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Old Children's Hospital on 2014-03-11

In early 2000 my mother's boyfriend had moved into recently converted apartments that were originally a children's hospital built in the 1800's. So, my mum and I went over to help him unpack and set up. I was around 6 at the time so I just went where she went. It was all new on the inside and ou...

Family Ghost? Part 2 on 2014-03-10

This is a story my mother told me after the strange incidents that happened in my old room. As mentioned in my previous post, I live in a 3 storey Heritage House in Sydney, Australia. It's old and almost every member of my family has lived here at one point or another, and they ALL have their own st...

Family Ghost? Part 1 on 2014-03-10

When my grandfather was a boy growing up in Fiji in the mid-late 1950's, he and his siblings experienced some strange occurrences on our family land. They lived in a 1 storey house on the estate and every day they had to go down to the river to get buckets of fresh water. Every now and then my grand...

Can I Please Change Rooms? on 2014-03-10

I live with my mother and grandmother in a 3 storey Heritage House in Sydney, Australia so, I assume it's pretty old. Before my family moved in it was recently renovated, they extended it and added two extra rooms, one of which I am currently in. The house, to me at least, has always had an uneasy f...

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no, my cousin is a notorious skeptic and devout christian so, if anything odd did happen he wouldn't have told me. He said he prayed a lot.
Date: 2014-04-12
Drowning_Sadness, I haven't done any research on my house or family history actually. I don't know where or how to start. My mother told me her grandma did have a couple of miscarriage's and stillborn babies though. I think it definitely has to do with the Fijian side of the family, 'cause it sounds like it followed my grandpa here from Fiji.

Sheetal, unfortunately my grandfather passed away early this year so, I can't ask him any more and all his siblings refuse to talk about anything supernatural they've experienced 😕

Notjustme, we did actually attempt something once, but it only seemed to work for a short while and then it was back in full force... But that's another story.

Hades666, you don't sound like a-know-it-all in the slightest. I actually appreciate you taking the time to comment on my posts. Something in your reply caught my attention though... Is there any other way we could possibly discuss this further?

Mejiko, I don't remember seeing it at all, but I've always walked a little faster on those stairs than anywhere else in the house and that was before my mum even told me about it. She did mention that it made her feel very uncomfortable, but she has too much pride to admit to me OR herself that she was scared. I don't think it sounds human either. Thank you for commenting though, love! And your story sounds awful and I don't think I'd ever be able to sleep alone again if I had gone through that!
Date: 2014-04-12
thank you so much for reading and commenting on my post, mrwannabee and Drowning_Sadness. I'm glad you liked it, but I'm a bit embarrassed 'cause I've only now just re-read it and seen how poorly written it is, lol. Oh, and part 2 should be up by now.

Spiritwaiting, omg, you are totally right. It legit DOES sound like the Cheshire Cat! I didn't even see that! I always knew there was a reason I didn't like that damn film!
It seems that most of the odd things that happen in our house are contained to either the staircase or top floor, yes. I've written other stories about it. I have a theory there's more than just one upstairs, but I don't think they have any connection to each other... Just random entities various people could've brought in.