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Grammer Nazi alert: I had to remove all apostrophes in this text to make it be accepted by the YGS system.

I am a 45 year old man who lives in Minneapolis, MN. I am just some guy, I have no psychic or spiritual powers. Everything I know or do is available to anyone else who has an open mind and works to establish a strong relationship with God, the Creator of all things. I have invited an angel into my life and I can converse with him via a pendulum. This angels name is the Archangel Metatron. Angels have brought me MUCH closer to God over time by teaching me about God, Satan and the spirit world in general. A lot (but not all) of the "big issue" things that I have learned from angels are corroborated by the Christian Bible.

Although I don't think the Bible is infallible, I have been told by my angel that the Bible does contain much wisdom so now I study the Bible pretty much daily.

Anyone is free to e-mail me with questions or requests for help or advice with a spirit problem.

My angel has told me repeatedly that the common perception of God being an old man in a robe that lives in heaven and sits on a big throne is overly simplistic but sufficient to gain meaningful access to God in ones life. I have experienced that as I am taught more about the nature of God He at first seems to be mix of complexity, love, and power, but over time the pieces of information start fitting together and making more sense. We have available to us the means by which to learn more about Him and to thus come to understand His ways better if we put our minds to it and avail ourselves of the resources that He has made available to us for this purpose and so much more (most notably angels).

It is my opinion that the overwhelming majority of spirits that initiate ongoing sexual relationships with humans are demons. I have been told by more than one angel that the sole purpose of demons (at least as demons pertain to humans) is for them to separate humans from God.

It has been explained to me that sex demons were created to have spiritual sex with incarnating beings (humans) and that these demons are cursed by being filled with an insatiable lust. It is through a sex demon simply acting on its nature of uncontrollable lust with a human that they pull the attention of the human away from God. Sex demons seek sex almost constantly from their host, and these demons wish for their human host to also feel the emotion of love for them for at least two reasons. One reason is to keep the human interested in continuing the relationship with the demon, the other to add to the affect of pulling the humans love and attention away from God (or making sure a human never turns to God in a meaningful, sustained manner). Some people say that sex demons are not causing any harm to humans they are with, but these misguided people are viewing a spiritual occurrence through the lens of this temporal world and thus arrive at the wrong conclusion. Just because we do not readily see and understand the damage being done by allowing a relationship with any kind of demon to proceed uninhibited does not mean that something without consequences is happening to the human. Although sex demons are not filled with the raging hatred that infernal demons are, all sex demons hate us humans (despite their claims to the contrary) and are jealous of the opportunities and choices open to us. The truth discussed here about why sex demons exist and what they do is why they are so secretive about their nature and purpose with their human victims. If the victims knew the whole truth, they would be much more inclined to reach out to God, the exact opposite thing the demons master (Satan) wants us to do.

I define a demon to be any non-incarnating spirit (a spirit that has never nor ever shall be born into a physical body) who is a fallen angel or who was created for the explicit purpose of serving Satan. I believe that demons have something that they perceive to be a physical body as they suffer in hell that they were granted and not born into, but these bodies are permanently trapped in whatever plane of hell the demon resides on and only parts of a demons spirit can be sent out of its hell (most notably to take advantage of cracks in humans spiritual defenses to interact with that human). When we encounter any kind of demon, we are only encountering a small piece of its spirit. More than one piece of its spirit can be broken off and active on our plane at one time (i.e. To us it could be perceived that a demon is active in two or more places at the same time).

Not all evil spirits are demons. The host of fallen angels and a bunch of demons created after Satan fell are Satans servants full time and are a great source of his influence.

There is a continuum of many different kinds of demons ranging from powerful hate filled infernal demons to the lust filled sex demons. Sex demons are called incubus (male, plural incubi) and succubus (female, plural succubae or succubi).

What sex demons are NOT:
* Capable of feeling the emotion of love as we understand it, but they CAN project the illusion of love (and other) feelings via thought forms
* Sex demons do not "suck your soul" or draw significant amounts of energy from your body
* Sex demons are NOT vulnerable to traditional exorcism (I have been taught that exorcism works only on infernal demons)
* Above all, sex demons are NOT playthings, they are extremely powerful spirits (compared to us) and they are capable of affecting humans and the physical world in various ways

What sex demons ARE:
* Evil, even if they are good at hiding it
* All demons are on an ongoing mission to separate humans from God
* Able to create intense and undeniable sexual pleasure in humans
* MUCH more spiritually powerful, intelligent and spiritually informed than any normal human
* Demons of all kinds are notorious liars who use partial truths to create extremely effective lies that serve their ends
* All spirits, including demons, have their own soul and distinctive personality
* Able to rewire a humans brain by removing native or introducing foreign thoughts and feelings
* Usually capable of telepathy with their human host in time
* Able to physically interact through something similar to touch with humans
* Sex demons are subject to eviction from an unwilling host if done correctly

What the Bible says:
I find that some people pay more attention to what the Bible says rather than to what I explain that my angel has told me. I understand this skepticism and that is why I researched the Bible and added interpretations.

