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Here it has been decided that I share briefs of my life, stories to go with them, the content of its meaning, and the life theory of its origin. I have had so much hit me this last year and it is not centered upon me. Within my prior stories notice they were all centered around important people in my life. Some were exagerated, but the main content is based upon actuality of A fact. With that it is now time to conclude the foundation of my creation. Come on in...
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Dano on 2011-03-29

June 9 2009 The sad day that it all sunk in and confused me. June 8, I had an appointment to go to and while driving downtown, I saw Dan on the corner of the street waiting to pass to go to the library. He was looking straight ahead paid me no mind, probably didn't see me in my car. I thought th...

Was It A Doppelganger? on 2010-12-15

I haven't submitted any stories in awhile and I have no idea why I've slacked so long to post this one! It happened last summer and I'm just getting around to sharing it now. To understand the circumstances of what happened and what may have transpired a few things are in order. Last summer I was...

Ghosts And Orbs Haunting Bridge And Warehouse on 2009-06-10

We have a bridge here in Eau Claire Wisconsin, with an old factory building behind it. For the locals the Banbury building is reputably known to be haunted. The stories attached to it are legendary of course, but no doubt something haunts the facility. And right across from the old warehouse buildin...

East And West Sides Hauntings And Things on 2009-02-17

I suppose I have to add more to my original haunting that dates farther back in history before us kids experienced anything out on the farm. Most of the hauntings that we experienced happened in our young lives, but again there were times 'they' still hung around even as we got older. So I'll share ...

Welcome To My Nightmare on 2009-02-11

Now that I've told you all about my hauntings through out my life, these are the first ones introducing me into the world beyond. When you are a young child it's hard to understand what it is all about, yet children see things and know things that most adults ignore and tend to shove aside. It wa...

Haunted House 3 on 2009-02-09

A house is just a house, unless of course its haunted. Not long after that is when we started hearing it. The knocking. It returned. There was a banging in the wall on mom's side of the house. It kind of sounded like an echo bouncing off the walls. It started out over there and then it started kn...

Haunted House 2 on 2009-02-05

Ah spring was finally here! It seemed to calm the house down for a little while. The same oddities were there as usual, but we ignored them. We started school in the fall and the heaters took their toll again. It wasn't anything we weren't used too. The voices were there once in awhile, the raunc...

Haunted House on 2009-02-04

This house is a nice ranch style house on a quiet little street in a residential neighborhood. The moment we moved into this house it had a way of 'speaking' to us. The first weekend my mother spent the weekend alone in it. She slept on the living room floor as we had no furniture there yet. She say...

Essence Of An Evil Aura on 2009-01-12

I was living in Minnesota at the time. I was out and about in the world, minding my own business. Harmlessly walking down the sidewalk of my apartment complex. Some shaggy looking dude basically ran me down to talk to me. He wouldn't shut up so I listened to the creep as he said he was some head hon...

Night Ghost on 2009-01-06

This story is how I got my name. I wanted to start with my experiences backwards because going back would be like walking through history which I love, not to be confusing. I try keeping things interesting so I will start off with I love and am fascinated by old houses, especially elegant grand Vict...

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Date: 2014-02-26
I like the beginning of this story and I like the end. The beginning was new and the end was sad. I learned a lot from this experience. Had I not lived through it I'd never know the power of God. He is truly a work of good and evil, your best friend or worst nightmare. I was very young when I experienced true mortality.
Date: 2014-02-26
I want to rename this, welcome to the family curse. Lol Within the content of writing this junk I never thought it'd ever come back to haunt ME by anyone else. Then the insanely impossible happens and its all over.
This story is so weird. I was recalling when I had most of this stuff documented on a computer I had and then it all got deleted by a creep that I lived next too. If I were to rewrite these Id add the horoscope nature to the factor as well. Lol
These fools made a website mocking me and talk about this video a lot on it how they were robbing me, proud of it, and wanted me to glea of their theifery. That woman is disturbed more so than myself. I write to inspire or entertain. She writes to annoy mock or put down. It was so horrid what she did I filed a police report to investigate her and some other idiots, turns out they have been stalking me for a long time.
Date: 2014-02-26
Sometimes we end up right back where we started. I can blame this story on hallucinations since I was very ill. Funny how any induced drugs or mind malfunctions make the unknown unexplainable.
Date: 2014-02-26
My favorite story I wrote. Nothing eerie about it! This takes me back to when I wrote all these stories. This was my last one before I closed the mill.