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Seeing The Future on 2014-05-01

I think this may sound crazy to most of you but am just going to go along with it. I can see the future in my dreams. It's not a sense of deja vu. The dreams are so vivid, and the events from the dream occur in the recent future of the dream. I can remember most details from the dreams. Nothing ...

The Guy At The Temple on 2014-04-26

This happened about 3 months back. I am not even sure about what I saw but wish to share it anyway. My father is a trustee for a temple here. They were holding a kumba abishekam which is a sacred event where copper pot like structures in the shape of lotus buds are blessed and fixed on the templ...

Sharing A Room With A Ghost? on 2014-04-22

This happened during my second year in college. This may take a while so please bear with me. Four of us had to share a room and the room was quite spacious. For doing our laundry we used to buy common detergents and fabric softeners. About halfway through the term, one of my roomies proceeded to wa...