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Scratches on 2014-03-05

I have a ten year old daughter who has been hearing and seeing things for quite some time now. When she was eight she had finally told me and her dad everything she had and has been experiencing. Some have been dark and others just seeking help. For the last twelve months everything has been well, h...

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Date: 2014-04-02
I absolutely will take the advice. My husband and I are looking into getting a cleansing done. If she isn't comfortable to do something I won't encourage anything. In the past it was just always continuous with these experiences. It was so bad that I had to take her to therapy and a social worker from the school along with the vice principal came to my house for a visit. Luckily all three believed she is a sensitive not schizophrenic. Because one major sign of it is hearing voices telling you to hurt others or yourself, and she hasn't ever had that. It all stopped for a while when she told them all to leave her alone and that she is scared. But now it is just every so often. But with this Lady here we are going to get the cleansing done. I really would like to know what kind of help is out there for her to learn and accept this?
Date: 2014-04-02
My daughter hasn't spoken to her or seen it. This is the first female that she has heard of that has threatened anyone. She has seen other females that were wanting help. She almost cried one time because she said she didn't know how to help, she felt so bad. She has also had some bad dark entities experiences as well. She doesn't like to speak of these things. I can always tell if something happened because of the way she acts and she will distance herself from everyone. About a year and a half ago she communicated with a spirit. I was there and there was no way she was faking it. She had came to me and said she heard footsteps behind her in the hallway and can still feel the presence. She said she felt ok to communicate and it wasn't bad. When she would ask it questions to get answers it was as if she was not in reality, if you know what I mean. She just stared into the hallway without blinking. She said it was as if there were many stars fighting around. She asked how many are there and it said two by moving in the pattern of the number two. And the one she was speaking to was a male. She asked what it wanted and he said help. She then jumped back and said the stars pushed her bedroom door open and closed it. Her room is right across from the the room where we were in. But I never seen it move, so I am assuming she was seeing into the other side. She is ten now and still is scared of the bad and the good. But I always try to tell her there are good spirits and they are just wanting help. With this Lady, she thought it was speaking about her because I never get bothered. A few days ago she heard her again but couldn't understand what she said. A little bit after that I heard really loud continuous scratching sounds right next to me on the couch. My husband however has had two experiences with a female. He is a tough guy and it scared him to death. He seen her face and body. Her left side of the jaw was torn up and her legs were mangled. She blew on his face and touched his forehead. This was his first ever paranormal experience. I am wondering if it is the same Lady.