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This Never Happened To Me Before on 2017-04-11

I'm just going to start off at the time this happened. Earlier today around 12:00 pm, I had just put my son to a nap and was about to take one myself. I lay down and put YouTube on my phone because I'm afraid without it on I'll get sleep paralysis. I been having this problem for the past four months...

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Well I started having sleep paralysis and false awakening a while back. My first experience was being in a dream state and my boyfriend's dad was trying to touch me sexually in the dream it all felt so real. My boyfriend was in bed with me. I woke up out of the dream not being able to move or speak. I tried calling out to my boyfriend but nothing came out.That's when it started. I was in and out type of thing. Like being sucked back into the dream where my bfs dad was trying to touch me sexually and waking up not able to move or speak or cry out. My boyfriend's dad and me had a good relationship. So of course it was disturbing having him touch me like that in a dream that felt so real. In the dream we were in the bed with my boyfriend to like I was in real life. Well that was my first experience. It happens on and off since then.
Date: 2014-01-14
When did she say that listening to the music was evil? I think a lot of you metal heads are being defensive. She's just sharing her experience. She never once said rock was evil. It's just her account. I love rock music to. But I'm not ignorant enough to deny the fact that music is in fact spiritual sense the beginning of time, and certain kinds do attract ugly spirits. Just listen to some of the things these bands are singing about.