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ghostgurlie15's pictureHello everyone! I don't feel comfortable showing my face, so enjoy a picture of davy and mike from the monkees!:)

I hope you all enjoy reading my experiences and feedback is always, always welcome! And if you would like to share your own experience, feel free too. Have a wonderful day! <3
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Grandfather's Shadow on 2015-03-25

I haven't posted an experience since last year, so I decided to post one of my mum's experiences today. I will post more of my own soon. I promise! Anyway, my mother doesn't believe in the paranormal; however, what she saw, she can't explain. At the age of 46, she's still trying to come up with a lo...

Voices In Hallway on 2014-04-14

I'm Christina and I'm 16 years old. I've been having paranormal experiences ever since I was eight years old. So I've decided I'd share my very first experience with you guys, please leave comments on what you thought and maybe an experience you've had in the past? So, when I was little I was at ...

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I definitely enjoyed this story! To me, the white light seems like it may be an orb of some sort? Have you only ever seen the white light once?

It seems like you have had some pretty creepy experiences and you definitely do have a knack for sensing spirits, just like what Tweed said!