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Sounds Of Cutting Wood After Midnight on 2014-01-13

I will try to be as specific as possible writing down this story, although being new to this kind of thing, I do not specifically know what details are important and which ones aren't, so excuse me if it's too long. I live in a very old house - originally built somewhere at the end of the 1800s. ...

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elnoraemily, my grandparents and ancestors used to have farm animals, but we don't have any. The place where the animals were was converted to a patio since then. We do own a dog, a german sheperd. I'm definitely not saying that this had to have been some kind of residual thing, but again, the sound of chopping wood is just so specific, I don't know how a dog can make that same sound. Also, during the night he always sleeps next to our front door, on the porch, so it is unlikely for him to be at that spot in the backyard. This happened in November btw.
Date: 2014-09-06
Hey Mirela, nice to see other people from Romania:)
I have no idea what the sound was, BUT I have experienced the exact same thing with the "warm air" and suddenly feeling dizzy bit, I have low blood sugar and have had calcium deficiency, and in the past, until I got my calcium levels on track, I had fallen down a couple of times. These episodes were also due to the fact that I have an anxiety problem, so they usually happened whenever I was stressed, nervous or scared of something. I'm not saying that this necessarily happened to you, but the way you described falling down and the feeling of it is exactly how I felt in the past, due to medical issues.
Hope all is well with you!
Hey everyone, thank you for the feedback! Sorry to respond so late but my e-mail got hacked and couldn't get into my account until now. Lady-glow, believe me, I don't jump to conclusions easily - I tried to go over every logical explanation. I have 3 neighbors living close to me, one on each side of our house and one behind us. None of them have gardens, garden sheds or any reason to chop wood, especially after midnight. Also: our windows are very thickly insulated, and kind of soundproof. If I was able to hear the noise faintly in my room, it would have meant that it was coming from somewhere near my window, where our shed and the tree stump is. I remember my grandpa using the same stump, not sure if his parents did though. I'm currently in another country on a scholarship, I'm curious if I'll hear it again when I go back home:)