of experience but I'm glad I did.
Wow MissJoy, thanks for sharing! I really hope my two current dogs will also visit me when they are gone. I grew up without really having pets and as soon as I got married, my wife and I got our first dog, we have been planning to get one for awhile. I instantly was attached, I hate to think about them going, but I do find comfort in these types of story's so I hope y'all keep them up!
Thanks everyone for the warm welcome! Sorry it took a little while for me to respond, I'm currently over seas and the internet isn't always the best.

Spiritwaiting, I do believe that is what she was trying to tell me. I still think about that night every once in awhile and feel blessed I was able to have that experience.

Lady-glow, I never really thought about Patches coming all the way to my house. She had never been there before so she must've really wanted to let me know she was ok. That makes me feel good. We did break up and I have never heard them talk about any experiences after she passed, but I don't know if she would tell me either.

Thanks sds, and bluemer04 for your nice comments. And thanks again everyone for welcoming me!
Date: 2013-11-23
You are not kidding about the difference. Very scary stuff. Was that the only night you have seen this woman with the bad hair day?
Wow, I hope you are able to find something out. Great story! I hope one day my wife and I can share a similar experience.
Date: 2013-11-19
Really great story. Gives me a sense of comfort knowing there is a possibility that some of my relatives are watching over me. Keep up with the good story telling!