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KibaxChan's pictureWell, all you really need to know about me right now is that I am an empath and I have crossed paths with the paranormal my entire life. I do have some clairvoyant abilities, but I'm not claiming to be a full-blown psychic.:P

I always felt like I had one foot in this world and one in their world. At least since I was 11 and I died during my first pulmonary embolism. Even more so when I died a second time at 14, during a second pulmonary embolism. Just so this isn't a constant question on your mind, I have a mutated gene 2 factor 5 and protein S deficiency. My blood doesn't break up clots that form naturally as you move like a normal body's does, so they formed in my lungs. Both were bilateral, in both lungs. I now take bloodthinners daily and indefinitely as a temporary fix to my mutation.

As is to be expected, I grew abnormally sensitive after that. I was able to pick up on their energies incredibly easily and it seems as if they seek me out even more relentlessly now.

Enjoy my experiences! I always try to describe them just as I see them in my memory and they're all as fresh as if it had happened yesterday. They were so real and undeniable, they'd be impossible to forget.
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Life Of A Sensitive on 2014-05-19

There was a house I lived in right next to my middle school and we moved in at the end of 5th grade. While in that home, I attempted to use a homemade Ouija board to contact the spirits I knew were already there. I would feel a strong presence enter the room every time I was alone. Nightly, I could ...

A Series Of Strange Events on 2014-04-30

I have been trying to rid myself of an entity for the past few months, but it keeps coming back. Last month, I smudged the house and it caused the entity to leave until very recently. The activity is starting up once again and I wanted your opinions on what you think it could be and what the best co...

Expect The Unexpected With Shadow People on 2014-03-04

MY EXPERIENCES I've had several experiences with shadow people, but I don't think that they have ever been the same exact entity twice. My experiences range from neutral to malevolent, but I have never crossed paths with a benevolent shadow being. I have been an empath since birth, but my sensitivi...

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Date: 2014-05-27
Oh and I forgot to mention that it's all under control and I don't live in either of these houses anymore. I've cleansed my own home twice after another few experiences and I've kept it clean so far. (:
Date: 2014-05-27
I do believe that my dabbling with the Ouija board in the first home made the paranormal activity a lot worse. But I was 10 years old haha. That is the first and last time I will ever mess with a Ouija board.

However I used to think that I was haunted by something I invited using the Ouija. But I've come to find that these experiences are unrelated to each other and I'm just abnormally sensitive I guess?

I did ask about the history of the home with the girl apparition and shadow people. The only thing I remember being told was that all three homes on our side of the street were haunted and mostly (if not) all the previous occupants of those homes had asked about the same thing. Otherwise, no, I don't know the history.

Thank you all for taking the time to comment. ❤
Thank you all for your lovely comments~! ❤ I've got plenty of paranormal events to share with you all, so you can expect more from me! 😁 Hehehe I guess I should say to expect the unexpected with me as well! I'm happy I can share this advice with you and I hope it helps those who need it. Good luck!
Date: 2014-03-04
Such as a lot of comments here, I'll start by saying I agree with the questions about the paranormal investigation team. They aren't supposed to just wander into a home, stir up the skeletons in the closet (in this case, ghosts in the closet), declare it haunted and case closed! It's their job to help the lost spirits that are there to cross over into the afterlife (LITERALLY) and let you know what you need to do in order to cleanse the negative energy.

Oh but before I get carried away about that, I wanted to say that you're an empath, darlin'. That's why they're drawn to you. They know you can feel them and they know how innately sensitive you are. I'm an empath as well and have since gained a minor amount of control over my own psychic forces.

I've noticed that usually a greater evil will be followed by lesser evils (such as the shadows following the girl in the black dress) and that the greater evils move in on good spirits and trap their essence, essentially feeding off their energy. I know it's a process to free those spirits after this has happened, but that's as far as my knowledge goes. Who knows though, perhaps you're right, the spirits are too strong to be subdued by the black dress girl in that way and just were forcibly relocated from the house?
Date: 2014-03-04
Well, I can tell you that you DEFINITELY shouldn't have tried to contact it. That's never a good idea! But the fact that this entity has the power to "blow over things like paper" and you've been hearing a low growling or whispering...? That has DANGER written all over it. It seems that these experiences will lead to an apparition manifesting itself and physically attacking you... After all, you have given it permission to do so by attempting to speak with it.

You never mentioned a religion, though, OP? Maybe you could get your family to take you to a priest or approach a member of the church yourself. (I am assuming Christianity, I hope that's a fair assumption?) Have members of the church lay hands on you and pray over you, then have a priest bless your house. Use salt as a protection circle around the home afterward. Do not bring up the paranormal in conversation and eradicate it from your thoughts (the best you can) when you've done this or you'll call it back to you indirectly. Also, I have made this mistake before, so remember these words. Once you bless a house, ALWAYS ALWAYS ALWAYS check through the peep hole >EVERY< >SINGLE< >TIME< there's a knock at the door or the doorbell rings. THAT INCLUDES KNOCKING ON WINDOWS AND OTHER ENTRANCES INTO THE HOME. If there's nobody there, don't open it, no matter how long the knocking persists.

I wish you the best of luck, okay? ❤ Be safe.