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I am pretty young but I know a lot about spirits and entities because I have to deal with them my whole life due to the fact my house is full of paranormal activity and I am a medium. If you don't believe me please keep it to yourself but if you have questions email me and don't be shy.
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My Encounters At The Myrtles Plantation on 2014-04-21

This is the true story about my visit to The Myrtles. Some of you may have heard of it in the Ghost Diaries books and those are what had inspired me to go to The Myrtles. These books are in fact true and available on kindle fire and nook. Ok so I was 15 when I first went to The Myrtles I am 17 no...

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My aunt posted this on a website
And sorry but this the best picture she got it's in the top corner you see something

By the way I only learned about Chloe from the woman who was leading the first tour so I just put what she had told me on here along with the fact I did see something in that mirror
Date: 2014-04-21
I see a dog like that everyday when I walk in my woods I will turn around to see it sitting there head tilted looking at me or a bird or something then when I call it it follows me or walks with me side by side I even gave it a name Comet and it seems to like that name its eyes change from red to other colors and it is quite clear it's see through but I feel fine with it around I even think it saved my home once. When we were gone someone tried breaking into my home and the thing is my dogs were with us and my neighbors don't have dogs and the coyotes where far away at the time. The thief had my camera and when I found it the next day the dog was sitting right next to it. I said hello and looked at the photos I saw the splurges of white that had to have been Comet because nobody in my neighborhood has pets besides me and a few people with cats and purse dogs that never go outside. I love Comet and I know it would protect me no matter what. I have a strong feeling it is my mothers old dog and so I feel safe with it around.
Date: 2014-04-21
Honey I believe you I have heard clapping whistling all of that stuff when I end up singing in the shower or just for no reason but I agree with Jake just as nice and harmless it is it can become evil and demonic within time. Be careful is all I can really say Don't do what I did when I used a EVP asking it if it had liked my singing and it said yes just like the others that's how I found out there were more. I had my home blessed so only positive energies may enter my home and I suggest you have your entire dormitory/dorm blessed.
Date: 2014-04-16
Honey, Just ask the spirit nicely to stop scaring you and your siblings and if that doesn't work see if the old owner (the women) is still alive and ask her what to do. If she is not alive try getting a voice recorder or video camera and see what the spirit wants. You can also help her cross into the light but you need about 4 people to do it are you ready cause I am about to explain how.
Step 1
Join hands and say the lords prayer

Step 2 once you have finished imagine a white light in the center of the room once you see it tell your friends to widen the circle then tell the spirit it is OK and that your only there to help.

Step 3. Once the spirit has crossed over close the light immediately to make sure nothing accidentally gets trapped.

If you have any questions just email me at allbright.rachel [at]
I know what it is. Some call it a spiritual vampire but its a demon. It feeds off of your energy leaving you tired and a bit distressed. If you do not believe me go ahead on youtube and look up The Haunted / Vampire Entitiy it should show a women and her experience if it is the same email me as soon as possible at allbright.rachel [at]
Your Girlfriend is key the entity has attatched to her here is what you need to d destroy the ouija bored BURN IT get rid of the remains then have yourselves and your home blessed it may also be a could idea to keep a bible and a cross with you at all times just a mini new testament will work now remember the lords prayer no matter what you do keep that with you! Get help from a local reverend or priest soon
I believe you my friend and I can help my father has done exorcisms before with my help. What you need to do is find a local priest or reverend understand have him bless you and your girlfriend then banish the entities from returning it is also good to always wear a blessed cross get one for both of you understand. If you need anymore help go ahead and email me at allbright.rachel [at]
Date: 2014-04-15
I have had the same experience but much much worse my aunt had passed away from murder (she was poisoned) we went to her funeral and my older cousin was helping prepare her body due to the fact he was her son. Later on when I went to see my aunt at the time I was 6 or 7 and I was very susceptible to paranormal things and so my aunt attached to me I was actually taken to a which doctor and I remember it clear as day I even saw her face at night but it was pure evil scared the living daylights out of me to be truthful. But I later found out that I am a medium and that is another reason she latched onto me it was horrifying but soon you relies spirits don't remember their past so she didn't remember me even though I was her favorite I was thrown off my bed into the wall all of that but I do forgive her.
Date: 2014-04-15
Why don't you ask the young boy to please stop scaring the customers the spirit in my house leaves us alone when we ask so why don't you just try asking another idea is getting an evp (Hope you know what that is) and try to ask the boy some questions I can also tell you how to cross him over if he wants to though just email me at allbright.rachel [at]
I have a friend well let's say (spirit) that liked to hide things she hid my phone once cause I wouldn't talk to her and put it on a high shelf where I couldn't reach she is not evil or anything she just wanted somebody to talk to. Oh and if your wondering why I can see and here her I am a Medium and she knows it and is very very annoying sometimes. ❤
I can help you to be-rid of those entities if you want you may contact me at allbright.rachel [at]

I can also give you a few tips.
1.Try burning sage or sprinkling holy water in and on the door frame and window.
2.Repeat the Lords Prayer and always wear a cross make sure it is secured so the entity won't be able to rip it off.
3. Pay attention to your pets they are the most sensitive/along side children to paranormal activity
I believe her I have seen spirits like that all the time and the reason for the dark shadowed out eyes is either due to something that happened to the spirit before it moved on. The reason I have seen this before is because I am a medium and deal with stuff like this everyday. There is still a possibility your mind was playing tricks on you but I highly doubt that your mind would show an apparition almost clear as day right in front of you. Just try and be careful the best thing you can do if its real is get your home blessed remember gods prayer and burn sage that's all I can do for you for now. If you want to know more just email me allbright.rachel [at] Thanks and good luck
I agree with most of these answers due to the fact a cleansing would be safest and it is a possibility that the ouija bored had summoned an unwanted entity. As said in another comment sage is a great herb to be-rid of entities and other spiritual phenomenon. Another possibility it is a warning some spirits will step forward to one person (or 2) in this case this Jennifer spirit from your childhood might be trying to warn you or protect you from something. But since I can no longer stretch this listen to you child, children and pets are most sensitive to paranormal phenomena than grown ups and I would Know this because I am still considered a child myself but I am a medium and had to learn to deal/live with spirits both good and evil. P.S try keeping a cross/bible with you incase it is an evil entity. Plus I have had some of the same problems as you such as the vibes and light bulbs it happens a lot. Just remember if it is real don't shrug it off it could be dangerous, entities can and will posses/ try to kill an pet or yourself for that matter.
Best Regards,
I understand you must have been frightened as was I the first time I saw a possession but you must remember ouija boards are dangerous. P.S If that thing is still around try burning sage also keep the bible/The Lords Prayer with you I also think it would be safe to have someone experienced to bless your home because as soon as you let something in it never wants to leave Regards,