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My name is Cassandra and I am currently a student. Superstition and the paranormal have always been a part of my family; I guess you could say I was born into it. Coming from Northern Ontario in Canada, I've heard many stories and met many interesting people from all walks of life who have experienced the supernatural. I am of Canadian Aboriginal heritage and there are so many legends that scare me (I supposed these legends did work on us kids; they made us stay inside at nights at least:P). I've also lived in Japan before; I can tell you that it is a very interesting place. Anywho, I'm off to read some stories! Jaa ne!:D
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Strange Energy on 2008-07-07

A friend of mine decided to stay over at my house for the night due to the fact that I live way out of town. The night went well; playing video games, eating unnecessary amounts of junk food and bothering each other were the usual activities. We decided to go to bed at about 1:30am. My room was ...

Supper Time Ghost on 2008-06-30

To make things a little more clear, I want to give a little background detail of the house that I lived in. The house was an older traditional-style Japanese house. The kitchen/living room area was on the opposite side of the house from where the bedrooms (including mine) were. I also was the only o...

Message From A Loving Auntie? on 2008-06-25

It has been about thirteen years since my Aunt Eileen passed on. Needless to say, I think about and miss her everyday. One of her biggest regrets was that she wasn't going to see me grow up; it's so heart breaking. In December, my school held a Winter Formal before the Winter Holidays began. This...

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Hi! We share the exact same heritage. I am also half native american and half norwegian. But yes, in the teaching that I have learned, each individual drum has a spirit of it's own. If you know any traditional songs, you should give them a try and play them on the drum. This was an amazing story! Thanks for sharing! 😊
Date: 2008-07-04
Konnichiwa! The house that I lived in was as I said a traditional Japanese home. The house was the house that my Host Mother grew up in. Her Mother lived there for a long time before passing on. I'm starting to think that maybe it was my Host Grandmother helping out my Host Mother by getting me to the kitchen for supper and making her presence known. It was pretty convenient timing as stated in the story. This is another hypothesis I have come up with.
Date: 2008-07-02
Hello all! Now that you mention it Tonith and Frawin, falling asleep does sound like a reasonable explanation. The only thing about the story that I forgot to mention was that I was expecting a call from my brother back in Canada as well as supper, so I was pretty awake. I can tell you though that it was pretty scary hehehe. Thanks for the comments everyone! 😁
Just want to thank everyone for the comments! 😁 To Tonith, that's a really interesting experience you had with dream communication. I had something like that too, with the same Aunt. I was in Japan and I felt homesick. That night in my dream, she told me everything would be alright, that's all she kept on saying over and over. Then I woke up with a assured feeling. And she was right, the rest of my time in Japan was awesome! So yes, the more I think about it, people from beyond can communicate with us. Anywho, take care ❤