Metatron has also told me all of the things I list here, I am just providing a biblical echo of what Metatron told me because it was suggested to me this would be more effective at convincing others.

All Bible quotes are from the "New King James" version of the Bible.

A biblical case for declaring as a demon any spirit who approaches a human for an ongoing, purely sexual relationship.

Heavenly Versus Demonic Wisdom

14 But if you have bitter envy and self-seeking in your hearts, do not boast and lie against the truth. 15 This wisdom does not descend from above, but is earthly, sensual, demonic. 16 For where envy and self-seeking exist, confusion and every evil thing are there. 17 But the wisdom that is from above is first pure, then peaceable, gentle, willing to yield, full of mercy and good fruits, without partiality and without hypocrisy.

Interpretation of James 3: Any spirit that is itself purely self-seeking and or seeks to influence a human to be self-seeking, especially in an earthly or sensual way (i.e. In a carnal way), is demonic.


5 For those who live according to the flesh set their minds on the things of the flesh, but those who live according to the Spirit, the things of the Spirit. 6 For to be carnally minded is death, but to be spiritually minded is life and peace. 7 Because the carnal mind is enmity against God; for it is not subject to the law of God, nor indeed can be. 8 So then, those who are in the flesh cannot please God.

Interpretation of Romans 8: Any being (spirit or human) that devotes too much attention to pleasures of the flesh (carnal pleasures) is choosing to live apart from God. This has two implications, one is that it lends further credence to the idea mentioned in James 3 that a spirit who exists solely for entering into sexual relationships with whatever partner is NOT a good spirit and is actually working AGAINST what God wants and is therefore evil. Also, it demonstrates that by the sex demon simply acting as it was deliberately designed to (to have sex with mortals), the effect of that ongoing behavior is to separate the human host from God. Remember that the mission of all demons is to separate us from God, different demons use different methods, sex demons use this method of inducing carnal pleasure mindedness in their human host.

1 Corinthians 10:21
21 You cannot drink the cup of the Lord and the cup of demons; you cannot partake of the Lords table and of the table of demons.

Interpretation of 1 Corinthians 10:21: This passage simply lends further credence to the already stated effect of a human having willing contact with demons having the effect of separating that human from God.

There is more I could explain about all this (there has been no mention of the concept of idolatry as explained in the Bible, where a person puts more importance and focus on something in their lives above their relationship with God), but I think the point is made. Basically, the Bible (and my angel) are NOT silent on the matter of sex with demons, this behavior DOES have the effect of separating a human from God, and THERE WILL BE CONSEQUENCES in the afterlife for all those who willingly engage in relationships with demons, even if the demon sought the human out first.
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In 1989, I was 23 and in college. I had a roommate, who is still a great friend. We lived off campus in a 2 bedroom apartment in Duluth, MN. I was curious, and still am, about all things paranormal, so my girlfriend at the time (who did not live with us) and I experimented with my roommate's Ouija b...

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Date: 2012-09-13
"...I remember all my dreams"

How would you know if you had forgetten a dream?
Date: 2012-09-09

Your pendulum advice has nothing to do with this conversation. Besides the pendulum has already become a very, very small part of my life on its own. On the rare occasion I do use the pendulum, I test the spirit if it comes from God before I talk to it for at most 5 minutes every other month. I found out later that the Bible even talks about that.

1John 4
4 Beloved, do not believe every spirit, but test the spirits, whether they are of God; because many false prophets have gone out into the world. 2 By this you know the Spirit of God: Every spirit that confesses that Jesus Christ has come in the flesh is of God, 3 and every spirit that does not confess that[a] Jesus Christ has come in the flesh is not of God.

Sergeant asked:
"A question. If she is truly an evil demonic thing then why was the omnipotent power of Christ ineffective against her? Why was your djinn equally ineffective?"

Christ's power is not the issue here, nor that of any spirits. This is a lesson I have learned the hard way, through direct experience. Your addiction to p0rn, that later transferred to its true source (your lust demon) once she manifested, is a form of invitation. A very strong form of invitation.

God's greatest gift to us all is our free will and the consequences that go along with excercising that free will (except where He gives Grace). You never truly wanted to quit your p0rn or your demon, so God respected that by not interfering. You would TRULY, deep down, need to have a true desire to give up those things if prayer is to work. Also, this would require a lot of willpower on your part, and if you are honest with yourself you will realize that is something you have not shown a lot of in regards to your old p0rn problem and and now your lust demon problem. Once you were to want to give up your demon and you took the right steps to get rid of her, then I think after a due season Jesus would eventually deliver you.

