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A Haunted House? on 2014-01-22

I am new to this site, but I really want to share something that happened to me. Me and my family lived in a small house in a village near Amsterdam in the Netherlands. My parents bought it somewhere around 1979. At that time I was 2 years of age. The house was build somewhere around 1910 and as lon...

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Date: 2014-05-13
Hi Unexplained,

I must apologize for the late response.

That African witchcraft haunting story is really, really intens. Thankfully my family never had to go through such a high level of fysical terror. But I do see what you mean with 'some of the aspects my family experienced'. I still do not think that our house was cursed, but I will never know for sure.
Thank you for the information/story.
Date: 2014-03-10
Hi Unexplained,

Thank you for your compliment... And for the hint about the house in South Africa. I will certainly try to find it, so I can read it.

There was absolutely something wrong in our family home, but I don't think our neighbor had something to do with it. He surely did his best to buy our house as cheap as possible, but I do not think he put a curse on it. Things were already going wrong before he and his wife moved in during the early nineties. But I do not know what the previous owners before him did. As far as I can remember my family did not have bad relations with our neighbors, nor did they have any enemies. I do know that the previous owner (a young widow who had lost her husband to cancer) was extremely afraid of almost everything and couldn't bare to listen to scary stories. Maybe she also noticed things, just like us.
Date: 2014-03-04
Hi iez,

I do not know what was build there before our house was build.
But there was a lot of old industry in our part of the village and our street was build next to an old tin factory. Actually it was build right against it. And there was an old rumor in our street that during W.W 2 there was an uprise under the factory workers of the factory. This was somewhere around 1943. The Germans took drastic messures and executed some of the workers. Their bodies were supposedly dumped in pits containing caustic materials, so they could dissolve. I did find some articles about the uprise, and about the executions, but I did not find one article mentioning these pits.
However, the elderly people whom lived in our street during the eighties and nineties were confident that it had happened. So it is possible that there was a lot of negative energy near our house. But like I mentioned, this was a rumor...
Date: 2014-03-04
Hi AudreyJay,

Thank you for your feedback. I find it really helpfull (as are the comments from the other users).
Maybe you're right. Maybe some of the things that were happening to us did have a natural cause. But at that time it felt like something unnatural and evil was tormenting our lives. And because there did not seem to come an end to it, it did feel like a constant haunting.
Date: 2014-03-02
Hi JessicaDrake,

No, we've never tried to contact a priest, imam, or another religious person. Maybe we should have, but it never came into our minds that something like that might have worked. And we were all in such a downward spiral that we couldn't think clear about it. And maybe the house prevented us for doing such a thing. I don't know. But one thing is sure, the day we left that house, all of our lives changed in a very positive way. And at present day we are all doing well. None of us is haunted, or is experiencing strange things.
I do not know what my old neighbor did yo clean the house. As far as I know he still lives there. That's more then ten years since my family left.
Date: 2014-02-26
Hi bizzjoe,

My old neighbor was well aware of the fact that strange and creepy things were going on in that house. I told him, my brother also told him, but he wanted the house for years and our silly ghoststory didn't concerne him. It was time for us to grow up. These were his exact words. Because we had to move out, he bought the house for less than a third of the marketvalue. He knew we had to get rid of it and he took a little advantage if it, because we just had no choice. My father owned the house and he was put in a nursing home (where he died in 2011). We (me and/or my brother) couldn't pay the monthly costs.
So I agree that it looks like a really bad move to sell it to our neighbor, but he knew what he was about to buy.
Date: 2014-02-24
First I want to thank all of you for your feedback.

[at] BadJuuJuu,
My mother was a gentle and caring person, and would never treat us like that. Just like you said.
The idea of an actual demon still worries me and I am so glad that it remained in the old house after we moved out. Assuming it was a demon.

[at] mamachong,
Thank you so much for your advice. I will certainly keep this in mind in case I might need it one day. At present day I do not experience these events anymore. And in my present home I don't sense the things I mentioned in my story.

[at] AzrealX,
I'm sorry that my story looks like it's a mass up of different experiences (natural and/or unnatural).
I am not paranormal (I think) and do not have the knowledge to separate one event from another. Neither were my family members. But one thing was sure, these things were happening to us over a period of more than 20 years and influenced our lives in a very negative way.

I agree that the event with the old lady in my new apartment was something completely different than the things that were going on the old family home. Maybe I shouldn't have mentioned it in this story, but I wanted to tell it as a whole.

In your reply you mention that I have mixed real explainable non paranormal events and paranormal experiences together.
Could you please (try to) explain these events to me? It would help me a lot, since I am not able to see the difference between the events. To me it all looked like it came from a paranormal source.