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More Happenings on 2014-06-30

I wrote 2 stories a while ago about a not so friendly spirit who has been following me. If you want to read it, just look through my profile and you'll find them. As for this, i'm going to tell you guys a another happening which has happened recently. 2 days ago, I was sitting playing computer ga...

Faceless Mannequins 2 on 2014-02-03

I wrote a story a while ago about me seeing a faceless mannequin following me. If you want to see it just look at my profile and read it. So, it's been about 3 months since the mannequin started to follow me. After taking some massive TLC time off, the appearances started to become more further a...

Faceless Mannequins on 2013-11-26

Over the last two weeks, I've been experiencing things which I need help with. It started two weeks ago when I was at my girlfriend's house. We where laying in bed, nothing sexual, just trying to sleep. I sleep round there often as my parents aren't too fond of me. I was still awake when I s...

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Date: 2014-07-02
Really guys?
Just, really?

I've been in and out of hospital and through 7 psychiatrists over the last 4 months because of these happenings. NONE of them where able to explain why I was seeing these things. Only a local Wiccan was able to truly say what it is that is following me.

If you really could be bothered to read my past stories, like a good moderator, admin or owner would do. You would know why it speaks the way it does. So, before making a stupid decision, please do a intelligent thing and do some research.
And tbh, these 3 stories (read together) are far more believable than anything you have put on this site.

Again, all the same to you that was said to Miracles.

I understand that it may not be a paranormal experience that is happening, but from several doctors and even more psychiatrists view, there is nothing mentally or physically wrong with me, so until proven otherwise, I believe this is a paranormal experience. And trust me, i've done everything to prove that it isn't an experience of the supernatural.

Thank you for actually understanding, and having a more open mind about what I think has happened. I'm glad i've inspired you to register, and please post up stories of what has happened to me.
And don't be put off by the sarcasm being posted here, this site is usually good with helping with people who need it.

As for my 'Ban', there is no need, I've lost all respect for this site, its owners and admins, and most of the people on here.
Trust me, you won't be hearing from me again.

- Jake
Date: 2014-07-01
Guys, this is a serious story, If you had read my previous story, all would have been explained about that language, please, before saying anything else, go and read it.

And I have had a appointment with a doctor, and they can find nothing wrong with me, and if it where to happen again I am to return there.
Date: 2014-07-01
hi rebekah_lynn,
I've done a lot of research and have many experiences with hauntings and demons alike.
If help your looking for is to get rid of them, try a cleansing ritual, a user on this site by the name of Rook has a great one on his profile.
Also try having a passage of scripture from your religion open in your room when the assurances happen.
As for feeling more safe, that is a harder thing to help with without actually talking to you, just keep praying. And know with your God's protection, it really can't hurt you.

Stay safe,
- Jake
Date: 2014-06-30
Hi AmariaWolfThorn,

If you think it is a Imp, i'd suggest some cleansing or protecting rituals for him and your home. If you do not know any rituals from your paganism, look for the user Rook, on this site, he has a great cleansing ritual on his profile.
I'd suggest doing that asap, and get some protection in place:)
Stay safe,

- Jake
Date: 2014-06-30
Hi dessydreamscape,
I have no personal experience with possession or demon activity, but I have done LOADS of research into it.
Amp21190 is right, they cannot hear the holy word of christ without reacting. However, some exorcists believe that some are able to say it themselves, as a way of trickery.
When confronted with a suspected possessed person, always ask;
'Is christ your lord and savior who died for your sins?'
If it truly is a demon, it will react to the name of Christ. BUT, it may say something along the lines of 'Of course, he is like a brother to me.' They ARE demons, nothing is as powerful as God, nothing is as an equal, or a brother to christ, and anything to say that they are, are heretics or demonic.

Just a word of warning and some advice.

- Jake
Date: 2014-06-20
i agree, Val could be onto something. But if it is a residual haunt it may not be the high electrical radiation from rain causing he to become a identifiable entity.
It might be that whatever traumatic experience happened to her happened during a heavy rainy day, hence her replaying that time during every heavy rain.

- Jake
Date: 2014-06-13
Hi Quinny,
Just echoing the words left in the comments, as I think it is VERY important. Do a cleansing, either by yourself or get a holy figure from your religion (if any) to do it.
Just an idea, but this thing obviously feeds off your depression from your break up, as it appeared during that time. And yet none of these things happen during the time he is present in your home? Maybe it is scared of your ex? Or your feelings about the break up and him change during him being near you?

Not meaning to step on any toes or anything, its just an idea I had.
Either way, it needs to be sorted. ASAP.

- Jake
Date: 2014-06-11
I'm glad you've started to identify the spirits in your house. Maybe (as you keep mentioning there may be more than 1) try finding out what the rest are?

Not all stories are on this site to scare people, they can be put here just to be able to chat about the happenings and know that they arn't the only ones experiencing it
Date: 2014-04-19
I agree with sheetal, it will be worth asking if your room mates have experienced anything similar.
And seeing as it doesn't seem to want to harm you, I think there is no reason for concern.
But be warned just as it can stay and become (hate to use the word, but lacking the vocabulary for another) "friend", it can easily become a negative spirit.

- Jake
Shadow people aren't always classed as demons. Shadow people can be spirits too. Taking the form of silhouette or a dark being. I agree with both BJJ and H1olily, it could be either, there is no sure way in finding out what it is, the chance of it being a spirit or a demon are both equal.