As for any other spirit, even powerful spirits, getting rid of another spirit's attachment to a willing person is not something that works. The person's free always trumps in these circumstances in the long run. In fact, I have learned it usually ends in disaster to interfere with a desired spiritual attachment, demonic or otherwise. My daughter almost lost her life as I learned this lesson and I will never forget it. The Bible even talks about this.

Matthew 12
An Unclean Spirit Returns
43 "When an unclean spirit goes out of a man, he goes through dry places, seeking rest, and finds none. 44 Then he says, 'I will return to my house from which I came.' And when he comes, he finds it empty, swept, and put in order. 45 Then he goes and takes with him seven other spirits more wicked than himself, and they enter and dwell there; and the last state of that man is worse than the first. So shall it also be with this wicked generation."

Sergeant also asked:
"Could it be that she is not evil but a positive helper and so protected from expulsion? If you pray for an Angellic helper will they be removed?"

Positive helpers do not do what your creature is doing in your life and marriage. Like I just answered above, I have come to learn that outside parties are almost powerless to interfere with DESIRED spiritual attachments.

Also, even though you are not procreating with your creature, the Bible describes what happened when angels (God's helpers) were having sex with mankind and He put a big stop to that with Noah's flood. I am quite confident that you are not hooked up with one of God's helpers, since that is not alowed.

The Wickedness and Judgment of Man
6 Now it came to pass, when men began to multiply on the face of the earth, and daughters were born to them, 2 that the sons of God saw the daughters of men, that they were beautiful; and they took wives for themselves of all whom they chose.

I am not trying to stop you having whatever spiritual attachments that you want, you were created to live your life the way that you choose and experience whatever consequences come from that just as we all were.

What I object to, and will continue to object to, is you saying that your creature never did anything wrong (evil) when I know, FROM YOUR OWN WORDS and not a pendulum, that it did.

I also don't like people being whisked off to demon forums, so I do the only thing I know that can interdict this trend and that is to warn others (not just the OP, but also anyone else reading this at anytime in the future as well) by telling what I know. He who has ears to hear, let him hear!

I stand by all that I have written here and in my previous post. All the bulleted items, I remember reading them after you wrote them (which, admittedly, was over three years ago).
Date: 2012-09-09

I am sorry to hear you had a heart attack, I am glad you are OK now.

I barely use the pendulum anymore, maybe once every other month. Almost all of my spiritual contact now is prayer.

The long explanation you just made about the past where it involves me is not entirely true, but it is at partially true. This long explanation of the past is also irrelevant to the discussion at hand and is an attempt to swerve the conversation away from the topic you brought up earlier on this thread that the spirit with you is not evil. Let's get back on topic.

You told me that the spirit with you now said some things to you when she first got there.

* The spirit with you said she was sent to dissolve your marriage (of 17 years).

* The spirit with you said she was sent to replace your wife (who you loved then, don't know now).

* The spirit with you said that she wanted to "dry up your wife's pu**y" (i.e. Send her into early menopause) to make it easier for you to be with her. That way your wife would not bother you for sex and the spirit would have you all to herself. You were only too happy to concede on this point until my pleading with you to not allow it.

* The spirit with you said that it was "hiding behind" the p0rnography that you looked at for years (decades). That she was somehow fueling your p0rn problem that you sought help over more than once.

* You told me repeatedly that the spirit with you openly proclaimed that it was "re-wiring your brain" and you welcomed this. Subversion of free will is a very evil act.

These are NOT good acts, these acts are evil. I did not divine these bullet points, you told me all this stuff yourself in plain, written English.

I also know for a fact that this spirit has caused problems for your marriage because you told me that as well. In fact, "Sergeant" is not even your first YGS account name. You had to abandon your first YGS ID because your wife found out about it and there was a lot of descriptions in your old YGS account of your sex spirit.

What you do is your own deal Sergeant and it appears as if you have made your decision. What makes me sick to my stomach is you coming here and saying things like...

Sergeant said:
"She's never, once shown any sign of evil and have always been a very positive force and uplifting influence in my life."

The statement above is not true, and I have listed the reasons why I think this. Now others can judge for themselves of your creature is evil.
Date: 2012-09-08
At Sergeant,

You said some interesting things.

Sergeant said:
"...in mid 2008 and we've been working on a healthy relationship ever since."

"She's never, once shown any sign of evil and have always been a very positive force and uplifting influence in my life."

Why are you saying this? Have you forgotten what your creature said to you when it first came to you or are you simply lying?!

I respect your privacy dude, but if you keep publicly lying like this, I will post what it is that your creature said about your wife, marriage and it's mission to be with you, and these things were MOST definitely evil.

I don't know what the nature of the creature with the OP is, but it sounds like she has made her mind up. That is what free will is for I suppose. I just don't want innocents who may be reading to be influenced by your blatant lies.

Sergeant, the creature with you is UNDENIABLY evil. Instead of telling us all over and over again that your creature is not evil, please tell us instead what exactly it is that your creature told you of what her mission was with you and what she wanted to do to your wife (before I convinced you to say no to the creature and not allow it to proceed against your wife) and let everyone decide for themselves if they are hearing about an evil being or not.

