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Rebelboy1987's pictureI've had strange things happen to me ever since I was a kid. I came here just to share one story, and now I'm getting more from this place than I ever thought I would. You people really do understand what it is like to have paranormal experiences, and I have learned so much already. I can't wait to get more feedback from you as time passes, and to share more of my stories with you. Thank you all for helping me!

This is what led me to this site, and the basis that I WAS here for. Now I'm finding completely new uses for this site, and I think it may have opened some type of door.
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Ghost Radar And EVPs on 2011-01-13

It has been a while since I've posted anything on here, but I couldn't help but share these EVPs that my girlfriend and I captured while we were messing around with my recorder. She has this application on her phone that is called Ghost Radar. At first I thought it was ridiculous and was just some r...

He Didn't Want To Go on 2008-11-03

I've met another young boy. This time was much different than the other little boy. The boy I met this time was around the age of 9, and he was blind. He had red hair that was almost bowl cut, but not in the back. He was surrounded with other spirits that weren't exactly "coming forth". In other wor...

Little Boy Returns And Moves On on 2008-09-03

The one spirit I actually wasn't afraid of that has visited me before was the little boy from my story Strange Things Go Bump 2. I was lying in bed like usual, and I hear this very familiar voice. I could tell it was the same little boy from before. He came out of nowhere and said, "I know what ...

Strange Things Go Bump 4 on 2008-08-26

To continue my story, I seriously thought I was just crazy. I began to believe all these images, names, noises, and likeness were all figments of my imagination. About a week ago, I was lying in my bed, thinking about everything that had happened before. I thought, "Nothing has even happened in almo...

Strange Things Go Bump in the Night 3 on 2008-07-14

I want to say, I haven't been scared or under any stress at the time of these occurrences. It happens right after I turn off the lights and television, so I know it's not me going in and out of sleep or anything like that. I am wide awake being very aware of my surroundings. These images and suc...

Strange Things Go Bump in the Night 2 on 2008-07-09

This is an extension of my story Strange Things Go Bump in the Night Last night I was lying in bed and I started seeing blurred images in my mind. Three different "spirits" came forth. First it was just a close up of a face. Then I started seeing full images. It was a light-skinned black woman in...

Strange Things Go Bump in the Night on 2008-06-24

As I told Rhodes68, I was having a bad feeling before going to sleep last night after reading one of her stories. I made sure I calmed myself down before trying to go to sleep. I knew my mind would play tricks on me, thinking I might have seen something go by my bed or something like that. But what ...

Dark Figure Watches Over Me on 2008-06-23

When I was about 12 years old, my biggest accomplishment at that time was to be alone at home by myself. My brother was staying at a friends house, and my parents went to dinner with their friends. I was never scared of staying home alone. I enjoyed it a lot. I have a very vivid imagination, but thi...

Ghost Or Spirit In The Sky on 2008-06-18

Me and my friend Kent were in the Wiregrass Commons Mall parking lot in Dothan, AL sometime around the end of July last year. It was a bad storm, and I was trying to capture lightening on my cell phone. Next thing I know, this light flies across the sky. My first reaction was shock. I didn't know wh...

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Date: 2011-01-29
Updated: Other EVP added to the story. Thanks for looking:)
Date: 2011-01-24
Thank you for all your comments. I too was very skeptical about the Ghost Radar and its functionality, but you can clearly hear the word "pot" and then we saw it on the radar screen when my girlfriend says it aloud and nearly cuts off the spirit's sentence.
Not saying it's right all the time, but some areas like hospitals and such are much more active than other places
I did try to look up all different spellings of the names, but as I mentioned in that comment. The spirit claiming to be Paul O'Ryan said that wasn't his real name, and then told me his name was Billy Shaw. Thanks for the comment though
I am almost possitive near death experiences can lead to increased sensitivity. I almost drowned when I was 8 years old. The very next day was my birthday. All I remember was floating there, and then I see a hand grab me. The next thing I remember was waking up on the beach in my mothers arms, and a "lifeguard" walking away. He never asked if I was ok or anything. I completely blacked out. Ever since I've seen and heard things that others can't. I hope you are able to make sense of these happenings and am also thankful for your second chance, that I have also been given. God bless and good luck
Date: 2011-01-14
I loved your story. I wish I had someone like you around when I was younger. I had the same feelings and intuitions that you have. It got worse before it got better, and I still get jumpy when I hear things now and I'm 23 years old. Not sure how old you are know, but I know how it feels to be alone and not alone at the same time, so if you ever need any advice, please let me know. Thanks so much for sharing
Well someone didn't read the story guidelines lol. If there is an entity in the house, then you won't have very much luck getting rid of it. If you are religous you could pray for protection when you feel scared or when something bothers you. And if you don't feel threatened by these occurences, you might have to just get used to these little things happening. However, if you do feel threatened you might want to start looking for a new place to live.
Thanks again for all your kind comments. I really do appreciate them. Not so open-minded on youtube
as for the current situation... I hope that everything works out. Its hard to get things like that to stop. Once it has made its home... There isn't much you can do to get it to leave. You're better off finding a new place
Just letting you know... You are right about just ignoring them. They feed off you when you ask questions or "entertain" it with any chatter.

