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Followed From The Graveyard on 2014-04-22

This is an experience that occurred over several months. In the autumn of 2012 I was home from university one weekend. On the outskirts of my town there is an old graveyard called the Red River Cemetery (in Logan co., Ky). It is very old (the earliest graves are from the 1790s) and associated with a...

The Slave House on 2014-04-14

I was 12 or 13 when I went to the house locals call "Flint Ridge" in Logan County, Ky, so it was 2004 or 2005. My family is interested in old houses, so when we went to Flint Ridge, it was just another old house my parents brought me to. My parents were acquaintances with the owners of the place. No...

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The sunken grave, if I recall correctly, is of a close relative like a nephew or brother (nothing has been done to it the last time I was there). Sorry I am not specific, but it's one of those! Either way, it makes sense that spirits would be upset about it. The entire plot has actually been vandalized. The two siblings father's grave (the senator) is an above-ground stone coffin (merely decorative) that has been severely damaged in recent years. It is broken in pieces and right next to the siblings graves. FYI, he died much later than his children.
Date: 2014-04-18
I believe the restoration work was something that was on and off, nothing continuous. We knew the owner at the time, and we thought we would come by the house, though they did not know we were coming at that time. (Someone else owns the house now, so of course we wouldn't go there now) Yes, the door was unlocked when we went. It seemed the restoration work was coming to an end. I don't know why the door would be unlocked.
As to the other's accounts, I cannot verify if they are true because that is not my story, but there were other stories too that I heard, but I couldn't include everything.
I actually did go back later. Because I was young, I cannot remember my parent's reasoning for going--probably to admire the architecture. My parents probably thought nothing of my reaction since they brought me along. And the second time I did get upset again. I cried on the front porch and got the same feelings all over again. And on that occasion the doors seemed to be locked. Both my parents tried the doors. Then my older brother tried, and they opened. I'm not insinuating anything--that's just what happened.
A friend of mine who had come with us also said he had really bad feelings about the place, and one time he said he couldn't go in the house.
I remember some of us went there for halloween but I refused to get out of the car. I had gotten over my reaction and didn't think too much of it now, but I didn't want to get out. My dad stayed in the car with me.
We were both in the car and ahead of us in the driveway was a white mist that shifted back in fourth in the drive's entrance. We both saw it. It was like a fog, and it moved back and fourth--it could not have been my mind playing tricks because we both saw it.
About slave masters, I believe that most masters would have been cruel. I have read several slave narratives from the 19th century, and the people who wrote their stories attest that the vast majority of masters were horrendously cruel. A slave owner in Kentucky would have been no different. To actually own another human being, someone would have to justify it in themselves that their slaves are not true human beings, and that is something missing in someone's soul. There were some "nice" masters, but those were few. I believe the words of former slaves than the perspective of the owners.
I do not know who built the house, but I have heard that the wife of the builder does haunt it.