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The Chair on 2017-05-30

It's been awhile since I've had to submit a story for this page, but recently things have been happening in my family's lives. Now, in other posts I've talked about how I've been haunted in the past, and you'd think by now I'd be used to it, until my grandmother decides to go to a garage sale tha...

Unpredictable Knowledge on 2015-03-11

Let me start by saying this story mostly involved my mother, along with my kid brother and stepdad. For those that have read my other stories, this one also takes place in a small town in Ohio, my hometown. My mother had just moved into a house, which lay a mere 100 yards from our town's McPherson c...

The Bellevue Haunt on 2014-02-18

Recently I posted my first paranormal experience that affected my life ever since, and it's posted on here titled "Playing With Fire". I'm explaining that to you if you want to know where my paranormal experiences started, and that this is a different experience altogether, hopefully unrelated to th...

Playing With Fire on 2014-01-20

The story I'm about to unfold is one that has haunted me for slightly over a decade now, but is just one (technically my first) of the many stories I have to tell of my, and my fiancé's, paranormal experiences. I live in a small town, south of Sandusky, Ohio, in one of the flattest topographical...

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Date: 2017-06-12
Well I'm a sucker for letting my wife have her way. I mean it hasn't done anything harmful, which is a nice change of pace from previous homes. Just is kind of creepy, but if it's willing to just mind its own business, (if the semi-cleansing didn't work), I will most likely leave it be. But the moment I feel any hostility it's getting chopped up and fire pit lol
Date: 2017-06-09
Thank you all for the feedback from my story. I guess I didn't delve too deep into the situation with losing our daughter. Basically we both went to a psychiatrist after it all happened, and more so because I had a nervous breakdown after it happened. In fact it cost me my job I had at that time. My number 1 priority after we lost her was to keep my family together, but after going to see our psychiatrist, he was more concerned about my state of mind after it. It took about half a year to finally re-center myself. And I don't resent my wife or think this post is about some abstract psychological manifestation of grief. We moved on with our lives and I was actually hoping to get some insight on possible ways to make sure this odd object stays "calm?". I guess due to losing my faith, I feel like anything I do to stop the paranormal activity is going to be temporary. Usually my wife would perform a banishment or blessing but she's protective of this random item.

From previous stories I myself have been haunted almost my entire life, and same with the wife. But this one seemed different, just because of her possessiveness to the chair. I don't like to use the word "possession" because of how it sounds, but she is a firm believer in the paranormal. As am I, which confounds me as to why she refuses to even acknowledge the odd things happening.

As for the history of the chair, I have no idea about any of it. I even tried to have my grandmother give me the address of where she bought it in town so I can at least inquire about its history.

Trust me when I say though, I've dealt with so much paranormal in my life, I'm rarely surprised by anything. This was just something new, as I can't get my wife to help me cleanse this. Though I'd like to secretly get rid of the chair, that usually doesn't stop the attachment (if there is one).

But thank you all for your condolences. Trust me when I say we have moved on and we love our son and our 120 lbs "puppy" Hannah.
Date: 2015-03-30
Gayatrishiva- I did state we kept asking them questions trying to connect them to us or the house or even the 'woman'. And I don't really think the theory of them trying to get the house is feasible, only because my grandparents are basically 2 of the town's 4 realators. So they most likely would've spotted a con happening. And considering the house is still up for sale lol.

Griff84 - yes it was nice of them to wait until we were finished, but damn did it creep the Hell out of me, and my wife and I have seen plenty of otherworldly stuff. But these people were right there, flesh and bone, alive, which made it unsettling.
Date: 2015-03-18
Miracles51031 / bluemer04- well we THINK the old woman was the previous owner, because the previous owners were an older couple and the husband did die before the wife. I mean that's probably the most likely answer. However, being that close to the town's cemetery, you never really know.

It just really creeped me out, considering one of my high school best friends lives about 200yrds down the road. Where we spent most of high school playing Halo 2. Just creeps me out really.
Date: 2015-02-15
I agree that there are people out there with psychic abilities. I know my mom is one, but she has no medium abilities, so I don't understand their workings or if they really work. But seeing what I've seen in my life, it wouldn't surprise me if the medium was the real deal.

Good story, enjoyed reading your story
Date: 2014-03-28
Darkness: Yeah it was very disappointing that nothing turned up from records of any kind. I thought I'd get something at least about the land, because the house sat on what was called a 5 points, where 5 roads intersected in town. Who knows what went on there though.

Shady4u: Yes moving out was sort of a mixed blessing (something happened at my grandmother's which is where my actual demon encounter sits still) but I was glad to get out of that place. Because it was very frequent when compared to other places I've been and experienced, where it would go years before happening again.
Date: 2014-03-22
My fiancé and I both think it must've been some type of portal, because it didn't fit what we've both experienced in our lives (demonic activity) and seemed more on the poltergeist / ghostly activity. We've used our voice recorder at our newest residence and nothing, so luckily it does seem to be location dependent which also lends to the locational portal theory. Really wish the history would've turned something up though.
Date: 2014-02-18
DARKNESS - sorry I forgot to mention about the thing on the road. I'm not sure what it was we saw, but it scared the hell out of us all, and seemed too coincidentally close in time to the ritual. Also was the fact that I was describing the story to them when this happened, and we weren't just driving talking about girls or bowling or whatever. Before that ritual, nothing in my life was really paranormal other than a few things that happened at my dad's apartment when I was around the age of 6.

