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I am a legal executive with a Bachelors Degree in Law. Writing is my part time hobby. I have the inner passion of becoming an Authoress. I have a hidden talent in drawing and have produced a various sketches of images and I intend to combine my skill in writing and drawing to create a "thrill" in my stories.

I use narrate my stories to kids initially, and after I noticed a couple of times that their eyes glowing with interest and anxiety to hear more, I then started to put it down in writing. I have distributed a couple of my stories to the kids who are old enough to read and understand the contents, kids who have the imaginary minds...

I would like share the same stories with other children worldwide.
Ghost Stories from Haema

An Untold Tale on 2014-01-07

Lending a helping hand in solving problems especially for a friend is always recognised as a good deed. But what if luck is not on your side and that problem becomes your problem. This is tale from my past which was horrifying and beyond anyone's wildest imagination, buried in me for so, so many ye...

A Day In Mersing on 2013-12-16

A thrilling story... For the those who belief in the existence of the other being. My whole family were very excited about the trip to Kluang, Johor. The journey took us longer than expected as we had children with us and we needed to stop along the way as the kids needed to use the toilet often ...

A True Happening on 2013-12-04

An amazing life experience which is unforgettable. A hair raising tale of the past. My dad and mum were looking frantically for a home in Ipoh as our house in Penang was about to be sold in a few days time. I was studying in Kuala Lumpur at that time and I joined the search with them as my sister...