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Danger Nights on 2016-07-12

Welcome friends. Pardon me if there is some grammatical error in my story as my first language is not English. So coming to the story which have been experienced by me in real and is spooky for me. Till now I had no paranormal experience anywhere. It is my recent and first experience in my own h...

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Date: 2017-08-28
Cool story brought always have faith In God... 😊
I liked your story a lot...
Be in touch
Date: 2016-10-11
keep in touch my reader friendsss and sorry for late commenting
I loved all of yours positive approach towards my story
Date: 2016-10-11
Thanqqq friendsss for your wonderful comments yeah it was harmless spirit and my mom always felt some presence but it was only me who clearly saw and faced all this
But Iam very happy that I had a great experience.
Yeah I later came to know from my mom that there had been suicide long years ago but it was girl and this is a boy ghost.
So I hardly believe it is related
So nice story well written!
I must say that spirit was not bad and didn't intended to harm you it just wanted to know you of its presence as it consoled you...
Have a great day! 😁
Date: 2016-07-09
I personally felt that story is worth a read and so sorry for that bride: (
If she is ghost I pray to god for providing her salvation!
A question to those who think the writer must have helped the girl, what would you have done in the same situation?
Pleaseee reply and truly...