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Possible Poltegeist Haunting Me? on 2014-03-11

So I am now 16 years old and believe I have been being followed by something since I was about 12. It all started one night when I was 12. I was living with my mother in the east of Scotland at the time. I had been lying in my bed at about half 11pm and just couldn't seem to get myself to sleep (...

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Thanks everyone! I recently started therapy as I had a very abusive stepdad, since I started that my anger has calmed down a lot and so has the paranormal activities! So it has probably been a projection of my negativity or hormones just as Rook suggested! Thank you all for your helpful comments!
Thanks for your comments guys. In relation to Sav's comment, thanks I'm going to try the sage, just anything that can get rid of this problem. Scape_paranormal, I would contact her but I'm not sure how that would work how, would it be a ouija or seance or something? Rook, thanks for your ideas, maybe it is something more mentally involved rather than paranormal, thanks guys ❤
Thanks for your comment Sav, I have looked up all the houses its been happening in (my gran moves a lot so its been five different houses I have had experiences in) and there doesn't seem to be anything alarming or involved, I'm not the only person who's witnessed these things, my grandmother, my aunty and both my cousins have seen/heard things similar ❤
Hey! Have commented on your other stories, first of all I'd like to let you know you are not alone, I had a stepdad who was very similar to that! So never feel like your alone, also in really sorry you had to go through that at such a young age! Its horrible when guys think they can get away with such things! Anyway, I think your right, your anger towards your mum could possibly have been manifesting itself but ice never really understood that kind of thing, maybe what's following you now could have something to do with what happened then, maybe it was wanting to protect you, so everytime you got upset or angry your poor mum got the brunt of it, also, try not to blame your mum, I made that mistake and me and my mum don't have much of a relationship now, and its been that was for four years, every girl needs their mummma, hope things work out, love and light x
Date: 2014-03-15
Im having difficulty even finding the home on google never mind any history, really hope you find something, just be careful, something is telling me the man was rather abusive to his wife and daughter
Hey there, I read your last story about Albert Street and commented, do you remember the man and woman you were talking about in your previous story? Maybe the man who was shouting is the "scary man" this "girl" doesn't sound like she wants to hurt the boys, but asking your son to stab you in the neck seems far too volatile, and it will end up having a long term affect on your boys. I think you need to get in touch with someone who can come in and cleanse your home as as soon as possible! Hope everything goes well, love and light ❤
I don't know if I entirely believe your story, maybe it was a night terror as someone has said previously, but I think its all just a little bit too "typical horror movie"
Date: 2014-03-12
Safe to say I'm terrified so I can't imagine how you or your partner are feeling! I don't think the grandmother was wanting to cause any harm or anything, I believe she could possibly be the grey mist, but when you talk of the man and woman I get a strange image in my head of a tall dark haired man with fair skin, can't really get an image of the woman but I do imagine long brown hair, and in particular some bruising and injury to her face? Not sure what that could mean, I would consider getting a psychic or someone in to help you out as I think the male sounds like quite a hostile person, hope you get everything sorted! Thanks for a fantastic story!❤