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Railroad Spirit on 2014-03-10

My mother bought me a Ouija board. My dad wouldn't allow me to have it in the house, and due to many SCARY experiences I've had (without a board) I was hesitant about it anyway. Well, today my friend and her dad wanted to give the Ouija board a try. The whole time, I was nauseous and had a bad g...

The Scary Road on 2014-02-24

All of my life I've had paranormal happenings, so much that people even associate me with ghosts, demons, so on... Even some tell me I have a gift, psychic ability... Which brings me to wonder if this story I have is something psychic. This very happening has had me confused for months now, I ju...

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Date: 2014-04-06
No, my friend's father did not touch the Ouija board at all, he sat and watched her and I use it together. My mom bought it because I told her I wanted it! She's not a bad mom, I'm not a child, I'm 23! Besides, I got rid of it so it's not my danger. We didn't use it at the cemetery, I didn't want to. We only did on the railroad tracks. Anyway... Well a friend & I used to be idiots, do séances, invoke demons, try to contact Mr.Crowley, if you don't know who that is, look him up. We were crazy about demons. And I became obsessed. And oppressed. I began doing things that was totally out of the ordinary for me. I became aggressive 😠 and I'm generally the total opposite. We got a video (on my tablet that's tore up now) where my eyes turned black... And then back to normal a couple minutes later. I don't feel the way I used to, I don't try to contact "demons"...I occasionally have ghostly fun, but as you could tell from my story even that kind of makes me uncomfortable after the stuff I used to experience.
Date: 2014-04-06
Okay, let's get to replying to your comments!& Thank you for them:)

I would like to think they're not warning me to go back but the negativity might be their way of warning me? Possibly. Because it is overwhelming and scary to feel that way:
The classmate died a couple years ago (he's buried by the school, it's a tiny cemetery) And I had been on the road plenty of times after he was buried there and I never had those effects until, I guess a few months after he had passed, so I don't know.
Whenever it happened, my mom would be in the car with me. She would try to calm me down, but I felt as if she too would kind of look a little dazed at the time and not herself? But she wouldn't mention any odd feelings. We avoid the road completely, she won't drive me near it either because she knows how I feel about it. OH, one time NEAR that road, a big white thing went over our car, we never figured out WHAT it was lol but anyway. I suppose I could be a medium? I started communicating with spirits when I was just a little kid and have very many experiences. I wasn't really close to the classmate that passed, he was a nice kid but we didn't really hang out or anything. I have to agree, I believe there was probably a strong emotion in that spot. Thank you all for commenting, Keep em coming if you'd like!