This thing however, just appeared out of nowhere from the woods, and just walked off into the cornfield after standing. My friends and I had trouble for weeks ever toilet papering people again, simply because he lived right next to a cornfield himself. When I try to describe what it looked like to people, the way it moved on all fours was odd, because its shoulders were so large, but its hind legs weren't. I try to describe it like putting a bodybuilder's upper body on a gymnast's thin lower body. When it stood, we clearly could tell it was taller than an average man, by at least half a foot, just by its relation in height to the cornfield it walked through to our left.

Luckily I've never seen anything like it since, but have UNFORTUNATELY watched and episode of paranormal witness that described something close to it once, and told my fiancé to turn it off because I didn't go outside in the dark for weeks lol.
Date: 2014-02-18
DARKNESS - my grandparents have always acknowledged that the backroom was "creepy" and that it always felt like someone was watching people, long before I even moved there. When I moved back, they had no problem understanding my hesitation with that room, and didn't take any time setting me up something downstairs. My grandma is more open to the idea than my grandpa, who is a retired Army Sgt. Of the 101st airborne, who used to be the supervisor of quarries in the area owned by Hanson Aggregates. My grandmother knows that my mom and I feel things in the house (especially my mom who like I said was FAR more spiritually aware than I), and she's supportive of my fear of the house, especially at night. I do notice there are a few spiritual entities in the house, and I only feel threatened by 2, the one in the backroom, and the one that I met downstairs which didn't have the same feeling as before. The downstairs one I haven't felt since, even when I'm at my grandmother's house at night (the downstairs is currently housing my cousin's wedding supplies).
Date: 2014-02-18
Badjuujuu - My fiancé and I have talked about how it must've been incomplete, and she's afraid to go into that back room, which is where it seems to only reside, like it's stuck there. She described the air as "heavy", no matter the time of year, and can feel something threateningly watching her if we walk down the hallway. If it won't move from there, that's fine by me, because it hasn't followed us to our apartments we've lived in. I do agree that this should be a wake up call to anyone unprepared for the consequences of playing with the unknown, and I've actually tried to get a random user who posted the ritual words on facebook to take it off. I remember the 3 lines that had x'd out words, and just by typing them, google search brought up someone posting it on facebook.

Lady-glow - for some reason it's VERY difficult to get my mom to even perform the trick or ability. She is super secretive about it, and if it wasn't for my dad even telling me, I don't think she would've ever showed it to me and my friends when I was a teen. My mom has described incidents in her life (paranormal) that put my story to shame, and that give my fiancé and I chills when she described it (supposedly happened about a year before I was born when she was 19). I'm not sure if she's afraid to draw paranormal attention to herself or what it could be, but I've never seen her do the card trick but that one time, and since then she hasn't had any paranormal experiences other than the recent one with the paranormal team coming in. I can give a brief description of that incident if you'd like, which like I said I experienced only 1% of that one, which amounted to something odd just happening to my fiancé and I during the time this happened to my mom.
Date: 2014-02-17
BadJuuJuu - lol I guess I could've given a little more background on how my mother is. Psychically terrifying is more of I guess her scary things she can do. I've never met someone (and my friends can't believe it sometimes either even when witnessing it) who can guess ANY playing card before it's flipped over. All she would ever say is "it's just got to be the first thing that comes to mind" which made NO sense to me. What she did when she was younger, no idea, but she recently had a bad poltergeist experience, where she called in a paranormal team from Fremont, Ohio (I think they were from Fremont, the only ones I ever see on Ohio teams is from Toledo which is about 45 minutes away, so possibly there?). I had just like a 1% experience with that one, it was freaky, but I didn't ever experience anything since she moved within 3 months of living there to her current residence. My mom and I don't have a mother-son relationship, mostly due to me siding with my father growing up, and my sister siding with her.

Lady-Glow - sorry I typed footprints lol. I guess a print doesn't really make a sound, but steps do and I apologize for that typo. The floor is hard wood in the hallway / living room, but the bedrooms are carpeted. Like Miracles51031 said, I usually tell when my grandmother's cat is bolting on the floor so fast that she's barely moving like a car on ice (funny to watch), and the sound of something heavy stepping on a wooden floor.

There are other stories I plan to post, which I don't believe are connected to this "thing" here at my grandmother's. For one of them, I would LIKE to post my video I took from our security cameras at my former work, which I started to notice when the cameras were catching movement at 2-4 am every night. Not sure on policies if that's allowed, but it'd be cool to show.