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Not experienced real ghost at all and not even want to experience but love to read, write, talk, discuss with people who experienced this. I believe in God & ghost... I love horror, true stories.
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Home Horror Still Continues on 2015-02-02

I've posted one story titled as 'New home horror experienced by mom' Where I've mentioned how one spirit was troubling to my mom and we blessed our house and she is no more seen by mom. But today I am writing this story because we are feeling she is not left our house or may be some another negative...

Building Full Of Ghosts on 2014-08-19

I am writing this story on behalf of my friend who resides just 30 minutes away from my home but in another locality. Let's assume her name is Anjali. She was living in the building named 'Neelgiri' which is the first building of the area or you can say the oldest building of that area. The buil...

Haunted Ground Floor on 2014-05-21

I have tried to share this story previously but it was rejected. So I did more research to gave you proper information. My school is near to my home. It'll take only 10 minutes walk to reach my School. My Chacha (Uncle) and Bua (aunt) are also learnt in that School. Coming to my story, near to m...

Two Sisters on 2014-05-13

This is the story told by my grandmother from her village. We are from Uttarpradesh state (India). This story is belong to her village situated in UP. In villages people used to go toilet outside. So the story came here. Two young sisters were gone for toilet outside. They didn't bring the water...

New Home Horror Experienced By My Mom on 2014-04-15

Welcome readers! Here I have another paranormal incident which is experienced by my mom around one year back. We have a joint family of 10 members. We live in Mumbai. Around 5 year back we shifted to new flat in new constructed building. It's a huge flat of 2BHK. On first there is hall then pass...

Marriage... Become Nightmare on 2014-01-29

This is the thing which happened with my buwa (aunt, father's sister) which I witnessed myself only. This is little bit lengthy but I'll try to keep it brief. I and my Buwa are more likely a friend and she tells everything to me and I tell everything to her. My Buwa recently got married in May. ...

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You are a teenager and you go to office, are you doing internship with any company or are you working as a full time employee? I don't know why but I felt this part quite hard to digest.
Date: 2017-10-19
It is really scary. There is a school in our place which is also built on the burial ground.
Really strange incident, I am agree with Sanchez_92 his theory looks applicable.
Date: 2017-10-19
'Chakva'also come in mind after reading this story. It was really great that guruji was with you.
Oh my god this is such a beautiful story except the lady ghost. Dogs are the most precious animal, I almost felt tears when I read that some of them died in car accident. People drive like a blind. Our government should impose stricter law on these people. Thank god your beautiful canine friends were with you.
One my friends has the same experience while travelling in night, not on the route you have mentioned. They saw a lady in pure white with big hair asking for lift. They all saw her but luckily driver drove fast. You were lucky that you didn't met with any accident. Scary story indeed!
Date: 2017-10-19
It's scary, did you tried to contact any priest and know the reason behind this? You shouldn't ignore this.
Black magic is really terrible, I am glad she is okay now. Thanks for sharing:)
Hi eloisa, Thanks for replying. It is really creepy but I know many of the old places get accumulated with the spirit. However I suggest that you all shouldn't go in the washroom alone.
Dear Anam, It is just because of tiredness. If we get dreams then it shows that our mind is restless However I am not denying the paranormal activity involving in this experience because my mom also sees such kind of dreams. Any one else experienced the same in your home?
Date: 2017-10-19
Black magic can be harmful, thank god you are not hurt. Did you get to know that who was the responsible for the black magic? Quite scary and creepy story
Date: 2017-10-19
You really owe to your dog, backwater picture is very beautiful. I guess you can ask your cousin to get some information about this incident. Thanks for sharing
Like others I also want to know who was the girl actually. But I know searching answer for this may be hard. Overall I enjoyed your story. Thanks for sharing.
quite a creepy story. It must have really hard for all of you to cope with this situation. The entity must have died in the sea and I have heard many such stories. There is a pond in my aunt's village where a girl was died accidentally. My aunt and her friends were bathing in the pond when something grabbed one of the girls foot inside the water. One girl caught hold and saved her. My aunt witnessed all this by her own eyes.
Date: 2017-10-18
Quite a creepy experience, I totally understand how freaked out you must have been. It is hard to explain but yes sometimes strange things occurred on the place where nothing bad has happened before. The calls were creepy too. I am glad you both moved out of that place.
Date: 2017-10-18
Really want to know more about the lady ghost residing there, I have heard people presenting first plate of food to the god but never heard about ghost. However I know there can be some spirit who asks some offering. Are you still in touch with your aunt? You can ask her.
Date: 2017-10-18
hi Aman, first of all you have narrated this story very well. This sounds very scary thank god you are not harmed.
Date: 2017-10-18
I guess it's a paranoia. Try switching your mind away from this.
Date: 2017-10-18
Indeed a spooky experience. I am no expert just putting this comment to tell that I enjoyed your story.
Date: 2017-10-18
simply creepy story, and great narration. Enjoyed reading it.