I hope you can find a way to live with this "gift". I believe I have a little something in me, but I chose to put it on the back burner
Thank you all for your comments.

I really appreciate it and God bless
he hasn't contacted me since then. I think I upset him. I'd help him if I could, but I think he wanted them to be punished by other means, rather than by the judicial system. I don't think he believes they will pay for their crimes that way
Thats a really cool story. I had a very similar experience. Like perd said, most "shadow people" don't really have any distinguishable features. But it still hits home for me. Thanks for sharing
I actually don't live in that house anymore. But thanks for your interest!
Date: 2008-11-15
I got all that info before I talked about the light. The other spirits were more or less talking amongst themselves and not to me. They only intervened when I began talking about the light. I thought I made that pretty clear. He didn't want to move on. He seemed pretty content with his "friends". And I'm not some trained medium or anything. All this started only about 4 or 5 months ago, so I don't know what to say all the time...
WOW...I'm sure you get that reaction every time you tell that story, but that is amazing. We could only be so lucky to experience something like that. I too have seen an angel, and not the one in my video on here, but a REAL angel. He saved my life the day before I turned 9. It was something I will never forget, but it fails in comparison to your story. That was simply incredible. I can't wait to read about your other experiences!
Date: 2008-11-09
Thanks again buffalo, I don't really know where to get some of the items for smudging, so it would probably be best if I do take them on one by one, which is what I'm used to and comfortable with. Once I really understand how this all works, maybe I will be able to control when and how I talk to these spirits. But thanks once again for your suggestions!
Date: 2008-11-09
Whitebuffalo...thank you for your suggestions. I'll try and remember to bring some toys with me when I go back this weekend. It's a little difficult to answer your question. First of all, I only talk to spirits that talk to me first. These "others" did not address me. The little boy did. I didn't hear any of them speak directly to me. I didn't even know they were accompanied with the boy until I started talking about the light, and that's when they started yelling at me. It's REALLY hard to explain everything that goes on when I have these experiences. I'm still learning how to seperate reality from my imagination. I didn't get a chance to address the other spirits though. Just imagine if you can, these people standing around me in a room. There is a little boy up close to me, and he's talking to me. The others are just kind of hanging back and talking to each other, then they hear me say something to the boy, and they start telling him they have to go NOW, and somewhat pulling him away. I didn't even have a chance to talk to them. I don't believe they would've listened, and I still don't know why they "allowed" the boy to talk to me in the first place. Like I said, I'm still not really sure how all this stuff works
Date: 2008-11-09
Ghostseer...I only used the term guardians because they do "look after the boy". I don't believe they MAKE him stay with them, but more like, he is part of their group now. I don't really understand everything going on in that situation, but I do know the others didn't want me to have anything to do with the little boy. And thanks for the advice. I do try to pray after I talk with spirits. I can't pray before, because I never know when they feel like talking to me.
I saw a shadow figure when I was 12 years old. I stared straight at it. It was not moving, but just standing there watching me. I didn't see as many as you did though. I don't believe it was evil. I think it was just kind of looking over me to make sure I was ok there by myself. You can look at my profile, and you'll see the link to the story! Thanks for sharing, that was a cool story
Date: 2008-11-01
Please keep us informed! I'm sure I'm not the only one that would like to see the picture!