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Just A Little Diy Advice on 2016-10-03

We've been living in our current home for about a year. I fell in love with the house at first sight; it felt like it was meant to be ours. But something really surprising happened here about a week ago. First I should say that this is not the first peculiar experience I've had here, although it ...

Why Did You Change Your Clothes? on 2015-03-18

As a child I had a few weird encounters in my parent's house, the house I grew up in, but nothing ongoing, or that made me believe the house was "haunted". Well, there was the basement...ooh, that basement. Always freaked me out as a child, but mostly I think it was just my imagination at work. As a...

Ghostly Voice on 2014-08-12

Most of my ghostly experiences have been visual or physical, but every now and then, over the years, I have heard a sort of disembodied voice. I've never been sure who or what it was, but each time I felt that some ghostly presence was looking out for me. The first - and probably the most dramat...

Our First Apartment Came With An Unexpected Roommate on 2008-06-23

About ten years ago, my now-husband and I moved to a new city and into our first apartment, on the second floor of a two-story house. To this day, he swears that he saw and felt nothing, but I am sure that we had a ghost. I always believed it to be the former home owner, who had passed away some tim...

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Date: 2016-11-15
I feel like there should be some rational explanation for this - for example, it is certainly possible to bend metal and explode light bulbs using a really strong magnetic field. But where on earth would it be coming from? Presumably you live in a house or apartment and not in a physics research lab! Do you live close to any industrial areas? I am grasping at straws here - this is a very odd story. Thanks for sharing it!
Date: 2016-11-15
I think it is possible that it could have been people doing the whistling, rather than anything paranormal - but frankly, that just makes it even more scary! Either way, glad he didn't meet the fate of others on that road... Did the old man offer any opinion about what happened, or whether he thought it was something paranormal?
Date: 2016-11-15
Also Tweed, it's not the dandelion house, we sold that one - but give me time. I have a knack for cultivating vast crops of them on even the most pristine of lawns.:)
Date: 2016-11-15
Hi everyone - thanks for the lovely feedback! Argette, I bet your husband would love to see our old workbench - it is such a wonderful object. Full of cuts and dings and bangs from years of work - I just love it! I took our carpenter downstairs to see it the last time he did work for us, and he loved it too.:) It definitely has personality.

Tweed - never thought of that! I imagined someone walking on the woodwork, not climbing up and whacking a bug with their boot, but of course that makes a lot more sense. On the other hand we live in Newfoundland, where the spiders tend to be very tiny and non-scary - you wouldn't even see one that high up. I've always wanted to visit Australia, but I am grateful that we do not have your terrifying, person-eating spiders here in Canada.;)
Hi Bigpapa, thanks for your story! I too am a mature, professional grown-up person who doesn't really get why these things keep happening to me, so I relate to your comments.:)

Regarding the story about your son, I am curious - was there anything in the room that could have been perceived as a hazard to your son? I ask, because your story reminds me of something that happened to someone I know. She told me that her young son was in the bath one evening, when she stepped out of the room for a few seconds to retrieve something. A moment after she'd left the room she heard a resounding crash and rushed back to see what it was. What she found was terrifying: the ancient (and apparently not shatter-proof) glass shower door had slipped off its track and completely shattered; the tub was full of jagged shards of glass. But her son was no longer in the tub! She turned around, and was shocked to find him standing a few feet away, unscathed. She didn't think he could climb out on his own, especially in those few short seconds, so she asked him how he did it. Very seriously he replied, "I didn't - Nanny lifted me out". He was speaking about his grandmother, who had passed away a few months before.

So basically, I think that small children have lots of guardians - loving older relatives who have passed on, but are still watching out for the little ones in the family. Even if there was no real danger, could an overly cautious ancestor have whisked him up there to keep him away from, say, a hot stove, a drawer with sharp knives, or maybe a pet that could have bitten or scratched? What do you think?
Hi BlackCat - based on my own experiences, I don't think you need to worry about this being a negative omen. About ten years ago at my workplace I saw several apparitions of co-workers and even one of myself. It all happened within the space of about two months, and then it just stopped - but nothing particularly bad happened to any of us. So while I have no idea why there was a sudden flurry of these doppelgangers, or why it stopped, or what it all meant, it didn't seem to foreshadow anything at all. It was mystifying, though. All I can think is there are some things we are just not meant to understand - maddening as that may be!
Date: 2016-07-08
Lynev - I love the thought that some day I might cross over and be greeted by whomever she is and we'll be all, "that was YOU!" and "Yes, that was ME!":) I also like your theory about the coffee mug - an innocuous way to get my attention and tell me I'd better start listening. It certainly did leave an impression - she hasn't spoken to me since, but if/when she does, I plan to pay attention!
Date: 2016-07-08
Hi Moody - based on what you described, I would have a hard time believing that this was just residual. Poor little mite, looking for his mum! Stories about child ghosts always leave me with a huge lump in my throat. Fortunately I have yet to encounter one myself - hope I never do! Hopefully your presence in the house brought him some peace. Were you ever able to learn anything about previous people who lived there?
It's weird, but I think that some ghosts just like to hang out in bathrooms - usually the ones with a negative vibe who want to make you feel uneasy. Which kind of makes sense - I mean, if you wanted to make someone feel uncomfortable, what better way to do it than lurking unseen in such a personal space? I've had a number of encounters in bathrooms that I would describe as "funny but creepy" - once, I was just "sitting there" when the toilet paper roll suddenly unrolled itself right next to me!
I used to live in Kingston - I loved it there, but it is a very, very haunted place. I had more ghostly encounters in my few short years living there than in all my time living elsewhere. Although I visited Fort Henry many times, I never had an encounter there, but I always had a feeling that spirits were nearby. I have also heard of others having encounters in that same hallway that you mention - it is apparently a very active spot!
Date: 2015-08-17
My children are both four, and I cannot imagine the terrible loss that your great grandparents must have suffered. It is so lovely that you great grandfather found a way to come through, to reassure his wife that he had found their lost little one and that they were together again. Such a beautiful and comforting story - thank you for sharing it.
Date: 2015-08-10
Blue Daisy,