You call yourself Christian (at least you used to). If Jesus were flesh again and in your house visiting you, would you cavort with your creature in front of Him? Would you tell him all the things you tell YGS about your creature? Would you be proud of what she has done to your marriage with your earthly wife?

I think not.
Date: 2012-09-06
Hello Jav,

Get the project in gear... What exactly is the project? Proving spirits are real? Mathematically proving that certain types of spirits are evil?

These questions are part of the mystery of life and can only be answered with 100% certainty for anyone by God showing them.

I don't think it is possible for a person to scientifically utterly prove (or disprove) either of those things here on the Earth for the benefit of others, and I believe that is by design. We mostly have access to the same evidence, information and scriptures so what I have been trying to do is guide people on how to best collect and make use of the evidence and information already available to them to come up with their own conclusions that best match the truth as closely as possible.

My last post on this thread was just to urge others to quit asking the demon people for information because they will not be a reliable source and why I think that.

Besides, even if CNN were streaming utterly irrefutable live video coverage from hell 24/7 that showed Satan personally issuing orders to his demons and conducting his affairs in real time, there would still be MANY people out there who would not accept this because it is not what they wanted to think was how things really are. There are many who do not wish to believe that hell is real and they make up their own belief systems based around what they would like rather than looking for what truly is.

I believe that the only "project" any of us can hope to complete in our lives involves seeking our own individual answers for life's big questions, and many of those answers are within reach if they are diligently sought.
Date: 2012-09-06
Actually, if the responses of the "pro demon" people on this forum are considered data points and then put into the working theory explained earlier in this thread, their lack of cooperation (and sidetracking dangerous lines of conversation with disruptions) is actually predicted and fits nicely into the overall picture. We should expect such people to be disruptive to any public, organized effort to truly understand these things.

Think about it, demons NEED to shroud their true goals and nature in secrecy, without secrecy and deception their whole agenda (pulling people away from God's plan for their life) falls apart. These people are in willing, ongoing relationships with demons. Anyone dealing with demons over time becomes tainted by them and their constant lies, that is the nature of demons. Someone does not have to believe in the existence of Satan or his demons to be influenced and manipulated by them.

It is logical to predict that any person who is tainted by demons will endeavor to be of little to no use to outsiders in trying to understand demons because the demons pulling their strings (through influence, not outright possession) need the secrets of their true nature to remain wrapped in obfuscation in order for them to continue their "work". It is not a big leap of logic to then also predict that such demons would try to motivate the people under their sway to at best not help others to find answers, at worst to disrupt ongoing efforts (especially public efforts) to find answers by whatever viable means presented itself. I dare say that this is what we have seen play out here on YGS.

Once there is no expectation that these tainted people will be of any deliberate help in finding true answers about sex spirits (demons) and instead we mine whatever posts they may offer here or there for whatever useful data they may contain, the sooner a useful picture on sex spirits (demons) will emerge.

It should also be considered that people under demonic influence are being chronically lied to themselves and possess at best lies based upon occasional kernels of truth about the nature of demons to fashion their own flawed understanding about the nature of these beings. Someone cannot share a spiritual truth that that they themselves do not already possess, this is yet another reason why we should stop looking directly to these tainted people for any useful knowledge about sex demons.

Although their experiences are more limited, humans who do not desire the contact from these things seem to be a more reliable source of anecdotal information about these beings because these people are not embracing the demonic lies that go hand in hand with the demonic fun. Also, I suggest daily prayer asking for wisdom from God to provide further insight into any spiritual matter where more understanding is desired.

I am not trying to sound like I have all the answers, because no one alive does. If there is a flaw in my logic, feel free to point it out.
Date: 2012-09-05
This is not addressed to anyone in particular.

Don't confuse the lie with the liar. I personally do not think Scbsd is the source of (much) untruth, rather he is a conduit for it. He is repeating what he has been told by a DEMON. Demons lie, that is their deal. I think this is a case of the demon thinking something like this "<insert lie here> so the human quits asking about demons and we can proceed with doing what I want".

I think Scbsd is holding back from the total body of knowledge he knows, but I truly believe that he believes the lie that demons will be harmed if humans learned much about them.

I am still scratching my head over all the YGS IDs he has made and what role duplicity may (or may not) play in their creation and ongoing use, but as a vocal critic of Scbsd's arguments over time I find myself in the odd situation of saying that on the point of divulging information about his demon lover he himself is a victim of lies and should be pitied (and prayed for), not roasted and condemned.

I suggest we argue the merits of discussion points, not personalities.
Date: 2012-09-01
I haven't been on the demon forum in years, but when I was there, it was not as Scbsd describes. Don't know what else to say about that.
Date: 2012-08-31

You can pretend that your forum is not oppressive if that makes you feel better. No tears shed here, I was only trying to enlighten others on my way out the door there. Any place where the existence of demons (sex spirits) is a given, irrefutable ground rule yet the very mention that God also exists causes reach for the admin wand is not a place I was going to stay anyway. Besides, that was years ago.

