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Closet Ghost on 2010-04-28

So other then the mommy ego story that my cousin posted, there's been other encounters with the afterlife that we've had. This one though doesn't involve my cousin but involves me and two of my brothers. We had just moved into a new house after living at my grandparents and I was about 16 years o...

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Date: 2010-12-04
Thanks just recently returnd from afghanistan and saw my story finaly went up
Date: 2008-06-29
The crosses were there because a little girl drowned in the creek that's why there were bigger ones in the tires near the water and the best part about that night is we had it on tape and it was funny as hell. I'm going back up there before I ship out, I should of left in june but no one can find Bosch.
Date: 2008-06-29
She didn't call me nathaniel she called me chuck that's why I always told yall that chucky did this or chucky did that. The reason my dad knew we were telling the truth was because shiat happened to him. Also before we ran out of the house we went back in for a second look and you told me to throw somthing at it and screwed me out my popsicle then I went to tell my mom that mommy ego was after us but she was at Evans house across the street. That moan still haunts me today.