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Rather Intense Childhood on 2013-12-11

This is something that I have been dealing with as long as I can remember, and it feels like for some reason these darker things are coming back into my life. I don't know whether they are following me or have always been attached to me. Either way, I know they are no figment of my imagination and I...

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Date: 2013-12-19
Sorry about not explaining some things too well, I was writing this at work so I was trying to rush the best I could.

As for the bridge, I was going to hide under it but while I was crossing it to get to the area I where I always climbed under it the creature/demon called my name.
And the psych ward, my parents took my to a doctor and I told them what I saw and that things told me to do things to hurt myself so she instantly thought I was schizophrenic which is the logical explanation, especially with commanding voices.

As for my parents... As much as I much as I love them, going to them with this kind of thing was very difficult. I think that they tried to explain it away as much as possible. In the religion that we are in, this kind of stuff is never talked about and is taboo. Yes my dad did bless my room quite a lot. Mainly cause I would ask him to, cause I knew that that was something that would hopefully help me. But like I said, I was the only person to really experience things so Intense.
Now however, I've talked to my parents and they agree that there was something in that house. My mom especially doesn't like to talk about but, now that we are out of the house she is more willing to validate things. It makes me think that she did experience things but won't talk about it.
Ya I had bruises and scratches but we lived in the country and had cats so playing outside and playing with the cats probably was there explain away on my marks.