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My First Ghost Hunt on 2016-10-10

Earlier this year I went on my first ghost hunt let by two mediums, and I'd like to share my experience there with you all. We went to a fort that has a lot of history surrounding it and we were straight away told about events that had gone on in the fort, leading me to wonder how genuine the night ...

Have I Been Followed By A Spirit? on 2015-10-12

In my previous story I explained the only experiences of the paranormal that I had had up to that point in my life. As I previously said, I'm still unsure whether to believe in the paranormal or not but I have recently had some odd experiences which I will share now. Since my last story we have g...

Man, Cat And Noises on 2014-01-06

I don't have a very strong opinion as to whether ghosts are real or not as I haven't experienced much myself, but here's some things I've experienced. My mum has told me several times of something weird that used to happen in our old house. I was about 2 years old at the time and my dad was worki...

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Date: 2016-11-18
Hi Biblo,

Thanks for reading! I'm in the south of the country where they had forts to protect in case of invasion. As I'm sure you're aware there were plenty of bombings in that area too. Sadly I can't remember much about the fort's history from the nigh (I was too nervous about the whole experience!), so I may have got my information wrong! I know that nazis were in the tunnels, possibly they were the prisoners? Sorry to be vague but I hope that kind of answered your question! 😁

The torch thing was terrifying yes, I've only used it once since, I'm scared it will happen again!
Date: 2016-11-16
Literally just after I wrote this and sent it in, my boyfriend reminded me of an event that happened on the tour that I'd somehow completely forgotten! We had our torches on and we were walking around on our own, when my torch started to flicker. I turned it towards me and it went out, when I turned it away the light came back on. This repeated a few times with me thinking it was he movement of the torch causing it, but when I got my boyfriend to do the same thing with the torch pointing at himself, the light stayed on! He then shone the torch on me himself and everytime it moved onto me it went out. I was worried thinking something may have attached to me, so I moved to one side and the torch then turned on when shone on me, but still wouldn't work in the spot I'd been standing in. This occurred for about 10 minutes and the torch has been working fine every since. This was probably the scariest part, can't believe I missed it out of the main story! 😆
Mrmonty, I don't know much about the pub's history although it is certainly a few hundred years old so has seen many customers! That's a good point with what you said about the cats, as I said the female one particularly notices things as she is more nervous.
Hey Tweed,

While I was at work the glass was actually thrown next to someone else, I was a few meters away. I wonder if it was just intending on getting attention and I was more curious about the incident that the other person so perhaps it is possible that it has turned its attention to me? I'll take your advice on not making contact, for now all has been quite so I will just leave things be unless anything else starts up!

About the iPads, I certainly thought it may have just been a glitch as mine is a few years old now, but for it to occur on two others and only after I had told their owners about what happened to mine makes it seem a bit odd to me. And it only happened to them while I was in the room with them, not at any other time! Even if it is just a glitch it's a weird one haha 😊
I did think it was weird but my mum and sister just brushed it off, glad to have someone see how odd it actually is! Should I try and speak to 'it' if there is another occurrence? 😕
Date: 2015-04-04
That was a great story! My theory about why the ghost came to your new house is that sometimes ghosts attach to an object and not that house itself. It may have been the ghost of an object you owned that you took with you to your new house hence why it came with you? Just a potential explanation!:)
Date: 2014-07-29
Wow, it seems like you've been through a lot, and I admire you for sharing that with us all. My personal opinion (from a Christian point of view) is that these 'demons' fed off your sufferings and it was almost as though they wanted to take you to hell? But as you're not a bad person something divine, maybe an angel, Jesus or god, has rescued you from this fate. Whenever you feel down just remember this experience and that you have a divine being with you, protecting you and helping you through life now 😊
It sounds as though something may be attached to someone in your family or an object you have, if you had experiences in your other home too. This is just a personal opinion but I wouldn't worry too much for now, whatever it may be doesn't seem sinister, but if it becomes that way to isn't bearable for you any longer, get your house and yourselves blessed. I think that your cats would also pick it up if it was anything bad, another personal opinion is that dogs seem to make more of a fuss over the paranormal than cats do!
I don't want of freak you out or be judgemental but is there any possibility that you could have a mild mental illness? I recently studied schizophrenia at school in psychology and a lot of the symptoms of it are displayed by you. Please don't take my word for it, I could be completely wrong! But have you considered speaking to a doctor about this?
It sounds like it's attached to you? Have you had anyone close to you pass away, or attempted to make contract with spirits in the past? Because it does sound like it's attached to you and not the house. However, it sounds quite harmless, try your best to ignore it and maybe it'll leave you be.
Date: 2014-06-09
Thank you all for the comments, I know it was a while ago but I haven't been on here for a couple of months (as you can see). I don't think any of these spirits are evil, if they are spirits, sometimes I feel a bit uncomfortable but that may just be due to my noticing their presence? I do believe I may have seen a spirit of my cat, we now have two kittens and they've picked up a lot of the habits she, and her brother who died 18 years ago had which is pretty weird but amazing at the same time!
Date: 2014-01-26
Do you think you could post the recordings on here? It could be great if we could hear them! This spirit sounds friendly, but you must remain cautious around it:)
Date: 2014-01-26
Of course, I could have been the wind or an appliance, for example, my sister's tv sometimes plays the sound even when the tv is off and nothing shows up on the screen. However, it does sound very unlikely that it was either of these as it was following you around the house. Have you bough any second hand items recently? Sometimes spirits can attach themselves to items, and that could be the only other explanation I could think of!
Date: 2014-01-20
It sounds like you and your mum are more open to experiencing the paranormal than the rest of your family. As a child, it's more normal to see spirits, my mum said I did too so that doesn't surprise me. As for the house you live in now, maybe you could do some research into it and the area and find any possible reasons as to why it could be haunted?
Date: 2014-01-20
These black shapes do not seem sinister though, and they're so faint it could just be my imagination? Just wondering though if anyone has any idea of what the man could've been, I've always been curious to know! But thanks for your reply 😊
I really think you should see a doctor, this almost seems to be a mental health problem instead of a haunting by the way it stops and starts. But you really should see a doctor before you get too ill, and tell them EXACTLY what has been happening, even if it does sound stupid! I hope this all goes away from you 😊
Hiya, I'm not very experienced with the paranormal as such but I am religious and this sounds like something to do with the devil in my opinion. Maybe you should get and exorcism or a priest to come in or something like that? I hope you don't have any other experiences like this again!