I was just surprised to see you use the word sycophant because that seems to be more your style, that's all.

Scdsd wrote:
"I'm not done here, I am just done commenting except within a very narrow margin."

"They're all yours, Javelina. Help them all you want with whatever untried "remedies" you and your sycophants come up with.

I wash my hands of the mess you've turned this place into."

Oh, I get it, you are not even going to pretend to bother trying to help people get rid of these things anymore, only continue to recruit "like minded" people from YGS for your demon forum. Oh, and make it look like it's someone else's fault.

Pretty slick.
Date: 2012-08-31

I am hurt that you would even suggest that the back and forths you and I have shared over time had anything to do with a third person and not the merits of whatever was being discussed.

The last two paragraphs in your last post make me curious though. What exactly are you saying here?

Scbsd wrote:
"They're all yours, Javelina. Help them all you want with whatever untried "remedies" you and your sycophants come up with.

I wash my hands of the mess you've turned this place into."

Is this an oblique retirement (from YGS) announcement?

Combined with Sergeant's last comment on this thread, such a conclusion seems even more probable.

Sergeant wrote:
"This is no longer an environment to share personal accounts and offer opinions without belligerent altercations. Unless an opinion accede's the clique."

As a side note, I find it ironic that Scbsd would even mention the word sycophant while at the same time ruling his "demon forum" (admittedly my name for it, not his) with an admin rod of iron and booting those who do not sycophantically side with him and that Sergeant complains about cliques while at the same time belonging to the up until now quite vocal pro demon YGS clique himself.

But I digress...

What I would like to ask is are you guys saying something bigger here (like you are leaving YGS), or just venting?
Date: 2012-08-23
So it seems that we have two choices in this matter (if the existence of these creatures are accepted as a given)?

1.) That as Scbsd suggests, these beings are subject to genocide at the hands of humans if we learn much about them.
2.) That these beings have no good in mind for mankind as a whole and that they have a hidden agenda which they do not want exposed because this would hinder their ability to acquire and keep human victims.

I personally am going with option 2. I do not think there ever will be agreement on this matter between these two opposing sides while we still live though.

To answer Scbsd's question on what would I do with the ability to wipe out all sex demons, I am not a big fan of genocide in general. I don't even mass kill bugs in my lawn because God allows them to be there, who am I to wipe them all out?

However, if I were helping a person who wanted relief from one of these creatures, if push came to shove and the being did not heed warnings to leave on its own, I would use such information as a tool to destroy an individual spiritual being if it were being troublesome, stubborn and stupid.

Rook's sad story is yet another negative testimony about these creatures. From what I have seen, the negative testimonies with these beings far outweigh the positive ones in sheer numbers, and even the "positive" testimonies make me want to take a shower.
Date: 2012-08-20
I believe that these sex spirits have something that at least partially anchors them to their "home" plane of existence. I am not clear on details, but I suspect that they have been given something that we would recognize to be an alien or demonic looking body, and it is that shell to which their souls are bound to. I think they are able to astrally project at least part of their spirit out of these bodies and send that spirit to a human when a doorway of opportunity opens. I suspect it is spirit shards of this kind that are causing all the interactions we have been discussing.

I believe these body / shells reside in a plane that is very unpleasant all the time. According to my theory, since lust demons are not as evil as many other demons, their home plane of existence sucks, but not as horribly as what we would consider hell. That still leaves a lot of room for unpleasantness though.

As for UFOs, I suspect the reason these craft act as they do is because whatever race created them has mastered quantum mechanics and the craft that are being seen are behaving under principles that normally apply to atoms and sub atomic particles.

Obviously these are all just theories, but theories that match up with all the data I have seen about both subjects, and I do believe it is two different subjects (i.e. I don't think the sex spirits and the alien craft are directly related to each other).
Date: 2012-08-19
Hello Jav,

It is my understanding that blood relations probably make the connection stronger, but it is the guardianship status of the "parent" that is the key.

So yes, a step parent (or adoptive parent) could also pass a curse onto a child in their care. The younger the child is when they come to the step parent, I believe the more authority the step parent has over the child.
Date: 2012-08-19
If people want an example of God answering a prayer, here is one that happened to me just last night, and it happens to be in a form I can share and it will not lose any meaning.

I do not enjoy these fights on YGS, I only post on YGS because God wants me to, so I am obedient to Him and I do as He leads. After praying about my responses and involvement on YGS and feeling that my words seem to go into a black hole, God sent me this last night.

I was watching the video on the site below called "Is America Abandoning God?".


