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My Sweet And Caring Incubus on 2012-04-30

I've had my fair share of spirits around me. I have seen spirits all my life and am somewhat sensitive to them. When I was sixteen I believe I was attacked by an incubus it wasn't until I read some stories on this website did I figure out what really happened to me! This story is true all of this ha...

I See Ghosts on 2012-04-30

Sorry guys about my story being so long. Ok so this has taken place over since I was born. When I was only a few weeks old orbs and vortex's started showing up all around me (I have pictures to prove it). Then when I was only two years old I saw my first ghost it really scared me and I still remembe...

First Encounter When I Was Two Years Old on 2012-04-30

This first encounter happened to me when I was just two years old. I remember what happened to me to this day. I even tried to find out who this spirit was but I never could. This is my first story so I hope its written okay and sorry it's so long. When I was two years old my parents moved back t...

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Spirit91 Yes I found out some info on who it could be. I found out that he was a coach driver. I also found out that I'm a Clairvoyant and I also told my doctor how I can remember things so vividly. She thinks I might have Eidetic memory but I have to go for tests in a few months to see.