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I just want to share my experiences with others...
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Falling Woman? What Does She Want? on 2014-03-17

I'm currently studying overseas in Japan. Visiting my relatives and all that jazz. They live 3 kilometers from the infamous Suicide Forest. To make sense of this story I'd probably have to go back to 4 days earlier. My grandmother had been insisting on my visit for a long time because I'm in...

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Quick question before the wifi screws up!

Is there any occurrences or is it possible for a spirit to latch and stay with you? As a companion? Because this woman just told me several minutes ago to go to sleep and it wasn't threatening but I'm spazzing out right now, and my dorm mate is in the other room.

I seriously do not need this right now, I have a test tomorrow and she just told me that, why in the world is she telling me that?

Advice please? Because this is scaring me. 😭
And I just discovered she likes music... A lot
I'm starting to see a little more now, especially when I'm exhausted, the miko thinks its a mental barrier I've developed. I honestly don't know.

Most of the things I'm seeing are dead animal spirits like birds and raccoons... And lots of dogs. I've also seen one person. I was supposed to go on a field trip near Aokigahara forest... But I refused to go and my sensei turned around her car after I told her I had a massive migraine which wasn't pleasant at all.

Will update more as soon as I can... Ugh I'm not looking forward to seeing Anari (yep she has a name)...I want to sleep sooo bad
Thanks everybody, it turns out that she isn't a yurei though... I did find out that she lived at the house and that the place she was a missing person.

I talked to her and I found out that I do look like someone she knew it sounded vague but what I got from it, probably her brother. She kept calling me ani-San

As for the priestess (miko I think) she said the woman latched on because from what she gathered some shadowy thing had been following her and I was apparently the first thing she grabbed.

I told her she can't stay here that there was a better place waiting for her, but she kept saying no and that she wanted to stay with me. Which is weird.

She scared the hell out of me yesterday when I was nearly hit by the faulty shelf in the library when it broke, she knocked me across the freakin room which is now the form of a large bruise on my side.

Tis wifi is driving me up the wall, I will update when I can, and yes the miko mentioned I have a low sensitivity to spirits. Lol. I'm pretty oblivious though and known for spacing out which is what kept me from noticing for awhile.

Till then
And thanks
Now for the task of trying to sleep, my sleep cycle is now FUBAR thanks to ms. Spirit
Well it's not that I don't believe in god...I'm agnostic... She won't tell me what she wants and she looks scared. I couldn't stay at the house because I had to return to college and the dorms. She did follow me and I still can't sleep. My friends said my body feels cold whenever she's around. I asked her how she died she said she fell and drowned. I think the house may have been hers from what grandmother told me. I asked her to leave but she just grabbed my wrist and wouldn't go. It still feels sore. I don't know what else to do right now since she doesn't bother anybody else.
😁 awww. I think you have a friendly spirit. Wish I could fall asleep that easily. No fair (^_^)
I think that orb was curious and trying to see what you guys were doing and watching you just like you were watching it 😆 your story caused me to think of a cute little orb bouncing around.
😕 well then...
That's creepy. I had a similar thing happen to me when I went on a tour. I felt like I was being followed and would get random (bone chilling) cold blast of air from different directions even though the group was outside and there was no wind and the weather was stifling hot. I also felt someone sitting next to me and was too scared to look beside myself because I saw a face in the corner of my eye. (The sitting was during a lunch break)