The video is 30 minutes, 32 seconds long. The whole video was interesting, but in my mind had NOTHING to do with my dealings with YGS. Then, right at 29:07 into the video, God CLEARLY brought my attention to the video and He said to me "Pay attention to this, it applies DIRECTLY to you". It was like time slowed down and I was given a tunnel vision of sorts and could only see the video that I instantly became totally engulfed in. This experience was most definitely supernatural.

I was also made to feel emotion while I watched that was not part of the original video. I felt God's love for me and it was overwhelming. I started to weep with joy as I watched, and as I recall the experience now, I am weeping again. God was talking right at me in this video.

The "Media in which we are" living with in this case (for me), is YGS.
Date: 2012-08-19
Hello Jav,

Yes, that is it exactly.

Another way of saying "generational curse" would be to say "The sins of the father are visited on the son". This also applies with mothers to daughters, mothers to sons and fathers to daughters as well.

Particularly strong curses (demonic invitation) can also be for 3 or more generations.
Date: 2012-08-19
I have been asked to share information about sex demons that I may have. I have no EVPs, pictures or other "hard" evidence to share with anyone. I can, however, provide the framework that I am using to try and learn more about them if that would be useful.

First I would suggest that anyone who is curious about what I think about these spirits to read my YGS profile by clicking my name above if they have not already done so. There is a lot of info there.

There has been talk on this thread of using the scientific process to study these beings, but from what I have seen, error was introduced in a particular experiment that was being held up as an example of a reason to quit trying to understand the spirit world. If the scientific process is to be used effectively, it must be allowed to lead the user to new conclusions that they had not previously considered. That is, in effect, the whole point of science.

Here is an example (not attacking here, just trying to illustrate the point). It was mentioned in this thread that a visual manifestation of a spirit being seen by one person and not another was grounds to just give up trying to research these beings. Instead, I suggest the underlying assumption that photons are the exclusive means by which humans can see spirits be examined instead (or that spirits can possibly somehow control who sees what of their photons). I personally think that spirits can be seen with eyes (photons) or directly by our astral spirits that are bound within our physical bodies. Once the underlying hypothesis is tweaked, then go about experimenting and trying to break the new hypothesis. If the new hypothesis breaks, tweak it again in light of the new information, rinse and repeat until it stops breaking.

A mathematical process that might be helpful to illustrate this point is something called "Curve Fitting". Curve Fitting is something I often imagine as going on in my head as I try to better understand these beings. The more reliable data points that are used, the more precise the resulting curve (or function) will be.


If one imagines that there exists an unknown function which perfectly explains these sex spirits, the closer one can create a "working" theory that matches up with the perfect theory on all available data points, the closer the working theory will become to the perfect theory and thus will the working theory become more and more accurate over time if one chooses valid data points to alter the working theory up with. Sorry if that is confusing to read, the concept is really quite simple.

Another example of thinking about in a different way is like espionage. Various small tidbits of information can be collected that are worthless by themselves, but when they are centrally amassed and analyzed, each tidbit of information (if it is deemed likely to be accurate) can be a dot in a much larger picture that is slowly formed into a mosaic. The more reliable data points you have to work with, the more detailed and thus useful, the resulting picture will be. The point of concerted "OPSEC" efforts is to defend against this practice, espionage to engage in this process. I like using this way of thinking because it shows two opposing sides fighting a war using information, which is EXACTLY what is happening whether someone wants to believe that or not.

One other essential aspect of the scientific process to consider is the Heisenberg uncertainty theory.


I will paraphrase the aspect of this theory here for clarity and brevity (brevity is something I seem to have troubles with, sorry all but this is a complex subject). The more you study something, the more you will understand it. If we are creating a function from data points or painting a mosaic of dots, the bigger the range of allowed data points or larger the canvas used for the picture, the more complete the end result will be.

The more I studied these sex beings, the more I began to suspect that they were demons. Thus, I expanded my scope of study beyond just looking at these sex spirits, but also started looking at demons in general.

In both the models of Curve Fitting and OPSEC, it is important to throw out data that you don't trust. Knowing what to keep and what to throw introduces a bit of art to this otherwise purely scientific process.

As a result of using these processes, the working theory that I have now predicts that demons are on a continuum that dictates their nature. The entire continuum of demons is evil, but some demons in this continuum are "more evil" than others. All demons work for Satan and take orders from him. Where the demons fall on this demonic continuum will dictate what they specialize in (lust, greed, hate, whatever) and how they interact with those people that they are "assigned" to by Satan.

Satan has the legal right to assign demons to people if they engage in unrepentant sin. Also, I believe that if someone in authority over someone else invites a demon to be with them (deliberately or simply through sin), then the person under that person in authority can become susceptible to that same demon through no fault of their own. This is called a generational curse because usually the person in authority is a parent or guardian.

The more egregious or often the unrepentant sin, the more of a path is worn between the human and assigned demon, and thus the demon accumulates more and more permission to interact more strongly with the human they have been assigned to.