Thank you for sharing your very personal and moving story. I am so sorry that this terrible thing happened to you. As a parent too, I cannot begin imagine the grief that you and your husband must have experienced. I too have a "voice" that has occasionally spoken to me at significant moments - have you encountered your's at any other point in your life, either before or after this happened?
Date: 2015-07-14
What a beautiful story! I can imagine feeling very comforted by such an experience, especially knowing that they were together. Thank you for sharing. By the way, I had the same childhood experience, when I was around three years old, of turning in bed to face the wall, and seeing a smiling face come through the wall right in front of me.:)
Based on my own experiences, I have come to believe that spirits have a way of making you to feel what they want you to feel. I lived in an apartment that was "occupied" by a previous owner, and my experience was similar to your friend's - I was weirdly unfrightened by the often downright spooky things she did. It is interesting that you had a sense of foreboding while the family did not - I wonder if the spirit viewed you as a stranger, someone who didn't belong, and projected those feelings on you for that reason?
Oh, also, Sam 222 - you asked if I ever saw her again. Well, my parents still live there, but I've not seen her since, and we never really discussed it again. I can't imagine that my dad would mention it, though, even if he had. The impression I got at the time was that he'd seen her more than once, so who knows? Maybe it's a regular thing! I think I'll ask him next time I'm over there. Personally I can only think of one other ghostly encounter that I ever had in that house, and that was in the dreaded basement (oooh, that basement), when I was very young. Perhaps I will post that story another time.:)
Thanks for your feedback everyone, glad you enjoyed reading about my experience!

Sam - although I have had a number of experiences I am a natural born skeptic, so until my father's surprise confirmation, I too assumed I was imagining things. My dad never talks about or shows any interest in anything paranormal, so it was quite unexpected! I do think, though, that my touch of "sensitivity" - or whatever it is - comes from him. In my last post ("Ghostly Voice"), I mention another shared experience he and I had while flying on a plane together (although that time, only I heard the voice).

Tweed - perhaps you are right that on some level I did know; after all, I was sure enough that I'd seen someone that I spoke aloud to "it" (that kind of freaked me out, actually). Also, re. The name... If you could see my garden, you'd know how apropos it is!:)
Maybe he knew something about that delivery guy that you didn't, and wanted to protect you! I find it really interesting that the delivery guy was clearly very frightened, but you were not at all. I believe that ghosts or spirits are often very good at "projecting" feelings on to people; making us feel what they want us to feel. So, perhaps he wanted to scare they guy off, but reassure you...?
I've occasionally had this experience when I've been very tired and started to doze off. I'll suddenly be jolted awake by what I think is a ground-shaking thud, but there's nothing around to account for it. I don't think it is supernatural, though - a dream maybe, or a small noise that seems loud to my half-asleep self. Of course, that *might* account for the time you were sitting at your computer, but it seems less likely that you would have dozed off on your feet while walking your dog! Has there ever been any seismic activity reported in your area, that you know of?
Date: 2014-08-28
I come from a place with a deep cultural belief in fairies, and I've been to a few spots where they are supposed to reside - around here they tend to be associated with foggy, misty, barren places, places where there's an eerie feeling that makes it easy to understand why those stories exist. I even have a friend who claims to have been "fairy-led" one time while berry picking! But for some reason I have always had trouble believing that fairies are anything more than stories and folklore, despite my experiences with ghosts and spirits. But perhaps that's just a lack of willingness on my part. Either way, your story was entertaining! Be warned, though - in my culture, at least, fairies do not like people, and they will take action if you disturb them - so next time you go into those woods, put a piece of bread in your pocket to protect yourself!
The 'dim slowly flashing rectangular shaped "head"' is really peculiar! When I read that I immediately pictured the lantern of a lighthouse - did it sort of look like that? Do you live near the coast, or is there any reason that you can think of why that would be meaningful? Also, you mention that the rest of it was tall and dark - was it "human shaped"? Could you see arms and legs? How much detail could you make out - hands, feet? Clothes? Did you have a strong sense that it was a ghost or spirit, rather than some other sort of creature or being, or did you simply have no idea it was? Anyway, thanks for sharing your experience!