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Charles Borkman
United States
My main interest is spending time with my step son and wife. I have another child on the way. I also like to play video games and anything outdoors. I use to ghost hunt but with the military, family, and past encounters, I have decided to place it on hold.
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A Terrible Night With The Ouija on 2014-05-28

To set the scene, it was early JAN 2012 and I was hanging out with 5 of my military buddies; Kenny, James, Dino, Warren and Milton. I was celebrating the fact I was finally leaving operational duty and getting stationed closer to home. We had a few beers in my barracks room and Kenny asked if we...

Shadow Figure, Why Is It Haunting Me? on 2014-03-18

When I was about 10 years old, I started noticing a shadow figure following me around. It is about 6' tall and thin with one yellow eye and one red. I always want to refer to it as him. I have no idea why but I always do. I started seeing him after my grandfather had a heart attack and was sent ...

My First Paranormal Experiences on 2014-03-18

To start, I would like to say thank you to this site and its members for allowing me to publish my story. I have read several amazing and terrifying stories that allowed me to talk about mine. Everything that I am about to write is 100% true, trust me, I wish it wasn't. From what I have researched a...

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[At Swimswithfire] Sorry for the late comment! I have been busy with my career and family. The path I mentioned was more of a dirt path with overgrowth around it. Probably an old caretaker walkway. From the pit it was about 3 feet away. The area where the path and pit where was part of the old graveyard. They relocated the deceased and placed them further in. The tombstone was off the path by about a foot. I guess they forgot to grab him. Truely sad if that is the case, the dead should never be forgotten.
Date: 2014-05-29
[at Johnconstantine] "Dead time", "witching hour", "devil's hour", the "hour of the wolf", etc, etc, etc are long time myths; mainly from christianity and has evolved from ancient Egyptians, Summeians and Babylonians. It is also believed that 3am is the "devil's portal" because it's the least amount of light in the world, causing the barrier between realms to weaken. In all reality, if spiritual incursions commence, it may be due to a peak in negative energy for the entity or entities to actually manifest at the same time everyday. [at Valerie] I would go with what rook says. I am not an expert within all this but I have had my moments and experiances.
Sorry it took so long for a response back, I have been getting my family and I ready for my future deployment. To Rook, I am still in and getting ready for my 3rd deployment as a devil doc. I am going to post more stories now that I have the time. I hope you will comment and help me out with this. To spiritwaiting, I had an incident back in early 2012 that will be the next story I post. I am actually getting a little neverous talking about it.