It was asked on this thread by Jav "What is it that draws these entities to certain people?".

The answer to that is that I believe that sex demons are really lust demons. Thus, unrepentant and / or ongoing acts, thoughts or words involving lust opens the door for one of these demons to be assigned to a person. The more fervent or frequent the lustful thoughts, words and actions of the human, the faster and wider the door swings open. I believe a certain amount of God's Grace is always there closing all doors any of us (even non believers) may have opened, but if our ongoing behavior has consequences that are greater than this small but persistent amount of Grace than the door keeps opening. The model I have also predicts that once an open door reaches a critical level, a spiritual hysteresis of sorts clicks in and the threshold for the demon to leave is suddenly pushed far further back (they are much harder to get rid of) while at the same time the demon seems to instantly gain much greater ability to interact with the human they have been assigned to. Kind of like a critical mass of sorts.

Also, if someone in authority over someone else (i.e. A parent) had a lust demon attached to them, the authority of the parent over the child can open a doorway of opportunity for a lust demon to go the child.

This gradual door opening can take years or decades to unfold. Aside from a generational curse, not being in control of one's thought life is really the root cause of demonic visitation upon people because words, thoughts and actions either are already, or start with, thought.

Also, regular prayer for spiritual wisdom and enlightenment works wonders to understand spiritual things. I started praying for spiritual wisdom (and receiving answers) before I even read about in the Bible, but here is an example of what the Bible says about it.

Prayer for Spiritual Wisdom (Ephesians 1, NKJV)
15 Therefore I also, after I heard of your faith in the Lord Jesus and your love for all the saints, 16 do not cease to give thanks for you, making mention of you in my prayers: 17 that the God of our Lord Jesus Christ, the Father of glory, may give to you the spirit of wisdom and revelation in the knowledge of Him, 18 the eyes of your understanding being enlightened; that you may know what is the hope of His calling, what are the riches of the glory of His inheritance in the saints, 19 and what is the exceeding greatness of His power toward us who believe, according to the working of His mighty power 20 which He worked in Christ when He raised Him from the dead and seated Him at His right hand in the heavenly places, 21 far above all principality and power and might and dominion, and every name that is named, not only in this age but also in that which is to come.

22 And He put all things under His feet, and gave Him to be head over all things to the church, 23 which is His body, the fullness of Him who fills all in all.

If someone would like another example of praying for wisdom in the Bible, look at the wisdom Solomon got when he asked God for wisdom.

Most people are not interested in truth. Most people are really only interested in hearing things that affirm the choices they are making or want to make. Such people will not embrace setting aside their precious pre-conceived notions in favor of truth.

If someone wants to discuss the subject of demons further with me, please e-mail me. My address is in my profile. This subject is not really a good thing to discuss in an ongoing fashion on YGS.

I only posted all this because of Jav's request and in case anyone else truly wants to use some real science methods to begin their study to better understand the spirit world.

I should mention this one last thing. God has shown to me that He has provided the means for all of us to discover the truth about Him, the spirit world and a lot of life's questions for ourselves, but whatever it is that we learn or are shown cannot easily (or in some cases at all) be shared with others in a way that impacts them as it has us.

Some truths can only be understood if they are sought and granted by God directly, and that is by His Design.
Date: 2012-08-18
Gathering evidence and amassing knowledge on these beings, or the lack of ability and / or desire to do so, is what originally got me suspicious of these creatures. Just to clarify, I am only concerned about the spirits that want long term sex relationships with humans, not the once or twice visit spirits. It is my belief that the short term spirits are likely harmless.

The long term spirits seem to be a lot like fight club, the first rule of fight club is to not talk about fight club. In other words, I have heard enough from people dealing with these creature to see a pattern of the spirits making it crystal clear that they do not want to talk about their nature, past or ecology with the human. The spirits tend to obfuscate their nature by side tracking serious conversation about themselves using sex, humor and even threats of becoming displeased with the human.

There are people on YGS who defend these spirits who know more than they are saying. That is one of the big reasons I am so adamant in my posts, these people know more than they are sharing and they only seem to share what they deem is good. I don't suspect this, I know it because they told me privately. They may not know a whole lot about the spirits themselves, but they sure know about how these spirits have affected their marriages, and this is never talked about (that I have seen) aside from warning people what may happen to them, not what has already happened. These creatures insist on secrecy, and that inevitably means the holding back of information from a spouse and the introduction of lies to a marriage. Neither of these things are wholesome or of the light.

These things were said to me in private (and not by all the regular sex demon defenders), and I will not publish what was said. My whole point with this post is that I don't think anyone will get very far in researching these things because the only ones who can gather first hand information are tainted, they are already holding back key pieces of what little information they already do know. If they are not faithful in little, they will not be faithful in much.
Date: 2012-08-17
There are multiple reasons that cause me to believe that sex demons do indeed exist. Personally though, I would not put much stock in what the Malleus Maleficarum says, but that's just me.

