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Strange Occurrences While I'm Sleeping on 2014-12-18

This story may seem strange and I apologize if I'm not using perfect grammar as it is very late at night. I've been having weird things happen to me while I sleep and I can't explain it. The first time this occurred was when I was up in the afternoon and I hadn't slept all night I decided it woul...

It Sounded Just Like Me on 2014-03-19

This is a strange one and it didn't happen directly to me but knowing my uncle, who is the one who told the story, he wouldn't lie about this. My uncle approached me and was explaining with a smile that I had thrown something at his head and he was serious about it but as soon as I showed him I ...

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This will be a bit long so be prepared.
This was in Alabama as I was visiting a family member. I had been sleeping on the living room couch when I was woken up by my family who had got up and started cooking breakfast. I was tired so I decided to get up and go sleep on a bed and the room I had choose was a room I'd never been in before.

I went into this room and it was cold and cluttered with stuff but I ignored it and went to sleep on the bed. I dreamed about the usual strange things that tend to happen in dreams when I was woken up by a tingling sensation that went down my back. I can confirm that I literally felt that sensation go down my spine and it was very real. My body suddenly got up on it's own and started getting up out of bed (The feeling of having your body move like that is very strange) My body started walking itself to the door and was about to open it before I woke up. I woke up in the exact same position that my body was at in the "dream" and I was surprised because that didn't feel like a dream at all because it was too real. I sat and and shivered from fear I suppose and I ran out of the room with no hesitation.

That is basically it... What do you think?
You honestly have a point with that... And that could be my issue. Although I do have something else that was odd that happened prior to these events in another house that was also very strange that I didn't mention in the story if you'd like to hear it.
It could still be what you say it is but I just thought I'd share that little bit of info.
I haven't thought about doing any blessings but I could give something like that a try if this gets worse.

I believe I know what Sam is getting at now and I didn't originally because I posted my recent comments on another late night. I do not believe it is anything like that.
I have been pretty relaxed lately and I'm not doing anything that I haven't in the past. I couldn't really tell you why this is happening as I haven't the faintest idea.
I can't really say that I do have an idea at the moment. I know you don't want to share your idea but I'd honestly really like to hear your opinion.