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I am the biggest fan of this site. Such a nice platform to share paranormal experiences.
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Shapeshifter on 2017-10-26

This story happened to my grandpa's sister. My grandpa lived in a village along with his siblings and parents when he was young. His sister was 21 years at that time. It was Winter evening. She was returning from a neighbours home. The distance between two houses was almost a kilometer. As it was w...

The Sacrifice on 2017-09-30

It's been a year since I uploaded my last story. This story again didn't happen to me, it happened to my maternal uncle. The story is set in 1980's. My uncle was in his late teen years. He used spend a lot of time with his friends partying. My grandma always scolded him for that but we all know ho...

Mango Tree on 2015-06-30

My aunt told me this story. She lives in a village near Amritsar. Back in 1995. When my cousins were kids (Now they are adult) used to play in a garden full of mango tress. The trees were of all the villagers grown at a same place. Once during summers when the mango trees were full of ripped mangoes...

The Goat And Grandpa on 2014-01-14

I am new here. This is my first story, It is not my personal experience, it happened to my maternal grandpa in 1980's when my mom was a child. Coming to my story, first I want to narrate about my maternal grandpa's locality. It is a very small area of Amritsar district in Punjab. Our locality is...

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Date: 2017-12-08
Thank you so much for reading my story. I am glad that you guys liked it. Sorry for the late reply.
Date: 2017-10-26
I think it was the ghost of someone who died there while crossing the road.
Date: 2017-10-26
Guys I don't have enough idea about it myself. The story has been told to me by my grandma. I asked her about banshee and she said she is an unholy spirit that brings death with her. If she gets attached with someone, the person will either lose his life or someone from his family will certainly die. Lilwolf this is what my grandma told me. Hope I am clear enough and sorry if I failed to explain it.
Date: 2017-10-26
Thanks Jubeele. I still love mangoes but I try to avoid that garden when I visit my cousins.
Date: 2017-10-26
That spooky. I feel sad for the post master. He should have been given benefit of doubt. People are very judgemental.
Date: 2017-10-26
I think she still shows up at that place looking for people who can listen to her. It's too sad though. I feel bad for her. 😟
Date: 2017-10-14
Nice story. Glad to know that nothing happened to your son. Have you ever been to that place again?
Date: 2017-10-14
I am glad you and your family are okay. I want to know two things: Do you still have those nightmares and have you ever seen that man again?
Well it must not have a dream if your mother and grandmother saw it too. But I don't think it was a Leprechaun it could have been a spirit haunting your family for generations.
Date: 2017-10-14
It is so scary, A Ghost touching your arm. I would have passed out on the spot. I also think the spirit was relating you to her and that is why she was preventing you to drink from the cup.
Date: 2017-10-14
I think she was a good spirit. She helped you when you needed it.
Date: 2017-10-14
Nice story. I think the old man might be your family's guardian angel.
I think the spirit is trying to make you feel his presence. I agree with you it's not malevolent.
The spirit of brave boy is protecting others. I feel bad that such a good boy died so young. I read your previous story. I think it is the same spirit.
I think it is a lost spirit wandering in your neighborhood. I don't think it is of any harm.
That's really scary. I would have died if something like that happened with me. I suggest you to never go back there. It's better not to provoke that malevolent spirit.
I am glad nobody got hurt. I want to ask did you guys try to investigate about the past of that house?
Date: 2017-10-13
Sorry guys I made a mistake she turned her head 180°. And yes even if any animal urinates at banshee's home, she will make it suffer as well.
Date: 2016-09-07
Nice story. You are a lucky woman to have been saved by an Angel or whatever she was. 😊
For a five year old kid this is terrifying. Glad that nothing happened to you but if it had happened to me, I would have died on the spot.