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We Called An Angry Entity... And Made Friends on 2014-01-07

I live in Southern CA, in the city of Burbank. I used to live in a house on the street of Andover, the address of which I'll keep separate, simply because I don't live there anymore and I can't quite get their permission to disclose it. The night before my family and I were going to move into th...

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Date: 2014-01-07
Honestly, my first and most important advice: Do NOT use the Ouija board. It is incredibly dangerous and can often incite spirits, or even attract a spirit you aren't even trying to contact. I would suggest a medium, as they have a little more control, or something of the sort. DEfinitely be careful when trying to communicate though, as that could go super poorly. O.o

At any rate, until something terrible goes wrong, I'd probably just make sure your wife isn't near anything dangerous while pregnant, just in case the ghosts decide to get angry. Pay attention and take a log of the activity happening on what date and time, so that if you do need the help of an investigator you have dates and times set up so they can see a pattern you might not be able to. Look up the history of the house, and see if you can find that woman. Seems like she might be the center of it, or at least that's my feeling. You may have several ghosts, you may only have on.

As well, for apparitions, a lot of the time when you see them moving they're subconsciously (so I hear) going through the motions of the life they once had. Oftentimes when a ghost is going through a wall that's becuase it wasn't always a wall; there was once a door there. They tend to be on a sort of repeat loop of the things they do.

Also remember to take everyone's, including my own, advice with a grain of salt. If we knew everything about the paranormal it wouldn't be so scary or dangerous!