And as BJJ said, I wish there was someone you could talk to and help you seek help.

- Jake
Date: 2014-03-29
Haha I know what you men:) i'm after help, and I would really like it XD

I carry around a candle and some matches currently, so if I really can't deal with it, I can find a quiet place and do it outside, but most of the time it doesn't work out.
Date: 2014-03-28
It's creepy, and has scared me.
I'll type a edited version here,
Basically, i'm a street magician, so I do close up card magic. And my base trick to start is a simple force and then I have about 7 different reveals, each I like.
So, I was in london for a college trip, so I thought it'll be a great place to practice at lunch time. All my friends, know my trick and all of my reveals, so they all find it all amusing when they watch me.
So I was performing the first trick to a teenage girl, around my age (yes this pulls girls better than you think;) )
So I do my force, and I force an 8 of hearts, and I was going to do a reveal where I show the 8 of hearts sharpie'd onto my chest.
Force went well and she didn't suspect a thing.
Then I started to hear the children's voices, as I usually do, I ignore them. But this time they where saying something unusual. They where saying things like "Look daddy, the man is doing a magic trick" "wow, look!" This creeped me out massively, as i've never heard them speak in this way, it has always been menacing or hostile towards me. But this time it was different.
Then the mannequins voice started to talk, saying "Rigir Vurul", Which when translated, means "Back Pocket". This confused me, so I ignored it and moved on after performing the rest of the trick.
This happened over the next 3 people, same thing, "Rigir Vurul" accompanied by the children.
The forth people I was performing a trick too was a couple, who looked just older than me. So, I did my usual bull that magicians do, making it more realistic and dramatic. But this time the mannequins words clicked. So, I continued with the trick, and this time, instead of using one of my reveals, I say to them, "now, I want you (the man) to think of one place, ever, and the card will show itself there, and will show us the place. *cue mind reading crap* You are thinking of your girlfriends bum, (to the girl) would you look in your back pocket?" and, as predicted, the card I forced was there.
This has creeped me out massively, as the children have never spoken in that way, and the mannequin has been nothing but a problem until then. Its just confusing me a lot.

Thanks JoQuack for keeping a constant watch on this post, I appreciate it:)

As for the cleansing, I did a house cleansing as suggested by Rook, and it didn't seem to help. But there was one i've heard a couple of times on this site, and I looked up on the internet, of using a candle and meditation as a personal shield. And in the times where I can't deal with it, that seems to work.

Thanks again:)
Date: 2014-03-27
I agree with BadJuuJuu, Keep an eye on your pets, they can be more susceptible to the intentions of the spirit (s).
Your brothers spirit:
I think he is here to help, guardian spirits are just as common as bad ones. Maybe try and ask him to help you in those times where the second spirit is, hopefully that will help.
As for the second spirit, keep clear of communicating with anything. I'd suggest ignoring ghost242424, look at the other board stories on this site, they all end up in a bad way, one way or another. And most people on this site would recommend not EVER using a board. It can be VERY dangerous.
Look at Rook's page for a cleansing ritual if you think it will help.
Please keep us updated
Best of luck.
Date: 2014-03-27
I'm similar to most people here, it may be due to the health and setting that this occurred. We're not all saying your a druggy etc... We're just weighing out the possibility.
Demonology and the like is widely debatable subject which i'd love to join in a convosation about, but here is not the place. Yes people fear monger and try to scare people, yes its wrong, but is it necessarily untrue? Brendanbueno, if I where you, I wouldn't rule it out completely, just the same as some sort of spirit.
Im not part of a religion by any means, but the paranormal is apparent across many religions. If you are a religious person, say a prayer of protection when these things are happening, good spirit or not, you need to be safe.
Best of luck.
I agree with Griff84,
It could quite happily been your mind playing tricks on you.
But if this continues to happen on separate occasions, please post another story telling us more, as you it could just as easily been something paranormal.
A lily?
In many cultures a lily is considered the plant of the dead if i'm not mistaken.
Either way, i'm glad you've sorted it all out:)
Keep us posted if anything else comes up:)
Date: 2014-03-26
Hi H1olily,
I have a second story if you want to look at the more recent things, but I will keep that in mind:)

Thank you:)
Date: 2014-03-26
Hi JoQuack,
I see what you mean, I will try these cleansing things I have learned from Rook and the interwebs, see if they help. But I see what you mean by the children, I will try these things i've learnt and see if they help.
And haha, I know what you mean XD I will try to reply as fast as possible:)
Either way, thank you:)

A strange thing happened to do with this thing, which I thing warrants a separate story, so if you guys want, keep an eye out for that:)

Thank you!
Date: 2014-03-17
Hi, Yeah, I knew these mannequinns existed, but there not really, my definition of faceless, this is what i'd call faceless:
But yeah, I get your point.
Me and my friend never did any of the dark stuff, i've been in and out of this site for a while, and every comment seemed to vote against using it, so i've never tried.
And I will talk to Rook, and look into ways of protecting myself. Thank you:)
I never really got into drugs of any sort, as you could probably see, i'm part of the more nerdy stay in side type of teenager XD
But yeah, I have been trying to sleep, but often wake in the middle of the night, so I will try and get some more sleep in another way.
Date: 2014-03-14
Me and my friend have tried asking it, and threatening it in both english and Dovahzuul, and it has just responded with violent words. Like the ones in my post below