It is also alarming to me that people are going off to a demon forum from here, never to be heard from again. That is a trend I would love to see stop.

Sergeant, you say that your sex spirit is not evil. Since you bring up your situation, why don't you share with the class your whole story. Tell us all of the things that the sex creature with you said to you about your wife and the demands it made upon you and your relationship with your wife. These things are the very definition of evil and are a better cautionary tale than I could ever tell myself.

As for getting rid of the demon, no demon will leave if it still has a legal invitation. If you do not truly wish for it to leave, that is a form of invitation. At any point, have you ever truly wanted 100% for the entity with you to leave and never come back? If not, all the prayer in the world won't help because prayer is meant to augment our free will, not trump it.
Date: 2012-08-17
Hello Succubusluver69,

You sure used a lot of words to say very little. Here's a recap of your 8 long paragraphs.

* You accuse me of somehow subverting Pablo's free will (which you "back up" with supporting "evidence" that the author obviously mis-spoke where I took him at his word)
* Succubusluver69 is right, Hoochler is wrong (with no compelling argument)
* You attack Christianity, Judaism and Islam
* You proselytize your views on spirituality (ironically what you accuse me of doing)
* You tell me how to live my life (ironically what you accuse me of doing to Pablo)
* You put many false words into my mouth
* You speculate about what kind of a person I am
* Your finale says that you are honest and humble (I actually laughed out loud when I read that)

The only conclusion that your words draw me to is that you have made yourself your own god in your life. You might word it differently, but that would seem to essentially describe what your words thus far are saying. Someone who is their own god believes that they are free to make up their own rules of right and wrong and that they are immune to judgment and long term spiritual consequences for their behavior. They do everything in their life for themselves that God would do if He were there. This is called moral relativism and in your previous post on this thread you promote moral relativism (shades of grey) vs. Moral absolutism (black and white, clearly defined rules of right and wrong that do not change with circumstance) that God embodies.

I used to be an atheist and moral relativist as well. I, however, put my non-belief to the test and went in search of a way to prove or disprove God (for myself) and to my GREAT surprise I found Him (well, really, He found me because God was never lost). As a result, I changed a LOT of things in my life, but I did so because I found out that what I had been believing up to that point was wrong. My life is actually much better now that I am with God. I urge you to also put your non-belief to the test. If you want ideas on how to do that painlessly, write to me and we can discuss it privately.

In your posts in this thread and other places on YGS, you have basically been espousing that others should also embrace moral relativism. What a lot of people might not understand is that if they follow your lead in this it WILL open them up to long term, negative spiritual (and temporal) consequences. I have lived through that process first hand. It is for the purpose of providing these people a warning and logical counter point that I continue to post.

Also, my motivations are pretty straight-forward, I am doing what I believe my God wants me to do. What is your motivation? Why do you care if other people screw spirits like you do or reject God as you do? Shouldn't it be enough for you that you can enjoy what you have and leave others out of it? Why try to pave the way for others to do the same?

I have already and will continue to pray for you Succubusluver69. I hope someday you make different choices.
Date: 2012-08-14
I think you are making a good decision in rejecting this thing, Pablo. I urge you to stick to your guns and don't listen to any silliness saying its OK to willingly consort with demons.

Spirits of all kinds communicate differently than we in bodies do, and part of that is through thought forms. It is through sending a thought form that a spirit can project foreign emotions onto a live person while not necessarily feeling the transmitted emotion itself. Like a transmitter (the spirit) sending a signal to a receiver (a live person) a spirit can project disingenuous feelings that can range from outright terror to tender love onto a human. Projected feelings that are not actually being felt by a projecting spirit can be used to calm, frighten or mislead the recipient.

A spirit projecting positive feelings onto someone by no means constitutes proof of the spirits good intentions. All that glitters is not gold.

Any being (person or spirit) that is consistently vague and obfuscatious in its dealings with others has something to hide. Sex demons are notorious for consistently not providing any meaningful information about themselves, their ecology or their past, only divulging to their victims the bare amount of information they need to in order to gain compliance. This basically the very definition of manipulation.

This secrecy on the part of the demons has in the past been defended here on YGS by misguided human proponents of human-demon relationships as being a form of self-protection on the demons part. What makes more sense, that we are somehow going to use information the demon may give us to attack and kill it (a creature without a body) or that the demon knows that if it properly explained itself as being a sex demon and all the problems that go along with that is most people would run for the hills? I go with option B.

I agree that it is possible to carry on a relationship with one (or more) of these things for years and that someone's soul is not devoured in the process. I can't help but think though that someone's life here on the Earth would be severely impeded by giving so much attention to these spirits, and it will be only after the victim's death that they will understand the full spiritual consequences for carrying on such a relationship willingly.

I doubt that many people who willingly consort with sex demons throughout their life hear God say "Well done good and faithful servant" when they die and stand before Him.

Good for you Pablo.