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The Necklace Under The Floor on 2016-04-20

I would like to thank everyone for helping me with my past paranormal problems. This will involve both past and recent event. I've moved out of my folks' house and got married a few months back. My wife, her little sister and I are living in my grandfather's house. He died 5 years ago. My wife's...

The Doll Is Gone And A New Portal Is Open on 2015-07-13

I would like to thank everyone who help me with the voodoo doll but now there's another problem. On June 29th my Aunt Christine and Uncle Fred lost their daughter Brittany and their home in a fire caused by faulty wiring. They are living with us so that's twelve people in a three bedroom trailer. My...

Paranormal Activitiy After My Mother Used A Voodoo Doll on 2015-06-24

We've been dealing with paranormal problems since my mother used a voodoo doll in 2010. There are ten people in our 3 bedroom trailer: five adults, five kids. Thankfully the kids haven't been messed with. At first it was just little things, stuff disappearing, seeing things out of the corner of ...

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I spoke with my grandfather while meditating he said he was the one standing out side the window cause what was in the house is preventing him from entering he also said the necklace wasn't the only thing that evil... Left
Under Elisabeth bed and the mirror the ex used is in the shed wanted to be clear also from what my friend told me her grandmother seems to think I'm some kind of beckon for dark energy she says its repressed emotions and some kind of ability I got
The necklace was directly under her bed and the mirror she used is in the shed outside
Also Rebecca said the shadow would slowly drag itself from under her bed to beside her bedside table then put what she guessed was a hand over her mouth she also noticed crimson red glows from the head she assume that's its eyes the necklace is brass about the size of of the bottom of a can of air freshener and I did not consult my friends grandmother bout the doll cause back then I didn't know about her
The carpet was replaced 8 months before my grand father died he was fighting with his ex then and kicked her out one month later as for the blade it looke as best I can describe is minatule sword only the guard had the ends pointing upward as for the sensitive woman she's the grandmother of a childhood friend and a supposed demonologist and the necklace has a upside down star with what looks like a small metal goats head in the center
I took the necklace to a I guess their called sensitives she didn't even touch it and she looked terrified she kicked me out and told me to never come back she could feel the evil leaking from the necklace
I didn't know entities could appear as people in our lives that's interesting
From memory about seven years ago she used a mirror cut her hand with some weird looking knife and wrote on the mirror something in a different language using her blood
Hello matt yes I'd like to talk about bit can I have a number to reach you a
i am sorry I have not been able to update you all I was released from the hospital last night my asthma is acting up bad I almost died
oh and just to be completely accurate hostility has increased to a new high to say the least when we dearing with the doll we were the damn brady bunch compared to how we are now
no the session was not closed and I looked up levi and a few story poped up on here some said levi is short for leviathan
does anyone know how to get rid of the doll do I burn it bury it please tell me what to do with the doll
i tried smugging the house ealier today by myself I had to stop when I was attacked this thing started throwing random silverware when I tried smugging the kitchen a fork scraped my cheak
ive also been kind of depressed my girlfriend recently informed me because of a accident she can no long have children
how do we get rid of the doll safely and ill be honest there's a good bit of hostility in the house constantly
also my mother did not know it would evil for asking for happiness wealth and prosperity
she asked for wealth health and prosperity she used the white pin not the black pin
my mother got this legit doll from a woman in new orleans when she went shoping for spirit things