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Hello there,
My name is normajean and I'm 19 years old.
Since the time I could pretty much read Id always love to read scary stories. My mom is from mexico and shed tell me all sorts of stuff that shed seen when she was little, Some how reading and hearing stories are completly different then expeirencing them. So thank you for excepting me to this site, and listening to my stories.:)
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A Room And A Staircase on 2008-07-21

For all of you who have read 'Should Of Stayed At The Wedding', you know my experience in Mexico wasn't all that grand. Well this story happened to me when I was about, I'd say 12 or 13. My dad was going to Mexico to visit my great-great grandma and it was summer break and I had nothing else to...

Things That Go Bump Bump Bump In The Night on 2008-07-15

Hello I'm normajean. Thanks for all of you that commented my last story. Now I have another one for you. I'd say it was 3 months ago that this happened to me, give or take a month. Just to say my house isn't very old but I have heard noises in the kitchen like cupboards shutting or the TV turn o...

Should Of Stayed At The Wedding on 2008-06-30

My aunt Reyna was having a wedding in Nayarit, Mexico, during my winter break in 9th grade, so my parents, my sisters and I packed up and flew to Mexico. I wasn't the festivals type of gal so I got bored real quick during the reception, not to mention both of my sisters were young and falling asleep...

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Date: 2008-07-24
thanks for commenting:)
to your answer your question jamk,
My great great granmda left the house, but its still hers. She just has someone who goes over there to water the plants but no one stays there.
Date: 2008-07-21
hi mexican 187, mexico is deffinitly a hot zone for ghost activity. My mom lived there for 23 years and all sorts of things would happen to her and her siblings.
And I have had my fair share of things happenings too in mexico, and I too am going back to mexico in december.
Thanks for the story ❤
Thank you prinsessnight I appreciate it 😁
Im still trying to make sense of it but nothing ever comes to mind
Thanks all that commented
thank you rhodes68, if anything else happens I'll make sure to let you know 😊
Sometimes it feels like someone in the hall, just standing there, when I'm watching t.v that's close by the hall.
Or sometimes the t.vs turn on, but nothing again like that night. Just mild things.
That gave me goosebumps! And my radio started getting static-y but I'm sure that was bad reciption 😆
Thank you for sharing your story, my cousin tried to get me to do that bloody mary thing at a sleep over, I couldn't get myself to stand in the mirror in complete darkness awaiting something
You were so brave ❤
To answer your question, that particular house wasn't haunted before my uncle died, but the house next door, was known for pots banging in the middle of the night, and a women walking around in the backyard at night, it was said that there was money buried there. This was witnessed by the nieghbors on both sides of the house

Thanks all for reading my story. Another one is on its way, just waiting for it to be publish. Hope to hear from you guys.
Thank you all for commenting. Sorry I responded so late, but to answer some questions. Rhodes68, my mom as well as her siblings expierenced stuff as children, they actually lived in the Cayejon del diavlo (SORRY FOR MY SPELLING) which means street of the devil, as kids. But the house that is now my grandmas is one street away from there, I guess the expierences fallowed them?
Yes, that was my only expierence, in that house
Hello jamie,
I too have felt my bed shake, I never could explain it... But my eyes were closed, I wasn't asleep though. It would just shake... 😕
Thank you for sharing your story though ❤
Date: 2008-07-11
You were so brave to even look up, after a scream you described! I would of just ran and heard the details later!
Thank you for sharing your story jasmin ❤
Date: 2008-07-11
My mom actually told me a story like this.
When she was a child she'd see a big black dog with red eyes glaring at her in her backyard, she always thought it was her neighbors dog roaming around. After asking, they didn't have one.
Is it a reacurring thing?