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I do research a bit and interested in quirky things...
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Is It Poltergeist Activity? on 2014-07-16

This is a story which I have been hearing from a very young age. It was experienced by my maternal uncle. First of all, he is a very bold person. When there was a rumour of ghost sightings around my house, he was awake all night to find out. He never believed in ghosts, until he had this particular ...

The White Figure In My Bedroom on 2014-03-17

I really never thought to share an experience as I brushed off any strange events that happened to me as just a coincidence. But now I am startled or even amused that I had my first real experience of the unknown. First of all, I was always interested to find more about ghosts and strange happenings...

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Date: 2014-10-28
I think your uncle is very much attached to the house and he is keeping a watch over it. I think its a blessing to have our family members around, even after their lifetime. I could feel that my uncle's spirit was protecting me as I grew up. (He left us when I was 15). ❤
Date: 2014-08-22
Hi crowvxii, that woman hanging down part sent chill through my spine... No wonder your friends started crying... If I was in that place, I would have called my parents or just run away from there! 😜
Date: 2014-08-04
Hi snoopy21, I have a doubt... Does Candice live in your apartment? How and where she could see the same girl you described? Story and so bad your sister was hurt... 😢 ❤ Be careful with spirits... hi, check it out. It might help you... 😐
Hello ladyglow... Yeah there might be some kerosene over his hand, which he used to burn. But I had the same question that time. But he told me that his hand caught fire after he stepped back and while he was watching the fire burn. 🤔
No erizzy, he put the fire off at once. But the hairs in his hand were only burnt. 😲 😨
As you mentioned it is an old house, it might be from the past. I had myself seen tribal kind of children in my house which was newly constructed at that time. 😊
Date: 2014-04-30
I find this story v.interesting... It might be co-incidence but there is the last part 'good bye'. Its a sign whatever it may be has left. So no need to worry 😊
I played with the ouija board... Yes but we sent them back... I don't know that they are v.dangerous... Thanks for commenting ❤ ❤ ❤
Hai Rook, I wish it must be a protective spirit... But after that, I have tried talking with it in my mind. And I can hear voices inside my head replying. Now, I talk to her like a companian 😉. I don't know why but feel safe... ❤
hai mamachong... Thanks for commenting. I saw what is like a negative image of a photograph... It flashed before my eyes but it was v.clear. And for your next query, I showed the same photo to mom as I was afraid and slept. It was then I had the dream... 😊
I think it might be a residual feeling of who lived there... Because they were not disturbed by your presence... It might be your imagination as well as a kid. 😲
Hi missy... I bet you are v.courageous... If I were in a horror movie, I'd be the one who freaks merely at the sight of a haunted place... 😊... Sometimes, the legends are just spun and mistranslated overtime. I think you should collect more information about it to reconfirm what you saw. You are the type of person who does not imagine seeing something. Thanks for sharing... ❤
Date: 2014-03-15
Hai rajeshwari... I m new so bear with me. I am also from India... I feel sorry for what happened when you were little... Do you still hate men? May be your papa was to remind you not all are bad... May he rest in peace and happiness be in your life...