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She's Come Home on 2008-06-26

This sighting happened in Charlotte, NC on Ellington St. in an old duplex that my some friends rented. It wasn't on the best side of the town, but it was safe and everyone within range knew each other and took care of one another. The place wasn't much to look at. At the last minute, my ex and I ...

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Date: 2008-07-08
I forget to mention that this happened about 11 years ago. I was just barely turned 21. I didn't start drinking alcohol until I was 25. I did get drunk once... When I was 15. I've been scared to drink since and still to this day because I was so drunk at 15 I went to my aunt's house only to receive beatings! I thought I was going to my friends house to spend the night... But I was too drunk and made a detour. I learned my lesson. Drinking is bad and getting drunk is detrimental...
Date: 2008-07-08
Hi everyone... I accidentally deleted the link to my story. So I wasn't able to respond sooner.

I've never really told this story to anyone, only just to say that I've experienced paranormal. I try not to engage too much in the details when I do speak of it. It still scares me to this day.

When I was typing in this story, I didn't really read through or go over it much because the thought of it, still lingers. I'm sitting here reading your responses, and I still get shivers by your comments. The visuals comes back.

I am very happy to have found a place such as this and have been able to post and share my story without being ridiculed.

She was solid enough to be identified as a young girl, but I knew better to assume the least. She had a certain glow of sort, maybe it was the white gown she wore that reflect what lights. She didn't look at us or turn our way to acknowledge our presence! That was the scariest part! We hoped she looked at us so we can think she is aware, but when she didn't... We confirmed that we were scared sh*tless!

**To answer Rhodes68's comment...

The 30 minutes included from the time we heard the window first open until the time it took us to gather our nerves to find her. There was a good couple minutes paused from the time the window opened. We initially thought that we were hearing things and it was just the neighbors. It was in the summer, so opening windows was the norm. We then heard movement in the room before my ex decided to go searching. Of course he waited until the noise went away. Since I waited in the other room, I really don't know if he even made into the other room. But when he did come back to say he didn't find anything, I took as that. No noise occurred until well after we tried settling back into bed. We thought she knew we were there because she didn't move or make a sound when we started talking to one another. Maybe it was coincidence?

I don't know if around this time she makes an appearance. I do know she's walked around the apt. Quite often. Few of our friends did mention that it was around 4 or 5 am when they first saw her. They didn't believe their eyes because they were drunk. She stood over them and just had a blank stare. They didn't speak to her and just pretended not to see her.

The friends were very comical at one time to give us a scenario when they were singing Karaoke and she manifested and they claim to have sung to her, but still no reaction.

I keep these thoughts so if ever, I do go back to Charlotte, I'd like to visit.

I do feel sorry for her. She does seem lost. I hope she is at peace even if she's here with us.

Thank you once again for reading my story and sharing your comments.

I'm still scared!