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Creepy Happenings on 2013-12-02

Sorry, this is my first story. It is 100% true, if you were wondering. It all started two weeks ago, when I was sick and off from school. I was at home with my dog sitting on my lap and he woke up from a deep sleep and started growling. This was unusual behaviour, he is a young puppy, 10 months ...

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Date: 2013-12-02
Calm down. Sleep paralysis is normal. Next time you get it, ignore EVERYTHING that happens, the hallucinations, the touchings and the noises, they are just your imagination. It's nothing demonic. Focus all you can on moving one finger. After that, move another if you're not fully awake. Try and get back to a NORMAL sleeping routine and establish a 'bedtime' routine that you will stick to and a specific time you'll go to bed at. Sleeping normally really can help your sleep paralysis. I would get it almost every night and then I did this and I'm getting it only occasionally.