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Hello Everyone. I am very pleased to be apart of this wonderful website where we can all share our expiriences with the other side.

With that being said I will give a little information about myself. My name is Sonja. Harlow is simply a nickname I aquired from an exboyfriend of mine. I am a mother of three. I am age 27 (at the time of posting this) I work in customer service. I am divorced from my kids father. I am in a polyamorous triad with the loves of my life, and couldn\'t imagine my life without them, they kind of saved me... From myself.

I feel like I have strong connections with the otherside. My friends call me thier personal medium as thier family members like to visit me in my dreams.

I am pretty much an open book and will answer most questions I am asked.

Thank you so much for visiting my profile.

Blessed Be.
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My Experience With John Edwards on 2015-03-25

About 4 months ago my phone rang... It was my mother. I answer like normal. "Sonja, guess what?!?" What mom? "John Edwards is coming to Oklahoma City. Remember you promised me when you were 16 you would take me." I kind of just laughed it off and we finished with our conversation. I got to think...

They Always Come Back on 2015-02-02

I would like to say that I thoroughly enjoy this website. I have been reading for about a year... Just lurking. Now I would like to share my own story with YGS. This is going to be about several different events that have happened to me in my life. I have always had a connection with the other si...

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I will definatly check into him. I am very interested in recieving a private reading. Just to see who can or will come through.
[at] Tweed

Completely understand. I too was skeptical about going in there as I stated in the in the post.

One thing though, is there was not arranged seating due to ticket numbers. You just pretty much sat where you wanted.

Thank you for your points and if I ever go again I will def keep those in mind.
Kimmie... I didn't try to give you goosebumbs x.x Indeed very weird. It was a truely tradic everyone.

I wonder if maybe we are tied together seeing how we both seen the same little red haired little girl.
Being from Oklahoma myself, I remember "the Bombing" very well. I was only in the first grade. My uncle works for Dolese as a deisel (sp?) mechnic. There was a fire truck that had broken down, and they sent him out there to work on it. They told him to not look down and don't reach for anything besides into his tool box. My uncle reached into what he thought was his tool box and grabbed what he thought was a tool... Instead pulled back a childs arm. He immediatly broke down... It was a sad thing for him to expirience... Here where it gets a little odd, Kimmy, a year or so later, I do believe in May of 1996, we went to go visit. It was extremely hard for my uncle. But we too seen that same red haired girl. Same expirience we had as well.
Date: 2015-03-04
Oh wow. Seems like the old lady in your dream was trying to warn you. Very lucky to have had that lady watching out for you.
Date: 2015-02-25
[at] Sam22 They were just pictures of him and his family. Him as a young child, also some with him and his wife.
Date: 2015-02-25
Hello everyone. I'm very sorry for the delay in response.

Thank you all for your encouraging words and I am definatly trying to let go of that guilt.

[at] Sam22 The tacks were missing as well. I'm sorry not to have put that in there. I've not ever seen that man again. I'm sorry to have made you cry. 😢

Again thank you all for your condolences. There is a lot more activity but this is what stuck out the most to me at the time of the post.
First of all, I am so happy to see a fellow Oklahoman on here. 😁

About the footsteps and the event you had. It could be very easily attached to you. Or something you have had in your possession for this long. It doesn't seem the "demon" appeared before you moved back in with your mom correct? It could have been attached to the house and then attached himself to you.
Hello yadira91,

Touching story, actually hits home for me as I too had a miscarriage and was expiriencing hearing my angel baby cry and things after my daughter was born. We will call her Michelle, as that is the name her father and I had picked out for her. (His name was Michael) She would always talk to me, I would always feel the presence of a child in my home, even if my children were gone, or they were sleeping I would hear children laughter, go into the kids room to find the kids out like a light bulb.

I say embrace the time you have with your angel baby as you don't know how long you have with him.
Date: 2014-05-21
Maybe the child is just wanting to make his presence known. No need to be frightened, unless danger starts happening. You could kindly ask the boy to go ahead and cross over.
Date: 2014-05-19
There is never a true explanation on these things, it could be a number of things. Try finding out more information on the land prior to whom owned it before your family. Were there any deaths?

You mentioned that your area is known for Native American sightings? It could be on Indian burial grounds or something sacred. If they are not personally messing with you, I wouldn't have no concerns.

In most cases most "ghosts" don't even realize we are there, they are continously living thier after lives as if they were still alive. Its like a looping movie stuck on replay. Thats what its been said that "ghosts" expirience.
Date: 2014-04-27
It could be your great grandmother. Just dropping hints that she is still around you, from the way you make it sounds it usually happens with pictures of you. And you stated the first time it happened it was with a bottle of her purfume, which gives me the hint its her.
Date: 2014-04-20
Similar expirience happened to me. I had a miscarriage when I was sixteen, not until later on when I was older did I start expirienceing the spirit of my unborn child. So glad you got to meet your siblings:)
I think you were born with a gift of being a medium. Embrace it. It can be a quite powerful gift. I am the 4th generation of being a medium in my family, and I too tried to block it out for the longest time until here recently. My boyfriend has taught me how to channel with the spirits and how to ground myself for when they come around. I hope with whatever you shall do, I hope it works best for you.

As for this... I believe things like this is heritary. My daughter shows signs of the gift as well. Please look more into studying up on the paranormal:)