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Well. Here I am. Since I was very small, I've always been around people with previous paranormal enconters. I had many of those, so did all my family and current friends.
My wish hereis to share our stories for future reference to all people. I have asked for permission to publish the stories that do not belong to me and it was granted.
Now,someof the stories might seem confusing, but I'writing them as I am told by those people.
For obvious reasons, the stories where I took part will be longer. And all stories where I didn't, will have fake names and decriptions of previous enconters of the person of interest.
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Grandmother's Essue on 2014-01-20

As asked, I now will tell my grandmother's first experience. The following statement was given by her and translated. "I was about ten years old. I also lived with my grandmother, as the youngest of three sisters. We were going through a tough time. My elder sister was working, my middle sister w...

Central Tree on 2013-12-30

As I said on my page, the things I publish won't be mine alone. But I feel it will be fitting to start off with my first encounter with the paranormal. It happened when I was seven years old. Actually, on my birthday. I was very excited and was jumping around eager for my party, even though I ha...

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Date: 2014-01-20
My grandmother kind of waved it off, she said it ran in the family, told me not to worry too much. "The dead are dead and they can only harm you if you let them" is what she said and what I live by. I actually asked what was her experience like, and that's the next thing I'm going to post. My house was built over indian ground, next to a forestal reservation. But recently on the grounds there is no activity watsoever that could bring any kind of human apparition.
The voices and the presences happen basically whenever I'm alone. They tend to calm down once I ask, and withdraw when requested. Some times I'm just walking along my street, that is usually very quiet mainly at night, and I kind of hear pleas spoken in wispers. The last thing I heard was "Me escuta" what translates to "listen to me"
Apparently, all the women in my family kind of have these stuff, I don't have direct aunts, but I do have two great aunts, one of them went crazy, the other became very religious, and there is my grand mother, who lives by her rule.