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A Weird Ouija Board Experience on 2014-01-08

So, even though I've tried many times, I've never been able to actually make a connection with a Ouija board. The strangest thing happened about 10-15 minutes ago, though. I was sitting in my dining room and decided to get my old board out. Now, normally I wouldn't do this in the middle of the day, ...

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Date: 2014-01-08
I'm really curious about which laundromat it was that you were staying across from. Was it the one on King Street or Pearl Street? If you don't actually remember what street it was on, do you remember anything that the laundromat was near or what the building you were staying in looked like? I'm just really curious, from the perspective of someone who has lived in Burlington.

Also, I wanted to say that I find your story to be very interesting. I have had similar experiences in the apartment I lived in while I was still living in Burlington full time, except that the figure in my experiences was hooded and floated to me from my closet or from my bedroom door.