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Hello! I'm 25 years old and growing up in a haunted house with a possessed relative, lead me to believe in the paranormal.

I hope you enjoy my little encounters once I have the chance to post them. Meanwhile, I'm excited on reading and commenting on your stories. I'm a very open minded person and I have respect for everyone's opinions & beliefs.

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Ghost Lady In The Mountains on 2011-07-25

This happened to my grandfather and I (in El Salvador) when I was 8 years old on a Saturday night. We were coming back from visiting relatives who lived up the mountain from us (about an hour in a half to a two hour hike). During the day is a beautiful hiking place, but at night is quite scary. ...

Gravity Hills Night Out on 2009-01-05

Three of my friends and I decided to do something unforgettable for once and not stay home, watch a movie or go out to fun places like we always do. My friend Nancy mentioned that we should all go to Gravity Hill (let me just say that the time was 2:30am) and without hesitation we all agreed. As ...

My Aunt's Possession on 2007-06-29

I used to live in a small city (I would rather not say city for protection), where our next door neighbor was the worst ever. My grandmother never told us why this lady next door hated her so much. She sure got revenge at whatever the grudge was, but she was nice to us. Until this day, I do not know...

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Date: 2016-06-26
Bubblegum24 Thanks for the info. I haven't been back there since, nor have my friends. I don't know if anything else is happening. One of my friends said that is difficult to go there at night now because a lot of cops drive around all night since they know of the stories and locals have complaints of too many cars driving back and forth.

Dear Debra,

I haven't heard anything about that, but it sounds interesting... I'm going to ask my parents maybe they know something about it. Thanks for bringing it up.

Looney 😁
Nephylim, thanks for the reply and you're very welcome!
Trust me, it took me years to find the courage to tell the my story.
Hope all is well.

Looney 😊

Your story was quite creepy! I have experience with possessions before as some readers have read my possession story, and I truly understand the fear of feeling powerless. I'm glad everything is ok now and that you and your brother are doing well. I'm sorry to hear things are not the same and is understandable too.

Keep us posted.

Looney 😊
Date: 2013-07-12

Thank you for your comment.

Im still asking myself that question, even though I had no choice but to deal with it.

My Aunt is fine now, she is here in CA. And I leave about 20mins from her but I cannot visit. Is too hard and scary for me. But she does have a family and she seems happy.

Looney ❤
Date: 2013-07-12
Hello Ada!

In what way do you want me to help you?
And if you mean what was like to be around this kind of thing... Is the most terrifying thing in the world!

Chelsey, great story! I must say how terrifying that must of been. Have you done any research on this place... Maybe it would tell you how this all got started.

Keep us posted.

Looney 😊
Thank for aswering! And yes I'm trying very hard to get a few of my friends to go with me this year and trust me if something happens or if I catch something in a pic. I'm definitively posting them with the story! 😁

Looney 😊
P.S. And this is the only way to reply, I don't think you can do it individualy. 😕
Thank you for sharing your story. You were in the right place at the right time lol. Imagine if you would of taken a pic. And something would of showed up... That would of been amazing! But I understand your excitement. I've been to San Francisco twice but never had the chance to go to Alcatraz and I'm dying to go. I only live 5 hours away and I'm going for sure this year (I hope! Crossing fingers). 😆

Thanks again and I do hope you get to go back for an evening tour, and keep us posted!

Looney 😊
Date: 2012-09-24
Hello! HappyMomOf3Girls3Boys!

You're very welcome... I'm not having so much good luck on finding out anything about this being. But Ill keep trying. I can see some are helping you understand all of this Specially Rook.
Please keep us updated!


Looney 😊

Thank you for sharing your story.
Im glad your mom was able to find who this two spirits were. What happened to them was awful.

Please don't hesitate to share more stories.

❤ Looney.

P.s. Thanks MizMiMi02 for posting the link! 😁
Date: 2012-09-05
Wow! Your story scared me half to death... The thought of anything looking the way you described this being just send chills up my spine. You are very brave for being able to stand such hauntings.

Thanks for sharing your story, and I would see if I can find anything about this being.

Keep us updated!

Looney 😊

Thank you for sharing your story and photo.

I can obviously tell you took the photo with your phone, and I must say is a very interesting shot. I can definitely tell there's something there, but I can't make out the figure whether is male or female. But for sure you captured something.

Thanks again for sharing and if you come across another strange picture please keep us updated.

Date: 2012-06-14
Thanks for sharing your story with us, I got chills went I read the part of the door flying open! I've had experiences like that before so I know just how terrifying that is.

I do agree with the others on how you should pray or look into cleansing your home/room. And also on telling the entity that he/it is not welcome in your life and to leave you alone.

Keep us updated!

Date: 2012-05-30
Thanks for sharing your story! I have read so many stories about these beings and quite frankly they scared the thing out of me and I hope I never come across one.

I found this links a while back ago, and they have a few encounters you all might want to read about.




Thanks again and I hope you stay safe!

Looney. 😨
Great Story! Thanks for sharing! Love the part with your disappearing beers lol!

I do agree on how pets can see things that we cant. I have a Maltese that stares and barks at the corner of my room ones in a blue moon is kind of creepy but I try not to show any fear. Lol

Have you encounter anything else?

Looney 😆
Date: 2012-05-18
Wow! Well all I can say is that you and your friend sure are brave! I agree with most when I say that you both need to find the history of the house and its surroundings, there might me a good explanation for this ghost still wondering around. As for the negative ones, I would do Rook's house cleansing, I heard it works wonders! If not get a priest to bless the house.

Please keep us updated! And thanks for sharing.

Take care,
Looney 😊
Interesting story! I have never heard of them before.

Thanks for the details on these beings zzzsgranny!

And I hope for you and your family that this Kapre remeins harmless to you all.

Thanks for sharing your story, I will try to look into it to see what I can find!

Looney! 😊
Date: 2012-05-07
Interesting story... A little hard to believe but then again I have dwell with possessions before so at this point anything is possible.

If you can give us a bit more information about the town and woods to back up your story it will help us understand a lot more.