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Reaper666343's pictureI have had many spiritual experience's and am wanting to share them and would like others inputs as well. I like reading, writing, listen to music. Also I and my friends Hunt ghosts with 3 Catches. Me and Him Study the Paranormal on a regular basis. And I hope to be of help to some people. I am currently reading up on Eastern Lore and History and Spiritualism. I Know quite a bit of Ghost History from my area, such as the "Black Donnelly's", "The Toronto harbor Ghosts", and "The Grand Theater Ghost"
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New House Spook 2 on 2017-10-22

Here is the update that I am sure some of you have been waiting for. I have been paying more attention and I am realizing more occurrences do occur then I thought. The cats still both stare at the wall in the laundry room separately or together. However, I have also come to realize they stare at...

New House Spook on 2017-09-15

We moved into this fine house, which was only 50 or so years old. It was owned originally by our neighbour's father. He then sold it to move to an old folks home. A family lived in it for almost 15 years. My wife and I moved in almost 1.5 years ago. The disturbances began slowly. A light fixture in ...

New Apartment Update And An Aunt's Funeral on 2012-10-03

I left off with the question of if the spirit was that of my girlfriend's grandmother. All I can say is, I was WAY wrong. This spirit is still here, and my girlfriend has left to go to school elsewhere and come to visit on weekends; however, this spirit is still here all days of the week. I can fee...

New Apartment, New Life, New Spooks... Or Are They? on 2012-08-08

I have moved out on my own with my beautiful girlfriend and we are due to be married in about a year, we bought this sucky basement apartment. Anyway enough about my life here is my story in our new apartment there have been a few odd occurrences... One of which stands out in my head. I was in th...

Factory Protector on 2008-09-08

Now... In my past stories except for the ones about my pets, the entities I have encountered are and have been dark and creepy. This one seems different. I just recently started a new job in a factory, and for privacy reasons I will not specify which company. This spirit is a prankster. I am not...

Dogs and Cats Chase Each Other Even When Dead on 2008-06-24

Well I told all of you about Senta's death in my first story. For everyone who hasn't read it, Senta was my German Shepherd that had to be put down due to her age and arthritis. She has been making appearances throughout the winter and spring. I still see her to this day. In fact I saw her outli...

The Midnight Demon on 2008-06-23

This story is a little different from my other ones because it involves just me. May 2007, 2 Months after my first true love broke up with me, I hit a stage of depression that I didn't want to get out of (I don't know if that has any significance at all). Disturbances and sightings increased; I ...

The Entity on 2008-06-23

This story is by far the most frightening experience I have ever witnessed. It did not happen at my house as usual. It did however happen at a house known to be haunted by me and my friend Chris. The first occurrence that Chris and I witnessed was in October 2006. We were raking leaves for the ...

A Dog And A Grandfather on 2008-06-18

My Story Begins in January 2005, with the death of my uncle Bob. I was about 15 at the time and his death upset me regardless of the fact I barely knew him. It was at the funeral I felt my first presence. A being was hovering above the casket, some one who was not my uncle, but some one I recognized...

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Date: 2017-10-28
I asked my neighbour and she has no recollection of anything strange in the house. I do keep a journal now. I will use this to update more when I can. I also have been looking for the history of the house and area. So far nothing interesting has come up.
Date: 2017-10-04
Thanks for the positive remarks.

On a ghosty remark. A few more things have happened. I almost have enough for a shorter story.
Date: 2017-09-23
This story reminds me of an event that happened to me as well. However, not a Djinn in my case, it was either a demon or a shinigami (so I have been told). I don't think Sleep Paralysis is the only thing that occurred here. I think it is part of what happened, but you are right and something was very interested in you. Has anything else like this occurred since?

Keep safe

Date: 2017-09-23
Thanks aisyah and Randym I will keep posting, A few small thing have occurred since but nothing to drastic, just the cats watching something in the hallway in our basement. I am keeping notes and will publish a new story once I get enough info:)
Date: 2017-09-20
The "Josh" is said was my name, I may do some research about the property. Thanks for the advice! WIll keep everyone posted when more happens.
Date: 2012-11-08
Physical Contact can be very nerve wracking, especially with an invisible force, A few years ago I had a very violent physical Attack by what can only be described as a demon, or as some wrote on the story Angel of Death. But maybe it was your friends spirit pulling a prank like friends do, or maybe it was the spirit that scratched you kissing it better.


Thank you Rook, I will start to write a journal about these event's but also with the voice I re-read what I wrote and I realized it wasn't clear that the phone was a non-wireless phone it is, just your typical phone plugged into the wall. Sorry for the confusion.
wow I have had a similar experience wit ha Ouija board and I do not want to use one again, I want to thank you for your input on my one story and if you want to check out my others including my Ouija board one take a look at my profile, I would love to hear what you have to say about some of my other experiences:)


thank you for the input Nikki that was very helpful and I found the method, and it seems interesting to me. A few thing have happened in the past few weeks and I will be putting a updated story about this one very shortly because some more odd things have happened, I hope you can help me with some input again, keep in touch

Well, I have tried to ask her if she had seen anything before but she changes the subject quickly, she gets uptight and scared talk about this stuff, I really don't know why. Its not like the ghost is walking around and hurting her. For more of a general description from the corner of my eye, I only saw black hair whiteish facial "skin" and it looked Asian (my girlfriend is from the Philippines) but i'm not sure which Asian culture this specter was.
Well I may not know of the black dog of death, but there have been things known as Grims... I know they mention them in Harry Potter etc but there are real myth about them, however they do not always mean death. This one could have been telling you not to go that way... Or someone was going to die... It could have been protecting you... I know that may sound crazy... But try to look at it from both ends:P
Date: 2012-07-23
wow that's a freaky one, kind of like my old experience back in the day... In a way:p I have told my fiancee my past stories and she refuses to stay in my old bedroom at my parents place now, we have to sleep in the basement lol
its been while since I have written, but to answer some questions about Senta's Location, and the entity above her. Half of Sentas head is on the door close to the knob the other half goes to the curtain. The Other entity people see could very well be my grandfather, if interested look at my other story " A dog and a Grandfather":) thank you for your support with my grief. 😁
Date: 2008-09-10
Draycon in answer to your question I do only see it or sense it at work. But I am glad it decided to save my butt 😜
lilblackpom: wow your right I have never noticed that face before in the picture.
yeah maybe you guys are right... I don't know regardless weird things still happen
I've been told by several people I know (strong believers in ghosts and such even more so then me) 😐 😕 that Senta is in the middle of the yellow circle... But yeah I unno lol I guess you have to look really hard... Shes a German Shepard.
she's there... You just have to look very very very carefully... Its very faint almost hidden in what looks like the pixels of the shot
Date: 2008-06-25
The Entity I encountered seemed to me almost like the same one from "Midnight Demon" but the events of "Midnight Demon" happened several months earlier. So I hope the "Demon" isn't following me around and attempting to talk through the Ouija to me. I believe to Spirits were in the house as well one protecting the house and the other one connected to the Ouija 😕
Date: 2008-06-24
As I stated I know the Shinigami isn't evil I just want to know y it attacked or why people think it attacked me or if anyone else has another idea of what it is. Or was 😕 😊